The Middle-aged Butler in his uniform carried the antique illuminated stone lamp in his hand while opening the rooms door to the young heir of the northern Grand duke.

Instead of seeing the young heir sleeping peacefully on his bed, his eyes widened, and he gasped at the bloody sight he witnessed in front of the young heirs bed.

Red eyes that symbolize the Grand dukes bloodline met his stunned eyes with a bloody cutlery knife and some blood smeared on pale white cheeks.

As he stared at the familiar emotionless red eyes, he suddenly thought of the Grand duke until he heard a feminine childish voice.

Oh, its you, Butler, A young lady spoke, wiping the blood on her cheeks with a long sleeve of the pajamas gown.

He gawked unblinkingly at the young lady, to be precise, the firstborn child of the Grand duke.

I didn expect someone to have the gut to kill my brother while my father was away, She continued, stabbing the knife into the dead body.

The Butlers gaze followed the erect-standing knife downward as he noticed a dead body at the feet of the young lady.

The young lady didn mind his silence as she proceeded to give him more surprises this night.

You… She turned her head to the corner of the room on the left side of the bed.

He followed her line of sight and noticed someone dressed in black clothing and a cloth nose mask with brown hair packed in a bun.

The person walked out of the dark and stood beside the young lady like a subordinate.

The young lady turned to him. She will be my exclusive maid from now on.

The Butler nodded on impulse as the aura the young lady gave was different and familiar.

Like the Grand duke.

Raymond, you can come out now, She turned her head to the bed behind and a black-haired boy came out from under the bed at her call.

The Butler looked at another pair of red eyes as this was the person he was supposed to see sleeping peacefully on the bed.

A four-year-old black-haired boy held his sisters stretched hand and stood beside her, not caring or even unfazed at the bloody sight of his room.

He will be staying with me, The young lady declared as she passed the frozen Butler with her brother, leaving the black-clothed person and him.

…It must be the bloodline, He rambled in a daze as he stared at the back of the Grand dukes children.

The children slept in the room of the older one without questioning each other.

As the younger child slept deeply, the older one with closed eyes snapped her red eyes open and stared at her younger brother before turning her gaze to the ceiling.

This body is too young, Raine muttered as her lips tugged down, staring at the ceiling.

An unfamiliar emotion called displeasure invaded her blank heart while she killed the assassin.

I could have killed that person in one shot, She expected, remembering my other and perfect body for an assassin.

Or a former assassin, as she is in a different body now.

She was dead, or more accurately, killed by her enemies in an explosion.

Living as an assassin at night, Raine was a
ormal girl during the day.

When she died in that explosion, she thought this was her end and didn care since she didn leave anyone behind apart from her night job.

Raine was an orphan, taken by an organization and trained to be an assassin.

As one of the top assassins, the organization took care of her especially, which included a doctors check-up.

The organization trained their assassins to be emotionless, and she didn need that training of cutting off emotions since she was like that from childhood.

The organization liked that, but it seemed to be a problem for them after Raine grew up to be one of their top assassins.

She did not know the reason.

However, they found a solution by adding a specialist doctor to her check-up schedule.

The doctor recommended many tips and methods, such as movies and novels.

Thats where Raines situation comes in, waking up in a different body.

Among the novels recommended, My Primrose gives her accurate information about th

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