Under the strong breeze, Bal was firmly standing and feeling the uncanny surroundings of her. Her brows furrowed but her lips were widely smiling. Everything was new to her. From the ground shes standing on. The air shes breathing, and the falling leaves that are constantly hitting her head. She couldn imagine that the place she lives is so much different from the world she had just discovered.

”Uuu! ” She groaned in satisfaction, feeling the clean air in her lungs. She raised her hand in the air and started to happily jump like a kid thats playing in the rain. Her unfamiliarity with the place lit up her longing for excitement that she always thought she was lacking.

”Ha! Shhh! Shhh! ” Bal was ecstatic seeing those birds that were hovering above her. Her eyes began to shut and were coping up with the lights. Suddenly, she felt something warm in her heart. She was welcomed by those birds. They flapped their wings in unison and began shirping harmoniously.

She couldn help but lie on the ground and roll around. After some time, she lifted her hand and began shaking it when she noticed something. Her sense of smell has never betrayed her ever since. Bal can sense danger. But she couldn tell where it was coming from. The scent was scattered and then Bal began to hold her head and start to pull her hair. She was angry and confused at the same time. She was walking in circles and didn know what to do.

”Hisss! Hisss! ” She was trying to scare the danger away. She crawled on the ground and stood again.

”Lower the net! ” yelled someone. And with a blink of an eye, the connected strand of nylon was thrown above her. Her instinct tried to tell her to run but Bals reaction was absolutely late. ”Hisss! Hiss! ” She kept on jumping around and scratching the net where she was trapped. But the more she moved, the more her nails got tangled. And the more she retaliates, the more angry and scared she becomes.

Moments had passed when Bal realized that she can never free herself from the strange web she was trapped in. Thats when she realized that she was in a stressful situation. She then started to scratch her eyelids, that made her look like she was crying with blood.

”The monster is losing her mind now. It is starting to kill itself. Hurry and give that thing a sedative! ” the same man shouted.

”On the count of three, we will bring it to the ground. Will, get your syringe ready! In one! Two! Three! Go! ” Bal, who was struggling to free, was being restricted by the heavy weight that was placed above her. Her hands and feet were firmly held, which caused her to stumble on the ground and break some of her nails again.

”Oh, sh*t it! Hold it still! ” Will complained while trying to get a good part of its flesh. He was having a hard time looking for a spot because the creature was terribly bony.

”Come on, Will! Hurry up! I can no longer hold my breath!

”Sh*t! Sh*t! ” Everyone thats holding her still is complaining. It was like they were given an extremely difficult task.

”Got it! ” Bal started to violently squeak, feeling the pain that pierced into her skinny dry skin. She cried so hard that even the birds and insects around her started to attack the group that was firmly pinning her on the ground. But still, they didn budge to move until she was left unconscious on the ground.

”Thats a good shot, Will! Your piercing skills never grow old! Haha! ” Everyone was laughing, looking at the man who was still dazed.

”I think I hit its bone, ” he said and tilted his head.

”Nah. No big deal. We will get it killed anyway as long as the Alpha arrives. ”

”Everyone! Try to check if its really unconscious. Nobody wants to get scratches from this monster, right? ” They all laugh again while poking her with a piece of wood.

”What do you think, Bro? This is no longer moving! Will, hit the spot! ” yelled the huge bald guy.

”Everyone! Lift the net slowly. Make sure not to move its body that much. ” With that being said, the five men who had the body of a bodybuilder took both ends of the net and started to move it away.

”Wa-wait! T-try to look at it closely, ” said Will, who was the first one to check on her.

”This . . . This seems hu-human! ”

”What? Let me get through! ” exclaimed the leader and made his way to Bals unconscious body.

”What the . . . What exactly is this? ”

”From its structure. From the hair, face, it even has two breasts and I think its genitals! A—a girl! This is a human girl! ”

”A-are you sure, Will? ”

”Of course I am! I didn study humans and medicine for nothing. ”

”Lets get her clean then. I can tell if this girl came from the secluded pack. She might be a prisoner or what? But I bet someone will still look for her, because their Alpha is still alive. What a coward! Tie her up so we can rinse her in the river. Also give her something to wear. We wouldn want to disgust the Alpha. ”

With the help of the net. They placed Bal in it and carried her into the nearest river. They tied both of her hands up and made her sit still on a piece of wood they put together. Her feet are firmly tied together while being submerged in the clean running water.

”Sh*t this! Her dirt didn even come off! How are we supposed to clean her? ” complained the younger guy while taking another pail of water to pour on her. Then the other guy started to sprinkle her with some more water.

”This is insane! Really won come off! ”

”You had better use your hand. Its taking our time already. ”

”Oh! She still stinks! Come on, hand me that soap. That might help a bit. ”

”No! I just made that one. Its only for the Alpha! ”

”Just give it up, Will. We can hunt and find those ash sh*t you need to make a new one. ”

”Fine! ” Will was like a healer and a trouble shooter to them. Some of them even think that hes way too soft to be one of Aphas men on the battlefield.

”See, this is working! ”

”Yeah. But it will finish all the soap that I made. ”

The two men continued to wash her, treating her like one of them and not a girl. Shes an enemy, but they need to show her to the Alpha for him to decide what to do to her next.

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