The First Reaper

The Ritual (TW: Self Mutilation)

skin of each of his hands before he let the spell take its course.

”Testing, Charon left hand speaking. ” Charons voice rang out from a newly formed mouth on his left hand.

”Right hand testing. ” Charons voice again, this time from his right hand.

”Okay, I already know the order I have to do this in, or rather the order that my instinct told me to do it in. Hopefully my theory about this instinct of mine is correct. start by chanting the Vampire ritual, then Lich, and finally Wraith last. ” Charons voice, this time from his normal mouth, echoed in the sealed room before he uncorked the vial and downed it.

His head then began to speak in a strange and almost ancient dialect as the ring of sigils surrounding him began to glow blood red. Still chanting, He felt his blood begin to burn as two fangs proceeded to replace his canine teeth. His left hand then hovered over the diamond before his voice echoed out in an ethereal language from his left hands mouth. His vision began to split in two as he could see his own body with two of three mouths chanting in a strange language and with another set of eyes he could see a clear ethereal version of himself slowly floating towards the diamond under his left hand. His eyes becoming bloodshot, he quickly raised his right hand over the sigils carved upon his chest as his voice could be heard chanting in a barbaric language coming from the mouth on his right hand.

As the third chant began, his main mouth finished its chant. A small black fire, however, began to burn starting from the sigils carved into his chest and quickly spread throughout his body, causing a black smoke to begin emanating from his figure. The ethereal version of him, his soul, could only watch as the diamond began glowing brightly before floating directly where the heart would be if his soul had one. At this moment, Both versions of Charon could feel something happen as their eyes simultaneously meet and widen at the same moment. Suddenly, A chain made up of a blackish red liquid burst through his chest before wrapping around his soul. The flames begin to speed along the length of the chain before covering his soul as well. At this point, the left mouth finishes its chant, the phylactery shoots out of the chest of Charons now obscured soul. Instead of a diamond, it now has the form of a diamond ring which promptly shoots onto Charons ring finger.

Charons soul is abruptly pulled into his body by the chain as two of his mouths begin to scream in pain as the fires covering both his body and soul merge into one stronger fire which begins burning both at the same time. Charon could watch on as his legs turned into ash, followed quickly by his left arm. Having to close his mouth as the fire begins to burn the inside of his mouth and stomach, tears escape from his eyes. His right mouth still chanting even as his face burns away. His chest begins to turn into ashes as his head slowly turns into ash.

DAMNIT! I WAS A FOOL! IS THAT IT? I JUST WANTED TO BE STRONG! I WANTED TO PROTECT MY FAMILY!!!! CURSE THIS INSTINCT OF MINE! FUUUUUUUU…. Was Charons final thought as his head and chest turned to ash as well, with only his right arm still fine and still chanting.

A couple minutes after most of his body turned to ash, his right arm finished its chant before it too succumbed to the black fire and all that remained of him turned to ash with only a lone diamond ring sitting on top of his ashes. Slowly, his ashes begun to spin. Picking up in speed, faster, faster, and faster, his ashes begun to spin like a tornado. The ring began to float about his spinning ashes as a blinging white light flashed throughout the room. The ashes begun to form something, first legs, then a chest, until a whole body was formed from his ashes containing a white light which shone from the middle of the chest. Slow at first but picking up speed the light began to cover Charons ashes, faster and faster. When the light left an area, all that was left was skin which glowed like that of a newborn. Until someone who resembled Charon stood there, made from his ashes. He looked different however, Long white hair with black sigils moving and twisting across its surface and Eyes which where only white like they were carved out of marble and placed in his eye sockets.

As this being looked at his hands in shock, a diamond ring fell onto his ring finger. The being had a shocked look pass over his now handsome face as he realised something.

This connection… Its not like that of a Lich and his phylactery, its more like a connection between a person and their finger. The being thought in surprise before looking all over the room and finally at the sealed door.

”It… worked? ” Charons voice came out from the being as a mixture of shock and pure joy could be heard from that voice.

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