The First Reaper

The Inherent Ability

forgot about my training with the tiger claws, I really should practice with them again huh? ” As Charon thought that however, the ring on his finger began to glow bright white before that light split into two with one staying on his left hand and the other going towards his right, all while Charon looked on in curiosity.

When the light disappeared, it revealed two gauntlets with serrated blades extending out from the fingers.

”I guess thats what you do then? In a sense, as long as I have this ring then I am never unarmed. ” Charon muttered to himself as he quickly threw out a couple punches and used the claws to claw an imaginary foe.

He then thought about the Tiger Claws turning back into the ring as the gauntlet on his right disappeared in a flash of light and the gauntlet on his left hand glowed before returning to the form of a ring. Feeling his instinct, now knowing that its his inherent ability, telling him to meditate and focus on his inner body, Charon sits down and begins to meditate.

His eyes widen in shock however, as instead of the normal blue mana pool he would see inside himself, instead he saw something much different. The first thing he noticed was a blinding white light everywhere underneath his skin, replacing the various organs he wouldve normally had. As his senses travelled through his body to where his mana and heart should be, he found lines of four different energies travelling through the white abyss inside his body. One of the energies was the bright blue of traditional mana, With another energy being the bright purple of soul mana. However the other two energies where much different, with one being as green as the largest forest and the other being as black as a night sky without stars.

”This black energy, it should be death mana. It is quite similar to my brothers undead mana without the sense of corruption that undead mana carries with it so that I can understand. However, could this green mana be what I think it is? That should be impossible however, unless… I am not an undead? ” Charon continued thinking aloud, before focusing his senses back onto his inner body.

As his senses continued further along the web of four energies to their source, he paid close attention to how they seemed to be intertwined with each other, and how they seemed to be passively strengthening his body and the strange white energy which suffused throughout his body. When he eventually reached the centre of his body however, he found himself shocked yet again. He felt his curiosity begin to burn brighter then it ever had before. He stared upon two swirling vortexes, one white and one a mix of the colours of the four energies which spread through his body. The white vortex released a continuous stream of the white energy, whereas the other vortex released a constant stream of the four mana types which continued to spread through his body and supported the mysterious white energy. The laughter of a madman could be vaguely heard ringing out throughout the castle, as the madman in question felt a raging desire to feed his curiosity. A desire which he had never felt burn as bright as it was now.

Charon shook his head to regain his focus and continue exploring his inner body, as his senses began to move from his chest towards his head. As his senses went upwards, he noticed the vein-like energy which was spread out through the rest of his body begin to thin out before stopping entirely at the top of neck connecting to his head. When his senses went to his head, he felt them begin to be drawn towards another vortex, this one seeming to swirl in the opposite direction. Holding his senses back as much as he could, he inspected vortex in his head. Confused, he realised that it seemed to have no discernible purpose. As confusion settled in, the mana which he was using as his eyes inside his body was sucked into the vortex, as the last thing he felt was it being destroyed as he could instinctively feel the vortex in his head was almost angered it seemed, as if complaining that the mana it stole from Charon wasn what it wanted.

”I suppose thats all I can discern right now anyways. Hmm, my anatomy seems very different, almost like…. wait. ” Charon paused, thinking over something as he reflected on how he briefly saw his soul during the ritual, and how it seemed vaguely similar to the orb he saw in the vision and the energy that now seems to make up his body. ”No, that would mean that… my body and soul, combined? ”

Charon stared off into the distance as he considered the possibility. He then proceeded to get up and stretch out before going towards the sealed door of the ritual room. Charon quickly unbolted the door while disarming several traps inlaid across the door, before slowly opening.

”It seems like its time to update my family, I ought to get their opinions on my current findings as well before I jump to conclusions. ” Charon took his first step out of that room as a nonhuman.

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