In the year 2050, a huge spaceship suddenly appeared above Earth.

The governments all around the world panicked as they saw the huge spaceship that had just teleported near Earth. Before they could even understand the situation, one humanoid alien came out of it.

He looked like a human, but he had a divine glow surrounding his entire body. He had a crystal-like, light purple body that looked even 100 times stronger than diamonds.

He had dark purple long hair, which made him look like a Dragon Ball Z character.

He looked at the screen, and his golden eyes became visible. When he saw the confused faces of all of the humans, he smiled and announced,

”Humans, I am your ancestor. ”

”We distributed our life code with an atmosphere changing module device to many universes and galaxies in the hope of recovering our numbers after the war. ”

People all around the world were shocked when they heard this aliens voice inside their heads, as they thought that they were the only sentinel beings in the entire universe.

The alien laughed when he heard their inner thoughts and said:

”You really are our descendants; you have the same sense of humor as us. ”

He then said in a serious tone, ”Do you really think you all were born in this perfect environment because of luck? ”

”Do you really believe dinosaurs died due to an accident? ”

He just wanted to continue when he saw multiple hypersonic missiles coming at him. He showed an irritated look and snapped.

In front of the people and all the governments all over the Earth, all missiles disappeared.

He then continued, ”Its an interesting toy you people made with these limited resources, but I don think you people need this toy, which does more harm than benefit to a planet. ”

He then pointed his finger towards Earth, and all people felt a change in the environment.

He then said, ”I don want all the work of the Supreme Creator to be destroyed because of your selfish reasons. ”

”As a result, I am removing nuclear energy from Earth. ”

”Now no one will be able to use any nuclear energy-related tools. ”

All countries that had nuclear weapons were shocked when they checked and found out that all nuclear plants have stopped working, and if what the alien said is true, then they just lost their most powerful weapon.

The person who was most depressed was Rocket Man Kim Jong-un.

Some countries celebrated when they heard that they do not need to fear the nuclear bomb anymore.

The alien looked at the sad faces of many country leaders and said:

”Don make such sad faces just because you
e losing this lower-level energy source. ”

”Think about how to use the new energy, called mana, effectively. It has multiple uses ”

”I don have much time, so I will keep it short. ”

”You guys need to return to your roots, as we need more people. ”

”You guys have not even become a Tier 1 civilization in 5 million years. ”

”The peace and the lack of mana on this planet have made you all very weak. ”

”You would all bring shame to our name if I brought you back now. ”

”I will awaken the earths mana core and install a dimensional dungeon system, which will open many portals all around the earth. ”

”This will make all of your lives difficult, ” he said, pausing.

People all over the world became depressed as they heard him speak.

”Don make such a sad face. ”

”This is important to make you all stronger in less time. ”

”Becoming stronger also has many benefits, like the fact that as you become more powerful, you will be able to increase your life span. ”

”You will also be able to stop getting older and even stop getting sick. ”

”You all can also gain rewards as you clear your trials and become stronger. ”

”Im also connecting your satellites and Internet to a smart and fair AI. ”

”This will help you awaken faster and get strong enough to survive in our universe. ”

”The lack of mana has blocked all your meridians and made you all unable to grow strong by relying on magic or physical power. ”

”Magic talent is hereditary, but your parents were also mortals, so how can they pass anything on to you? ”

”Thats why we have decided to help you mortals awaken one of the fundamental skills of our species, the Book of Contracts. ”

Some people were ecstatic about the prospect of becoming powerful, while others questioned why they needed to change their lives when they were content.

The alien heard their thoughts and laughed. Then he said:

”What makes you think that nothing bad will happen? ”

”If we can find you, then so can the other species. ”

”If other species discover you, you will all become their slaves and lab rats. ”

All the people got scared when they heard about the cruel reality.

Then the alien smiled at their reaction and said,

”Don think about them for now. ”

”I am sealing the space around this solar system, which will hide it from other species for 1000 years, after which it all depends on your luck and strength. ”

”Gaia (the AI) will explain the rest. ”

”Good luck! I have high expectations from you all. You all have a generous spirit, which will go well with ”The Book of Contracts. ” ”

Then he snapped and disappeared with the spaceship.

Everyone was perplexed when they heard a voice in their heads say,

[Hello, Humans, I am Gaia, the AI created by the Supreme Creator, Lord Brahma. I will help you all awaken and become strong]

[I will give the beginners trial to all the people over the age of 10. Those who pass the trial will awaken the ”Book of Contracts ” and will be able to make contracts with level 1 spirit beasts all around the world]

[Remember, one person will only have three chances to clear the beginner trial]

[To start the trial, please say ”Awaken ”]

Many people all around the world tried, and as soon as they said the word, a screen appeared in front of their eyes.

[Would you like to take the beginners trial? Please respond with a yes or no]

As soon as the people replied with ”yes ” as an answer, they saw the text in front of their eyes change.

[Initiating beginners trial]

Then they disappeared from their place as if they had never been there. All the people around them were shocked and decided to wait until they had all the knowledge.

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