The Demon’s Ascendance

This is very cliché.

I back off as fast as I can. Shagoax drops down, looking at her, she is truly terrifying, 10 meters in height. She is one big bitch.

Conjuring a flaming spear to my right hand, I prepare to defend as she rushes me and spits venom. I use magic to conjure a shield in front of me. It blocks it and the venom falls to the ground, eating through the ground like melting butter.

Looking at that I chuckle nervously and say ”Damn… sure as hell don want that getting on me. ”

I rush towards her cautiously and she also rushes towards me, lifting both her right and left second leg. Noticing this, I was going to summon a shield, but it wouldve been too late, her legs immediately went down, so fast, I could barely doge.

As I hardly dodged backwards, they ripped my shirt from the middle, and slashing my torso. I quickly keep backing away as fast as I can.

”Shit! This **ing hurts, what the hell bitch! ” I shout, I tried to imagine using healing magic but that didn work. I couldn summon healing magic. I tried to use dark healing magic and it barely did anything, just reduced the bleeding and closed the wound, but barely.

I grin, thinking of something. I immediately rush her in a crazed state, and as I get closer. She manages to stab through me with one of her legs. Instead of me bleeding, my body dissipated into a dark smoke, as it falls to the ground. Courtesy to [Demonic Magic], I used Shadow/Darkness Clone, as well as Shadow Teleport.

She is surprised, and barely is able to turn as I stab her back with the spear and immediately dodge her attack. Looking at the top of her back, it did nothing. All there is, is a scorched stab mark. It didn even penetrate her skin.

I immediately take a safe distance. Do I really have to use that… I think to myself, seeing how fast she is. Especially how strong, as I look at my injury and the place I was standing when she slashed me, it is completely cracked. And lets not forget her almost impenetrable skin. Just how **ing strong is she.

Grinning, I say, ”Well might as well try it now than later. ”. As I finish saying that my clothes recede into my body, and I start morphing. Becoming something sinister. My skin starts turning almost dark red, my height is increasing, and my body is getting more toned, as well as muscular.

In the end of morphing, you can see a true demonic being standing, where a man once stood. A height of 230 CM. Extremely muscular, with two horns protruding from his head upwards. His sclera is completely dark, and his iris are as though lava are swirling inside of it. A large demon tail is visible from his back. The demon is radiating an immense aura of power.

My torso has a strange tattoo, from my belly button up towards my collar bone. It is like there is no skin actually, it is glowing orange-yellowish, like lava. My shoulders have stone like pauldrons that are dark in color and spike side-ways. My elbows and knees as well have the same thing.

”Oh… this feels fantastic. Such power… ” I say in a very raspy and demonic voice, feeling the immense power flowing through me. I feel much more durable, stronger, faster… just better and more powerful.

Looking at the Shagoax, I can see cautiousness and fear in her eyes, as she lowers herself, slowly moving backwards, trying to analyze me. Smirking at her actions, I decide to use something else, [Demonic Presence]. Concentrating the power at her. She ends up shrieking and cowering even further.

What Asmodeus didn know, was that Shagoax was looking at pure death. As what she sees is all darkness and in front of her is a gigantic demonic shadowy figure, staring right through her being. Making her feel fear, the likes she has never felt of.

Ignoring her cowering, I grin and rush her. In less than half a second, I closed the distance and am right above her. I close my right fist imbuing it with as much of hellfire as I can conjure, and punch downwards on her back, she wasn able to even react to it.

As I punched her, she shrieks loudly in pain as her body is pushed downwards into the ground, breaking it. Her back is complete cracked and is bleeding. Jumping backwards in midair, I land in front of her.

As she is struggling to get up, I approach her, I hold her head with my left hand, as my fingers dig into her skull, lifting it up and looking at her many eyes. All I see is the look of fear, and I feel more empowered and strengthened by her fear. Smirking, I say, ”Don look at me like that. This is the survival of the fittest. Either you die… or I do. And lets be honest here, I am not planning to die again. ”

Finishing what I say, I hold her head tightly with my left hand. Closing my right fist, that is still raging with hellfire, I proceed to punch her repeatedly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As my body goes back to normal and my clothes are back, I feel exhausted, my body is sweating. That was not easy to maintain, especially with using hellfire.

I look at her body, and for some genius reason I think of something… well genius. I guess?

After many trails and failures, that took about half a minute. I accomplished what I wanted. Spatial Magic. I actually managed to store her body somewhere… don know where, but somewhere. Its quite taxing too. Should research on it more.

I turn around and walk towards the portal, and as I head there. I see through the transparent portal something behind it.

Moving to the right of the portal and going backwards. I find a metallic wooden chest, a big one at that.

Smirking, I say ”Seems like a rewards. ”, I get closer to chest and proceed to open it. Inside is a spear, cloak, ring, a book, and what I assume to be a big pouch of gold coins.

Thanks to appraisal magic, I am able to know the specifications of each item.

-Yielshas Bane(Spear): A spear, made out of a leg, the heart, venom, and blood of The Queen of Spiders, the mother of Shagoax. The spear is stronger than weapons made of black steel and poisons its foes.

-Shroud of Cold Darkness: A dark cloak with resistance to cold, 25% resistance to ice magic, and twice the strength added to the element of darkness.

-Ring of Magical Strengthening: A ring boosting the users magical strength by 25%.

-A Book on Demons & Hell (Book)

-A pouch of 1000 gold coins.

Whistling at the rewards I have gotten, I hold onto the cloak and the ring and the rest I put away with Spatial Magic.

Equipping both of them, the dark cloak has a hood, which is dropped down on my back and a ring on the middle finger of my left hand. The ring is basic, it is made of silver with a small blue crystal in the middle.

Turning back and looking at the portal, I head towards it.

I step towards it cautiously and put my right arm forward, and the portal just takes my whole body in, consuming it whole.

I am barely managing to stay still, my body spinning right and left as I am in a whirlpool of what I assume space being rushed towards, what I assume is the exist.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am lying on the ground, a ground of soft grass. Looking at a blue sky, with white clouds. Standing up, looking around me at the distant mountains, the forests, lakes, and rivers. The chirping from the birds.

I take a deep breath, and grin in a very extreme way and say ”Finally, fresh air. ” And laugh at the end.

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