[MC POV, Unknown Location]

I hear a subtle sound of water dripping and the harsh chirping of birds. I open my eyes and look around. I am in a cave, facing the exist.

”This place looks really dark… ”, I say to no one particularly. I stand up and stretch.

My body feels amazing. I feel very strong. Like I have never felt before. I think to myself.

Information starts flooding my mind, as I instinctively know what my powers are and how they work. This is quite the thing. Just thinking of the potential that I possess, it overwhelms me with great joy, knowing I can do something crazy; I can become something powerful. Even though, better not to get too arrogant and hasty, or Ill end up doing something stupid and most likely regret it later on.

Getting up and checking myself, all I have on me is a cloth shirt, with a leather like vest, a leather-cloth pants and leather shoes. I walk towards the exit and all I see is… mountains. Mountains, and more mountains and even more… Just rocky grey mountains. As well as ice, yes ice, not snow. And the ice is in strange places, sides of the mountains, atop the mountains. Some curve inwards or upwards from the sides of mountains.

As for the mountains, they do not look the typical mountains I know. Shaped and jagged in strange and uneven ways. Sighing, I look up, and see a smoky like sky, the light barely shines through it.

Anyways, I have to choose a name… After thinking hard for a while, all I could say is this is bullshit. It is really hard coming up with a name and I don want to use my old name. This is a new me, in a new world, so a new name.

Getting tired of thinking, I decide to settle with a Demon name, Asmodeus. It sounds powerful, I mean he is the most powerful demon that I can think of.

As soon as I decided my name, I feel a smooth rush going through me… as if I have done something great.

Ignoring that, I proceed to walk towards the edge of the cliff to look what is beneath. And oh boy let me tell you, it is not pretty.

I cannot even see the bottom. This is truly disturbing, where in the hell am I?

Turning left, seeing a dead end, basically a fall off and die, type of dead end. Turning to the right, lucky me, there is a path, and I shall take it.

Eventually I reach the bottom, or a bottom? I have no idea, but this place, whatever it is, is both unsettling and magnificent.

In front of me, there is a small river of greyish water and a path on both sides. On the sides of the paths are… you could say giant hill spike that are curved inwards. {A/N: Check this paragraphs comment for an example.}

As I am walking towards my destination, which is about three miles ahead of me. There are giant stairs in a zig-zag formation, that leads uphill. A big spider appears, I mean really big.

The bastard is about 1.2 meters in height. Its body is all rocky.

The thing suddenly shoots webs at me.

Dodging to the right, I realized just how agile I am. I barely missed; it was like 5 cm from hitting.

Rushing it, I decided on the spot to see what I can do with Demonic Magic. Using my imagination, will, and mana. I make a spear made out of fire, and a spear of fire appears in a throwing position on my right hand. I then throw it at the spider, using the momentum and my speed effectively.

It pierces its body, going through its back, the spear dissipates in spark of flames. As for the spider, he is dead, the wound that the spear made, is fully charred.

Then, I continue on my path, towards the stairs leading to the top.

As I reach the stairs, I got to say, this is crazy, these stairs are enormous. The sheer size, one step is enough to easily fit 50 people.

Lets see how fast I can get to the top. I prepare myself, and shoot off from my place, leaving cracks on the ground that I was standing on.

Finally reaching to the top I say to myself, ”This is truly wonderful, I mean it took me about 5 to 7 minutes to reach the top without stopping. Although, I feel somewhat tired. ”

Looking ahead of me, I am in awe at the vast landscape. Looking at the pillar of dark greyish light that is shooting upwards, I assume that to escape this place, I have to head there.

”This will take a while… ” I say, sighing. Now, lets continue on our merry way.

[Time Skip : 1 day]

In the vast and dark landscape of Noxgelum, a man could be seen standing on the corpses of many Stone Spiders, bleeding, holding a spear with his right hand.

”This… was fun ” I say, grinning.

Looking at the pillar of light, I smile and think Close… just a little more.

For a whole day, I have been slashing at these annoying pests… I have been constantly conjuring a spear, and after the fourth time, I got the hang of using a spear as well as conjuring things. How the flow of magic is and how it is utilized. As well as the use of a spear, its like I have been training in spearmanship for half a decade or more.

And the reason for that is because of Adaptive Learning. That is my guess. I feel the more I use my powers, the more I experiment the better I do become with it. Which is great because I can complain about that.

Looking towards the pillar of light, and I blasted away so fast. My guess is the same reason as before, through Adaptive Learning, I am able to run perfectly, utilizing my body to the most optimal potential and even becoming better, stronger, faster.

”Nice… ” I say, grinning.

{A/N: From now on, I will be using ” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ” To indicate a time skip, usually short ones.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reaching my destination, all I see is an enormous mountain. And from my guess, the Pillar of Light is at the center of the mountain.

Right in front of me is a giant gate that is at the bottom of the mountain, embedded into it. At the least 10 meters in height, and the width of the gate is, by my estimation 16 meters. Which makes each door of the gate, 8 meters. It is made from grey stone, like it was carved from the mountain itself.

Approaching it, I can see that there are carvings on the wall. Carvings of spiders, storms, and mountains. Moving towards the gate even further, I notice that it can be opened from the outside, thus I walk towards the gate to pull on the handles.

I grab the two handles of the gate and pull as hard as I can. The gates get pulled a little, I then use both my hands, holding the gates and pull even harder.

Eventually, it opens, and I walk in. All I see ahead of me, is a huge hall going straight, and from it, a faint glow of light, which I assume to be from the Pillar of Light.

As I am going towards the Pillar of Light, I hear things crawling. The sounds are getting closer and closer, and by the sound of it, whatever is crawling towards me, there is many of them.

”What the… ” I say, looking at the ridiculous amount of spiders rushing towards me. Their must be hundreds. Crawling towards me on the sides, the floor, and the ceiling.

Grinning, I say, ”Come to papa **ers! ” and I use [Demonic Magic], conjuring a crazy amount of fire that is imbued with a small amount of hellfire. Why not use hellfire? That is for later to explain, now let me get these bastards.

Rushing towards them, with my hands raging with fire that is ready to consume all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am standing, facing the entrance to the Pillar of Light, body covered in venom and blood, thousands of corpses behind me.

I sigh and say, ”That was tougher than I thought it would be… ”

While fighting those bastards, I got poisoned multiple times. And yes, it did hurt, but the more I got poised the less it affected me, to the point that at reaching the end of the tunnel, I just let them poison me just to get into their range and cut the bastards.

My main objective now is to get to the real world. The place where everything is, where all is plenty and ripe. Ripe for taking and conquering, where many opportunities lie.

As I go past the open entrance, I am at awe at this place. Must be around 500 meters in diameter, and the height is… well no height, it just goes up in a cone like shape, and there is an exist for the Pillar of Light.

The room is filled with a peculiar humming sound that is coming from the Pillar of Light. There is a cracked circular stepping area in the middle, with a distorted space. Almost like a portal of sorts.

As I get closer towards the exist, I see a stone sign broken in half, and I can read it thankfully. It says, [Beware to those who seek to venture to the overworld, for this place is guarded by The Mother of Spiders, Shagoax.]

As I scoff and walk past it and into the area. Looking at the portal, it looks mesmerizing. As I walk towards it, I pause hearing a crackling sound above me.

Looking up, I heavily sigh and say, ”Youve got to be kidding me… ”

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