The Boy with Blue Eyes

Chapter #6 A Man with a large Gash on his Face

After saying goodbye to Watson and Chris, Aran headed for home. Aran headed home thinking about tonights talk with Chris, because his last reply shocked him. Although he was able to keep his composure Aran could not understand why did Chris lie to him, because he met Watson in the day, and he was not out of town.

After a lot of mixed thoughts, Aran thought that Chris must have his reasons for lying, but decided not to follow all of Chriss words and accept them blindly.

The next day after classes he submitted his assignment to the professor. Then he got a call from Jimmy to tell Chris that he was invited to visit California because their father had got a promotion and told Aran to come too. After that he dressed up for work and went out to the grocery store he worked at.

While working, he saw Evan walking down the street. Aran quickly asked his job if he could get an early off because he was not feeling fine, the boss agreed him to go because Aran rarely got a leave on working day and he had extra workers today.

Aran started to follow Evan into an alley which led straight towards an area in which many government facilities were located with some markets too. Then Evan took a left after getting on main street, which led straight towards the front gate of police department in which Watson worked.

After reaching police department, he took another left into an alley besides police department. After that he went to the back alley of police department and stopped after a door. Then Evan checked in the alley if someone was there, and after seeing nobody he knocked the door. After a while the door opened, and Evan entered inside.

After seeing where Evan went, Aran thought about going towards Chriss house.

But because of yesterdays talk with Chris, he decided against it and went to an arcade to pass his free time because he didn want to go back to work or home. While he was playing some games, he got a phone call from Chris that he had found Jeff and asked Aran to meet him at the local park after work.

Aran said ”I got an off today, so I am free right now ”. Chris then said ”Then lets meet right now at the park ”.

After replying him ok, Aran decided to go.

When he arrived he saw Chris sitting on a bench with Jeff. After meeting both of them, Chris said that Jeff was at a party that whole day and the good news was that Jeff knew the twins Austins house and could take them to it.

After getting to twins house, Jeff left them.

Aran having mixed thoughts, decided to ask Chris about his discovery.

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