The First Fox Primordial

Well, yes, a normal day.

In Earth, a little planet situated near the sun in a galaxy called Milky Way, exists an individual, an individual pretty peculiar, and, despite nobody knowing about it he himself can feel it and its aware of it. You could say that he should have archived a complete knowledge about himself or achieved illumination or something similar for it to be that way. As if only him in all the world is aware of it there seems to be something off? If he is an abnormality or something how could he know about it but not the others in the same world???

Well… that is because meanwhile he is aware of it, he himself don know what is wrong with him. And you could say that if only he is aware of it, maybe is a mental problem or something and is just he imagining things? You could say that, because when he has talked about it with someone he has always received the same answers: are you sure you are not imagining things?, or, You sure don have mental problems?, or, Are you crazy?

As you have imagined, it has all an explanation so… maybe we could talk about it, but now its not the time for it, so you will have to wait for it.


”As always… its just as always… ” Matheus sighed while saying that out loud talking to himself without expecting an answer.

//For him, it has been always like this, every time he wakes up he feels like something is wrong, he doesn know what it is but he knows it isn something normal. How could it be normal? As if he himself would believe he is just normal as every other human around himself if he can remember the things he has done since he was born??? He doesn believe it is normal in any way possible but he himself is aware to not tell that because they would call him crazy.

But, that is not the last thing he is aware of going wrong, like for example, his impulses to do something he would normally not think of. And you would think, well thats normal, isn it?

”Nobody acts the same way forever, everyone changes, but MY case is quite singular, as you can see, maybe Im working very focused in something and out of nowhere I just fell an uncontrollable urge to trick someone or shout a little bit… well, more than shout… like roar? ” That would be what he would think if they answered that to him.

He has been to various doctors and all of them declared the same, he hasn got any type of mental disability, so why is he sometimes having those strange urges? Well… nobody believes him in that aspect, as he has achieved a lot and everyone thinks that he is just imagining things, or maybe inventing them because something went wrong and he want to pick attention.//

As always, I get up of my bed and I feel something is off, but Ive been living with that feeling for quite a lot now. Its been what? 20 years?

Ive been living with that feeling since I was born 20 years ago, and despite what would normally happen, which would be the fact that I shouldn be able to remember those years at the start of my life in any way possible, like… I myself wasn fully aware in those days so…


I remember it all since I opened my eyes after being out of my mother.

How she fed me, the song my parents song to me before sleeping, the thing that I shouldn have seen them doing on the bed… Yes, I saw that, but can you judge me? As I have already said I wasn conscious at all but I still remember it??? how can this be?? Its definitely not normal in any way possible, impossible if I were to describe it? What Im trying to explain about not being fully conscious is that when I was a baby I couldn control at all my thoughts? Or you could say that my conscience wasn built at all at that time? I was acting as a normal baby because I was one; just one who remembers everything…

Well, lets stop reminiscing upon my past, I mean… My baby life, ejjejeje.

Ok, Ill stop now, that was going too far. The point is that, I don know why but I can remember all the thing that happened during my whole life, but the worst… or better? part is that I can remember it like it was yesterday, it doesn mind if it was 20 years ago, or just the last week. For me, it is just as clear as yesterday in the two cases.

So Im quite used to it nowadays, well Im ignoring those thought that invade my mind every morning meanwhile I go to make my everyday coffee, with my everyday fried egg, and maybe… Well not maybe, I always add something different to the mix.

My usual start of a day. Pretty normal isn it?

Well just wait, maybe later you can find out something more to be picky about.

Yes you said it, maybe later, I can find something that I could criticize or be exigent about?

Well I doubt it will take too long to figure something out.

Yes, you are rig… Wait, was I here talking to myself again? ah…. It has happened again isn it?

Well, lets ignore that…

Progressing with my breakfast maybe Ill just eat two eggs and bread instead of one today, that should be fine.

After finishing my breakfast I start preparing for my job, I may be 20, but Ive already got a university degree on informatics and started my own business on it.

Its a pretty new business which I called ”FOXs entertainment ”, now called simply FOXs. I don know why, but I just had to name it FOXs without exception, it was impossible for me to come with any other name, if I tried to search for other names it just would appear this one every time.

In one day itll be its foundation anniversary and I still have to prepare the last steps for the event that will happen tomorrow, which will be held in both real life and the virtual world.

Despite having just one year of life Ive made it growth from a little game created by myself to a multinational with a good reputation in various areas.

We specialize on gaming as it is the origin of the company, but we have departments on other various things, for example we also work in clothing, building and security between others.

But as a business with the gaming department being the one with more funds we are preparing a big event, celebrating the impressive feat weve accomplished in just one year, that will involve all of our games, you can even find events in every one of them with exclusive reward and the top 10 players in every game are going to receive a copy of the last and most waited game we have announced, which won be on sale till the next month.

Meanwhile in real life we have made it a day off for all our personal and prepared a live streaming of the convention that will be held in our property, all the workers have a free entry for them and their families, and all the paid entrances have already been sold. So now, all the workers are working hard to finish all the work as when they finish todays job they can return home without waiting till they finish their working hours.

You may thing that it all will go wrong, how can the event work if there isn any personal supervising it? Well, Ive already contracted extra personal with a temporal contract with one months duration that starts tomorrow and they have been already instructed in all they need to do and know, at the same time we have various collaborations with others that will help run it all.

Obviously, as my enterprise has always done, we will make their contracts permanent depending on their performance. Now, with it all explained I should finish it all fast…


”Ah…. Well, work finished! Time to go home ”

”Wait! ”Called someone ”Boss we have a problem! ”

Matheus was going out of his office to return home when one of his employees called for him showing a tired expression.

”And whats the problem Gabriel? ”

Yes it was not a normal worker, it was one of Matheus first friend and his actual best friend Gabriel.

[Gabriel POV]

”If its you who are calling for me then it must be serious, lets solve it quickly. ”

”Yes Boss! ” I called my friend as I do when we work to not let him get suspicious. ”Well if you come with my Ill show it to you, despite having finished with all my part of the work my team has found one serious problem that is better shown than explained. ”

”And why its that? ” Matheus called with suspicion, it wasn normal for his longtime friend to act like that…

”Well, the problem is that its not easy to explain, it is an error in the programming of the game we give as a price, it makes the game be erased if it is activated and could draw a lot of problems in the long row. ”

”Ok, now I understand, indeed, that is quite serious ”

Weve been walking all the way to the programming department while I explain to him all the details related to the problem that we have invented to attract him. While we don like to lie to him we don have any alternative if we want the surprise to run. He has always been quite perceptive so we had to make him think that a terrible problem is happening or he won fall for the trick!

”Matheus ” I called him before entering to the room.

”Yes, Gabriel? ”

”Let me tell you a think before you enter there. ”

”OK… And what would that be? ” Matheus looks at me suspiciously as if he was having second thoughts on the matter and has discovered that something doesn seem fine…

But we have prepared the terrain for this to work so there shouldn be any problem??? Shit now sure Im looking suspicious in his eyes.

”I just would like to remind you that we all gathered together and started planing all of this the day before the creation of FOXs so… ” I say while I open the doors


[Matheus Berlins POV]


I am stunned, I really didn expected that. We all gathered here together as the day it all started. The day on which everyone in this room made his first step in a longing friendship that started as a group of people with a similar objective, the creation of a game and the start of a new gaming empire.

”Emmm Matheus…? ” Called ?1

”Are you okay? Asked ?2

”Sure he is, I think he just got suspicious but didn expected that and was left quite dumbfounded. ” Answered Gabriel in my stead.

”Uhmm… ” *cough, cough, cough* I faked a little to take attention. ”Yes, yes Laura, Mark Im fine, as Gabriel has commented I was just dumbfounded by that ”

”Sure you were! We have been planning this all day long, yesterday we stayed late night to finish all our respective work and today we joined together to plan all of this so we could caught you out of guard. ” Said Laura

”Obviously, how could we surprise the iron mind with something unplanned??? we could be your friends but its quite difficult to surprise you and even more in work hours ” Followed Mark

”So we made all of that just for you to think in a big problem and find this little surprise party which is more of our own preference than a giant conference, festival or whatever we plan on doing tomorrow. So if all the people will celebrate the foundation of the business tomorrow why don we make a little dinner the four of us as we have always done in the past? And with that we can call it a little celebration for our first reunion together as a team of four. ” Finished Gabriel

I was left dumbfounded another time, this definitely was unexpected! I was so worn out of all that work that Ive never thought of making a little celebration between us.

e right, Gabriel, Mark, Laura. Well, so where are we going to eat today? ”

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