The Boy with Blue Eyes

Chapter #4 A Lie and a Stroke of Unexpected luck

Aran and Chris decided that they would follow some of the people who were in the twins group in primary and high school or were under a lot of influence from them, thus stalking someone is a crime, they had to be a lot careful and to not get caught because if the gang of thugs noticed someone following them, they would be in a lot of trouble.

Chris decided to check the file of Ryans accomplices that were caught with him by the police, but he was not granted access to that file.

”There is a teenager named Henry, who was also caught by my father. Father told about it one time at dinner because he was the youngest criminal my father caught in a raid. ” said Chris. ”Then we should also check his family too. ” said Aran making a note in his mind to do that later today. Because Chris was also a teammate in the basketball team with the twins, he knew many of their friends and their addresses, so he made a list and gave it to Aran.

Then after some more thinking of how to follow these people from the list, they decided to meet tomorrow night at Chriss house.

The next day, Aran after work and classes went to check up on the first person of the list, Jordan. When he came up to the address, he decided to wait around for some time. But he saw a teenager whom he had never seen before. So, Aran decide to ask that teenager about Jordan.

The teenager replied ”He had moved houses and moved out of town. His mother is a friend of my mother, what do you want from him, I can give you his number if you like ”.

”Oh, Thanks for the help. Well It would help me alot with his number ” said Aran.

After giving Aran Jordans number the friendly teenager left. Aran crossed the name and started to look for the other house addresses in the list. After a long day of tiring work he came back home to do an assignment for the university.

The next day, Aran did some more investigation and at night he went to meet Chris at his house. Chris asked Aran ”Well, any luck with the stalking? ”. Aran replied ”No, two guys moved out of town four did not seem suspicious at all and one was not home. ”

”Which one was not home? ” asked Chris. ”The number four on the list, another boy named Jeff ” was the reply, ”What did you do, all the time? ”. ”I had to go out of town with my father, so I was not much help ” replied Chris.


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