The Boy with Blue Eyes

Chapter #3 Investigation

One night, after returning from work, Aran was approached by some thugs trying to rob him, and after finding no money on him they had beaten him up until he fainted and left him in an alley between his house and the grocery store in which he worked. He was found in the deserted alley by Chris who had tracked him down through his father and police.

When Aran woke up he was in a hospital with Chris on his side. Aran asked Chris if his father had been told about this incident and Chris replied him no as he was found alongside the road by an old lady, walking early in the morning with her dog in the morning.

Chris asked, ”What happened and how did it happen? ”.

Aran said, ”They were some thugs who tried to rob me, and finding no money they started to beat me up after taking dragging me in the alley, and then left me there. ”

Chris became angry and tried to call his father but he was unreachable. He left a voicemail telling him about todays incidents and asked him to contact as soon as possible.


Aran had seen one of the thugs faces and recognized one of them from his primary school in which he and Chris went to. He was one of twins, namely Evan and Ryan. He could not identify which one he saw because they were identical.

However this problem was solved by Chris when he was told about the recognition of a twin, because he knew that Ryan had been caught last month in a raid of police in which Chriss father was included because he was in the headquarters of thugs and had drugs in his pocket.

So the police arrested him and confiscated the drugs.

When the Arans incident was told to Chriss father, Watson he said that they could not prove him guilty without proof and without witness he could not be proven guilty in court.

After a thorough check-up from the doctor he was allowed to leave the hospital. After it, Aran went straight home and had dinner. He was thankful to Chris for his help in his crucial time, and took him out to lunch the next day.

While having lunch, Aran said to Chris that they should keep an eye on the thugs and gather proof. Chris was hesitant at first because those thugs just had beaten his best friend up and they were quite dangerous. Aran said ”People like them should be in jail, and should not be allowed to roam freely. I was beaten and somebody else could also be robbed by them ”. And after a little persuasion by Aran, Chris agreed to help him.


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