The Apha’s Broken Rogue

It hurts: Amonette

The sun was brightly shining when the atmosphere turned gloomy. It was the weathers abnormality because they were crossing the vanishing islands border. Before reaching the other abandoned island, sailors will have to pass through the uncanny place. In Kaylons situation, he was not bothered about this even just a bit. Because they have Monta, his best tracker when it comes to their journey. Shes the reason why they can travel back and forth in every strange place and still find their way back home. So he could tell that Monta played one of the most important parts in his victory.

”There should be enough supply for food, medicine, and everything that we need during this cold season. We are lucky to have this little volcano located on our border. It vastly helps our water system during the winter season. Although its not that dangerous when it erupts, we still need to strengthen our walls, especially the wall that is near it. We also gathered a lot of gold and silver. Who would have thought that the Secluded island has so much to give? By the use of this fortune, we can acquire so much for the further development of our island. I may not be home for a long time, but I know our peoples concerns and needs. And this journey benefited us a lot. And after this journey, we can also have a longer time to spend with our family. ” Kaylon smiled in satisfaction while looking at his seven lead fighters in front of him. His fleet was specifically assembled for war, reports, and building construction. This has been his tactic for the last couple of years ever since he started to build his broken kingdom after the great war. And until now, he was still working everything out.

”Uhm! Si-sir . . . ” Lider mumbled and pointed at his back. Of course, he knows what Lider was talking about. He could already smell her, even from afar. And he knows that Monta was on it. What should he expect from his naughty little half-sister? Just like before, everything that is full of happiness and positivity, thats what Monta is made of. When Bal came, he knew that he was not the only one who became lively and happy. Its not easy to lose a person that owns half of ones soul. The feeling of pain is unbearable. And they both experience it. Because other than him, Monta was beyond broken-hearted when they lost their Luna. And it doesn end that. Monta suffered from losing her own mate too. That is why seeing her happy again is one of his ultimate dreams.

”Im sorry to interrupt your meeting gentlemen. You may now be dismissed for a moment until further notice, ” Monta said, gesturing her hand for the warriors to leave. Kaylon on the other hand has no choice but to let their important meeting go. Because its uncanny that Monta acts this way. She must be ecstatic or bothered. So he slowly turned around facing both Monta and Bal. But the moment he saw Bal, his heart was filled with excitement. And if he couldn control himself he would devour her immediately. But he knows that he can do that to a woman who knows nothing but beyond trusted him.

”Come here, my love. ” Bal shyly walked up to him and slowly held his hand. She was now warm unlike before. Kaylon caressed Balvinas palm and began feeling its smoothness. ”Seems your body is healing quickly . . . ”

”Awww . . . So romantic . . . ” Monta mumbled and hugged herself while giggling. But when their eyes met, he could clearly see that Monta is really up to something. So he squinted his brows trying to point out what shes been thinking. For he could already smell her smelly thoughts even if she was not saying a thing.

”Nothing, brother Alpha. Uhm . . . Im just concerned about your poor tactics when it comes to our Luna. Our great warrior Alpha is suffering. You know what I mean . . . When it comes to your private time with our dear Luna. ” He could see Montas brows wiggling full of maliciousness.

”Monta! ” Kaylon exclaimed while looking at his sisters back who was now running away from them, leaving him alone with his Luna. You, Monta! He exclaimed inwardly. For everyone knows in the ship that he has been restless ever since Bal came. He was experiencing such a strong bond with Balvina. But Bal didn understand any of it. It was like the Moon Goddess had given him a newborn baby mate. And it makes him undeniably suffer. That if he was asked to choose between fighting in a war or fighting his urge, he would surely choose to fight in a bloody way.

”Ki-Ki-lon . . . ” Her voice is still a little rough but he finds it alluring. Kaylon could feel his blood boiling just by holding Balvinas thin hand. And he couldn help but smile when he noticed something in her.

”Did you grow taller? ” He pulled her closer and kissed her hair. His hand slowly moved through her shiny hair and ended by caressing her back. He also poked her nose and kissed her forehead.

”You are no longer slouching. And you smell so good . . . ” he mumbled in his husky voice. But seeing Balvinas stone-like body and stiff reaction, Kaylon can do anything but smile out of frustration. There he goes again. Feeling the bond alone.

”God, Balvina. You are making me lose my control. ” Balvina innocently smiled and leaned closer to him.

”Damn it . . . ” He whispered and adjusted his breeches because he was uncomfortable with its sudden tightness.

”A-are you hungry? ” He asked her out of nowhere hoping to ease his pain and to get his mind away from her scent. Which is not working.

”N-no, ” Bal said, and slowly tilted her head making him see her flawless neck clearer. I should distance myself from you. You innocent vixen.

”Ahm . . . Uhm! Well, maybe I could teach you to write. Yes! Write! Thats right . . . ” He awkwardly walked while pulling Balvina near to his desk.

”I pity you, brother, ” Kaylon mumbled and looked at Balvina who was now having fun while playing with his stuff on the table. His feelings were still in turmoil and his thing was still hard as stone.

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