ted her foot with eyes wide open. She could clearly see the piece of wood piercing in between the neck and cervical spine of her foot. With her shaking hand, Bal tried to pull it out, which caused her to sweat profusely. But to her disappointment, she wasn able to pull it. The more she tries moving the wood away, the more painful it becomes.

”Yeah! The smell of blood is getting stronger! She must be near! ”

”The air is getting stinkier too, haha! ”

Bal was terrified of hearing those voices that were getting near her. So, without a choice, she started crawling with her two hands and one foot. She was trying so hard that her sweat and tears were mixing. While still moving away, Bals senses became more and more active, sensing a presence that she couldn explain but she loved it.

”Alpha Kaylon is here! Hes back with those pack members who tried to escape! ”

Hearing the voice again, Bal was beyond determined to get away. Her blood was dripping while exerting too much force on her leg where she had got wounded earlier. But suddenly, her steps came to a full-speed halt when she noticed that there was something near that was trying to envelop her system. The smell and presence was trying to take over her sanity and caused her to be lost for a moment.

”Got you! ” And before she could even notice it, she was being lifted effortlessly in the air. In an instant, she could feel calmness in her relentless wandering soul. Bal closed her eyes firmly and enjoyed the blissful moment.

”Alpha Kaylon! ” The four men grasped as they were staring at the huge man who stood six-feet-ten-inches tall and was wearing full combat armor. They know that the armor was personally made and was able to resist silver weapons. The mans expensive cloaks were dancing in the cold air that added superiority to his presence.

”I wonder why you couldn catch her. Is your thorough training not enough? And why is she bleeding? ” Everyone was wondering about their Alphas reaction. They didn expect this scene. Their Alpha is not a fan of girls. Not even women. He has bedded women before, but still, hes absolutely picky ever since their Luna died when they were mercilessly attacked, that caused their pack to decrease in number and loss thier family members.

”We-we are trying to clean her up, Sir. We tied both of her hands and feet. But she woke up earlier than Will anticipated. She broke free, causing her to hurt herself, ” the leader explained. At this moment, he realized that their Alpha was up to something. And its better to be safe than sorry.

”Where did you get her? ” Kaylon carefully carried her in a bridal position that made his men almost puke a mouthful of blood. Because of their sudden skin contact, Bal regained her sanity. She opened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. Her eyes flickered with light and oozed with admiration. But when the mans amber eyes met hers, she clearly knew that she was in a safe place.

”Mate . . . ” Kaylon mumbled that startled his men. While on the other hand, Bals heart was filled with happiness so that she tried to lift her hand but was taken over by her lightheadedness and succumbed to her tired yet happy consciousness.

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