While they approached the dock, Bal was beyond agitated and restless. She was adamant to leave the island. She doesn want to leave her mouse friends behind. But she was thinking about whether she was going to tell everyone or Kaylon about it.

”Miss Bal? Are you okay? Do you want to ask something? Aren you happy to leave this island? We are going home. To the Dominant island. The castle there is big. And most of all, the people. Your people are gorgeous. They will surely love you. ”

Montas so much talking which she doesn understand is just adding to her problem.

”Hisss! ” She hissed, and angrily stomped on the sand. Her defense is up while looking at those huge men that shes going to save from the human eater kind of floor.

”Miss Ball, its okay. See? Its just sand. You don have to be afraid of it, ” said Monta. She was now jumping and dancing on the floor that she called sand. Showing her that its not a dangerous floor. Thats when her idea hit her. Bal began looking around trying to find a piece of wood. Seeing that the floor can be paper too. She thought that she could only draw on paper, just like Kaylon taught her.

”Sss-sssh! ” Her hand is unstoppably moving in the air trying to get Montas attention. Bal wanted to say the word See! But she ended up hissing like a snake.

”Yes, Im sorry, Miss Bal. What are you trying to show me? The Alpha is currently busy. Maybe he has something for you inside the Wildrift. Oh! My bad. Such a talkative mouth. ” Monta giggled, which made her awkwardly smile. Just listen! Bal cried inwardly. Then she began to draw her mouse friends on the sand.

”You want us to catch a mouse? Are you hungry, Miss Bal? We. Don . Eat. Mice. We. Eat. Fish, fruits, meat, and vegetables, ” Monta explained, which gave her an obvious headache. She began pulling her hair and was starting to lose her patience.

”Hey, Tracker Monta. The Luna might be telling something about the mice, ” said one of the warriors who was carrying a bunch of gold stuff.

”Eh? ”

”See? It looks like a family or friend inside a box that gets along together. She acts like a mouse. So, maybe . . . Im sorry for being blatant, Dear Luna. ” Thats when she started to draw herself and put it in a box line together with the two big mice.

”Can you call it the Alpha? Thank you. ” The warrior acted quickly. And after a moment, the gusting wind blew and Kaylon was now standing tall in front of them.

”What is it? ” Kaylon asked, and kissed Bals forehead.

”Sir. What does Miss Bal mean by this? ” Monta showed Kaylon about Bals state-of-the-art drawing. Shes proud because her drawing looks the same as her friends looks. While on the other hand, Kaylon was thinking about what he was looking at. For it appeared to be a tangled knot for him.

”Ago told me that its a mouse—family or friend, something close —get along . . . ”

”Oh! I got it now. Kindly call Lider. ”

”Yes, Sir. ”

”Im sorry for not thinking about that. Of course you have a family too. ” Kalylon rubbed her face and helped her get up from the sand.

”Sir? You were asking for me? ”

”Yes, Lider. Lets head to where you first found Balvina. She left her friends there. So lets go and get them. ”

”The underground dungeon where we found the Luna, Sir, is located just under the main mansion. ”

”Oh. So I supposed that cowardly old man did this to her. Bal had that mans kind of distinct smell. And there is only one explanation for that; they are related. ”

”Yeah, I think so too, Sir. Especially . . . The Luna is kind of tall. If she gained weight, shed probably be a giant. ” Bal could see the smile on Kaylons face when he looked at her. She was just walking with them while holding on to her mates arm.

”Are you okay? ” She pretended to smile, even though she was afraid. She knows that she can handle the places presence, but just a tad when it comes to her horrible memories in the cold empty room. When she experienced the outside world, she could say that she had a cursed life for the last nineteen years. And when it comes to her new life now, she doesn want it to end.

”Hey . . . Its okay. Ill be coming with you down there. ” Bal could tell that they had arrived. Because she could now smell the familiar rotten smell of the place where she thought that was normal before.

”You. Stay here. Ill. Be. Going. Down. ” Bal could understand what Kaylon was trying to say for the first time. But she didn like the idea. After all, if she leaves the place for good. She should at least bid farewell to it. So she constantly shook her head and started making her way down.

”Lider! The torch. ” Even without a torch, Bal knew that she could still clearly see. Her eyes were badly beaten by the dark. Her life three days ago had no light. There was only darkness and filth. As she got closer to the slightly ajar door, she then understood why Lider and his men were beyond disgusted when they found the place. She can now tell what smells good, and what smells hell. And her previous place was absolutely hellish.

Standing outside the door, Bal began squeaking. She was trying to call her two friends.

”Squeak! Squeak! ” Bal couldn help but smile seeing the two black mice running on her way.

”Hey. Im sorry if it took me a little longer just to get down. This place is kinda lit— ” Kaylon paused upon seeing the two huge mice, like the size of a kitten in both of Bals hands.

”Em! Mm! ” Bal said, while raising the two mice one by one. There, Kaylon understands that Bal was introducing them to him.

”Glad to meet you, Em and Mm, ” he said with a smile. Balvina smiles and begins rubbing her forehead with Kaylons shoulder.

Before leaving, Bal stood there for a good time. Suddenly a smile crept into her lips that reached her heart. Shes proud. She knows that shes tough. She endured everything. And everything paid off. She closed the door tightly again and began making her way up. She promised to herself that she would come back. Not a bad thing. But she wanted to make her old island a better place. It was the island where she met the most beautiful creature that she knew. And she will never hate the island.

While heading back she couldn help but shed a tear. She was beyond happy. She looked up and saw Kaylons perfect face. And when she looked at her side, she could see Em and Mm walking with them. What else could she ever ask for? She thought.

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