The Boy with Blue Eyes

Chapter #2 Problematic Neighborhood

He was standing on the end of corridor with a box full of things to help his brother. He had a sturdy built with a 511 height, blonde hair and blue eyes. Son of an american father and french mother, Aran had inherited the genes of both, built and height similar to his father and facial features similar to his mother.

”Please help me and your brother with the packing ” ,asked his father earlier today, because they were moving to California.

His little brother Jimmy, had got admission in Stanford University, California. Without a mother those boys had been together since childhood and would not do any thing without another and for the first time they were separating from each other. Aran had already gratuated University of Texas from their hometown, Austin, and was doing masters in software engineering online.

Jimmy was only 18, and his father did not think that he would be capable of living alone so he had got a transfer to California to help Jimmy in another state. As a police officer, it was going to be very hard for him to get a transfer but he knew a lot of people and got a transfer to California.

”Work fast, because we have to leave early tomorrow at 8 morning ” ,said father. ” Ok, boss you got it ” ,said young Jimmy frankly.

Leaving Aran alone was not a problem because he earned enough through part time jobs that he could take care of himself.

After a lot of work they got all the items needed to be taken and were put in the garage for the loading firm to take it all the way to their rented house.

Aran and Jimmy woke up early today and after a lot of good-byes the family separated and Aran returned home, after dropping them to the airport, in their Honda Civic owned by the family.

Aran after returning, went straight towards Chris a family friend. Chris was a childhood friend of Aran and was of same age, and his father was a friend of Arans father and was also a police officer. There they played FIFA on Playstation in Chriss house and then Aran went to his part time job of a cashier in a grocery store near his house and worked for six hours from 2 00 PM to 8 00 PM. He used to do his job seven days week with one day of leave per month. He only had leave today from classes due to Sunday.

Nothing extraordinary happened for two weeks except he was invited on Sunday mornings to his friend, Chriss house for breakfast by uncle.


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