Balvina stood still on the edge, as the Wildrift was sailing on the calm ocean water. Her smile is imperishable while looking at the fish playing in the water. They are as free as the place they were, she thought. She tried to reach for them but she couldn . Until she noticed something too. She could also clearly see her reflection in the water, which made her wonder about the appearance she had. Bal subconsciously looks at Monta and the rest of the girls on the ship. She couldn take her eyes off them, seeing how nicely looking they were. Wondering if she could be as nice as them too.

Why do I look different? She took her hair and tried to run her fingers through it. Unlike before, her hair was now only at her waist level. Monta cut the rest off. That time she helped her get thoroughly cleaned. Her nails are also short and clean now. Maybe not as clean as the others, but she thought it was so much better than before. Bal could also say that her uncanny smell is wearing off. She happily sniffed herself and was satisfied when she smelled the scent of flowers that Monta gave her. She finds Montas gifs for her are priceless.

”Dear Luna, do not get that near to the edge of the wall. Its dangerous. Apha Kaylon is so busy. He personally asked me to take good care of you. Don worry, I won bite, and Im a good and gorgeous woman like I always say. Im glad to serve you again. ” Bal awkwardly smiled because she didn understand much of those words. Monta also bowed to her, which made her feel special and important.

”Errr! Look at you! Your cheek is turning red. Its hot outside. Your skin is not familiar with that heat yet. It could burn you. Just so you know. ” She just keeps on staring at Monta, and she finds her adorable.

”Errr? ” Bal asked while pointing at her reddish complexion. She was thinking that maybe Monta was annoyed because of it. The reason why she felt like being under the light is she loves the feeling of being burned by it. The feeling of her being there and part of her new world.

”Yeah. Thats not a healthy glow. Thats a dangerous one. Its what we call sunburn, ” Monta said, and dragged her back to the cabin. Although the sun was not shining brightly, Bal had stayed too much under it so it affected her skin. Kaylon didn want to disturb her because he could sense peace in Balvinas aura. Monta wanted to say that but she knew that her Luna would not understand it yet.

”Lets get you to wash, dress and eat plenty. I bet you need that for your first night together with the Alpha. I can still see that he hasn marked you yet. Let me see your neck? Uhm . . . Thats gorgeous white. Like I want to bite it myself. ” Bal was staring at Montas rossy checks. She was wondering why Monta suddenly turned red even though they were no longer under the heat of the sun.

”Let me see your teeth? Oh! Its amazing how your body is doing well. Its like you weren locked up in that scary place at all. Even your skin looks perfect and untouched. Except for those skin scars. Your teeth didn even come off during our process of removing those heavy tarts. Awww . . . How I wish I had these amazing healing powers like yours, Luna Balvina. ” She could also feel that her body was doing great. And unlike before, its no longer difficult for her to walk straight. Her bones were voluntarily healing themselves.

”Its maybe the effect of being dearly loved by your mate. Hay . . . I just wanted to be in love too . . . ” Monta mumbled, as she was gently scrubbing her back. She was now utterly naked, except for her precious jewel, because Monta always made sure that it was properly covered.

”And thats for the Alphas eyes only. ” She couldn help but giggle. Even though her voice is still a little raspy, she can now tell that its way more beautiful than before; her voice.

”Ehhh . . . Even your voice sounds lovelier day by day. I bet Alpha Kaylon is madly and deeply in love with you. And its a good thing. Im thankful that you brought his innocence and lively side back. ” While listening to Montas light speed like talking, Bal embraces herself. She could feel the sudden cold surrounding her naked body.

”Im sorry, Luna. Here. Lets get you covered and dry. ” And when she stood up. Montas jaw almost fell to the floor.

”Yo-you did grow? Let me see clearly . . . You are no longer slouching! God! How I wish I had your prowess, dear Luna. I can wait to make you wear this dress. Tadah! ” She was now staring at the fully long white dress with its visible excess clothing around it.

”Come on, dear Luna. Wear this. Lets surprise our dry as a desert Alpha Kaylon. ” The soft cloth that was covered by her naked wet body fell onto her feet. Monta, who stands five feet and eight inches tall, was now looking up at her.

e like a six-foot-tall white woman now. A giant, perhaps. Ah! I couldn wait to show you off outside. The Goddess would get the word envy if they could see you. ” Even though she was no longer slouching, she was still the same. Especially the way she walks and talks; hiss.

”It fits perfectly. I wanted the late Luna to wear this before. But . . . Oh. I no longer want to remember it. Come on, Luna Bal. One step at a time. ” She almost tripped trying to change her way of walking.

”No! Don walk like that, dear Luna. Look at me. ” She then started to mimic Montas every step.

”Ah, hehe. Nevermind. We still have plenty of time. You will learn how to walk properly in no time. Within one week, before we reach our island, you will be as good as a woman theyve never seen before. ” Monta was holding her hand while helping her carry the hem of her gown. She didn find the dress ugly. She just felt that it was not fit for the occasion.

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