It was a beautiful sunny morning on the island of the late secluded park.

The sun is brightly shining while the wind is having fun. Birds are singing all around while the other insects are vibing. But Balvina was still on the floor, lying comfortably with her bare body. Her eyes might be closed but shes fully awake. Taking her time listening to those beautiful animal sounds in her surroundings, when she heard footsteps. But still, shes pretending to be asleep because the one that got into the tent is the most beautiful creature and smells perfectly to her.

”Oh, God! Why are you sleeping on the floor again? Its the third time since last night. Well I guess, you
e still uncomfortable in this bed . . . ” Kaylon mumbled that she could clearly hear. And she couldn help but squeak inwardly. There she goes again. Just like she always wanted for the last three days to stay in the same tent with the man. Being always carried like a baby. But now, Bal was still wondering why the man was not biting her nape. Thats the right way to carry someone, she thought. And for the last three days, she had discovered a lot of things. Like being able to associate with weird creatures, like what she heard and understood— humans. Kaylon dressed her up because she was only wearing womens pants.

After Kaylon put her back in bed, she opened her eyes and stared at the mans huge bare back. She was curious about the pattern that she was looking at. Subconsciously, she looked at her skin. Even though hers were roughly glued and molded on her bone, she still couldn find the pattern which she saw on Kaylons back. So, out of curiosity, Bal slowly stood up and directly stood at Kaylons back, just a few inches away.

”Uhm . . . ” Kaylon groaned, feeling her palm on his back. Balvina smiled, ready to greet him when he turned around.

”Oh, yes, Love? Do you want something? Are you hungry? ” She couldn understand what he was talking about. And he doesn understand her either. So, what Balvina did was she faced Kaylons back again and began tracing those marks that she was curious about.

”You mean my scars? ” Still unable to understand what Kaylon just said, Bal just nodded.

”How am I going to explain this to you? Oh, well . . . ” He pondered for a moment. But when he saw his sword, thats when he got an idea.

”Here. Look at this, Love. This is wood. And this one is my sword, ” he explained, and started making small to large slices on the wood.

When Bal understood what Kaylon was trying to say, she couldn help but feel sad. She remembered that time when her place was flooded. Her mouse friend came to her, with a wound on its back. Thats when she realized that the scars which Kaylon had were the same as those of her mouse friend had.

”Uuu . . . ” She groaned and licked Kaylons little scar on the chest.

”Yeah. Don be sorry for me, Love. Its perfectly fine now. Just a scratch, ” Kaylon said and kissed her forehead.

”Come here. Have some fish. Its a bit burned. But I already took the burned part. ” Bal could hear her stomach rumbling when Kaylon took the leaf cover away.

”Wai— ”

”Squeak! ” Bal angrily squeaks, feeling like her mouth is badly hurting. It was like her mouth was being pressed together and her jaw tightened.

”Sh*t! Its still hot! Dri-drink this. ” Kaylon was in panic while looking at her. He couldn get near her because she was still jumping like a lunatic.

”Alpha! Whats the mat—? ”

”Monta! Its good that you are here. Help me. The Lunas mouth is burning! ”

”Wait. ” Monta quickly took the pail of fresh water and splashed it directly at Bal.

”Why did you do that? ” Kaylon squinted and angrily pointed at her.

”Well, The Luna is calm now. Then, I can now help her. ”

Bal was still squeaking inwardly. Her tears flowed as she was trying to control the pain.

”Here, dear Luna. Try to drink this. You can also do this . . . ” Bal knew that Monta was trying to tell her something. So she carefully took the bowl in her hand and mimicked Montas movement. And when her lips met the liquid on the bowl, she silently cried because she didn know how to thank Monta. Bal even felt better when the liquid hit her throat. Feeling the soothing effect, she just let her mouth be submerged in the liquid. Bal doesn know what it is, but she also finds it delicious.

”See? Oh, God. What are you thinking, Sir? You should take good care of her like you are taking good care of a baby. She doesn know anything yet. ” Bal could still see Kaylon scratching his head. His face looks devastated and problematic. She could also feel Kaylons racing heart. She clearly knows that its her fault. Bal might not know a lot of things around her. But she can still properly evaluate like a normal adult.

”Bu-but I don know how to take good care of a child. ” He slowly sat beside her and started checking on her.

”Im sorry if I disrespected you earlier, Sir. I acted out in the line. It won happen again. ”

”Its okay. Thanks for your help. And also tell the captain to get Wildrift ready. We will be sailing back to our home at dawn. The Luna needs medical care. Maybe its also time for us to settle down for a moment. ” Bal could see the happiness in Montas eyes. She might not understand what they were talking about, but she could feel the happy energy radiating in the air.

”Consider it done, Sir, ” Monta said, before disappearing quickly.

After some time, Bal decided to check on Kaylon because she was wondering why he was completely silent. And her instinct was right. Seeing his gloomy eyes, she became gloomy too. She slowly put the bowl down and held Kaylons face. Her hand was shaking because she didn know if she was doing it right. She slowly kneeled on the floor and kissed his forehead. In an instant, she could see a broad smile starting to form on Kaylons lips.

”I want to take you home. To meet our people. Oh, how long has it been since I last visited them? I am starting to become a horrible Alpha . . . Just like him. But Ill make it up to them. Im okay now. I have you now. Let me see your mouth. ” He held her chin and gently rubbed it.

”Im sorry . . . ” Bal quickly hugged him and gently tapped his back.

”You are a quick learner, my love. Its been three days, but I still don know your name. Let me introduce myself to you first. I am Kaylon Axon. Kaylon Axon. You? You? ” He repeatedly pointed at her. She shook her head when she realized what Kaylon was trying to ask.

He giggled excitedly and slightly rubbed her cheeks. ”I will name you then. . . Balvina Ran. Those names hold a deep meaning in my heart. Just like you. Bal . . .

”Bha- B-ha . . . Bha . . .l. ” Her pale cheek was now turning red thinking if she got it right.

”Yes! Thats right! ” Kaylon giggled again. Bal could feel that he was genuinely happy. And that made her feel the happiest too.

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