The Guardian’s Wish

Quinslet, the capital

The sun is at its peak, but my surrounding is green. It was to my luck that I manage to arrive early in this place since the sun is something to be frightened of especially when at its highest.

I held my sword in my waist and walk slowly avoiding the branches. The bushes helped me conceal from the animal I was chasing, and seconds later blood gush out of its body.

A horned rabbit, aka devil rat. It was a magical beast that is edible and delicious. Its flesh can also replenish the magic that I have consume from venturing throughout the valleys for days.

The ration is also running low so it was a perfect time to hunt.

I started a fire after that, clean the body of the rabbit and torn its fur from its body. The sight of it is hideous but the result only matters to me.

Right after that, I place it beside the fire.

While it cooks, I open my status menu.

Status Menu

Name: Vienna Louis

Age: 16 years old

Level: 57

Health: 12,617/20,000

Magic Capacity: 12,682/30,000


Str: 82

Int: 87

Agi: 81

Dex: 74

Vit: 72

Luk: 75

Def: 91

Atk: 96

Blessings: Guardians Apostle(Concealed), Dancing Blades(Concealed), Saturns Ring(Concealed)

The guardian told me not to brag my power. He also warn me not to show my power to any of the people here, it might cause ruckus and alter the path of event.

I might also find some people who is stronger than me when it comes to my status power but my blessing will help me balance it.

Which basically mean I am overpower, an abnormal being in this world.

I sigh, not trying to think about it that much. Living in this world has been a burden to me, it is a place something I would only read in a novel after all. I need to get used to it, though it has been already 15 years since I was born again, the changes is nothing easy to adapt with.

I look at the clear sky, thinking the world I left behind. It was plain, too plain. Not too much happening, probably even now.

Still, I kinda miss it. The digital devices, moving automatic cars, tall buildings, flying planes. The fact that it is something I can never see again bugs me.

Truly, a strange life.

After a while of waiting, my lunch can now be eaten. The meat looking tender and its oily aroma made my stomach growl.

It is now time to eat.

But once I took a bite, it taste kinda bland. I have added a salt before cooking it but the taste is nothing compared to Missus Helen.

I miss the chickens.

As I thought so, a tear flow from my eyes reminiscing the tender and delicious meat I was served. Feeling like heaven, I got easily used to it.

I didn know a time will come where I will have to endure such bland taste. If only I got enough ingredients on me perhaps I could recreate a portion of it.

But enough complain, I am here to adventure. This kind of suffering is part of it. Not being able to endure it is a sign of half-hearted decision.

So, no!

Still, it got no taste at all!


In the process of my venture, I experience many things. Wild boar mating while wolves eat their counterpart, sometimes a human being mating within a deep forest.

They may be adventurers, I don know.

I also find unusual things I don really see much, such as dragons lurking in open space. Demons travelling by group.

In the book I have read, demons travel by group is a sign of danger. Them doing so means something major is happening.

What is It then?

I continue my journey, with not much noticeable event that transpired. Most path I took are forest covered land, it was left untouched by humans. A beautiful landscape I can breath fresh air.

I took a rest for a bit since my back is getting tired of the heavy weight Im carrying. Mostly are items I discover in my path of journey.

I open it and check every one of them.

I found things quite interesting such as a humanoid figurine made out of marble. Some are crystal clear glass but as hard as rock.

I also found a gold coin laying around the forest without anyone noticing it. So I took it with me. A gold coin will help my travel to the capital.

Theres also the coat I found from a dead adventurer. Quite a thick leather, good for cold weather. Then theres the watch, something rare that can only be owned by noblemen or royalties.

It was an invention just like ours, a device that tells an accurate time. It is also small, making it more rare. The texture is metal but it looks more like plastic. It also doesn work making it useless, but it might fetch a price.

Now, Saturns Ring. A power I was given the moment I was sent here.

It is an appraisal item used to identify anything, may it be a divine being. I activated it from my ring finger and a window appear in front of me.

The window states the owner of the ring, its date of manufacture, manufacturer, and its price. Seems kinda weird since it also has a number of magical presence in it.

I set it aside for now, grab something within my bag. It was a hairbrush, but it was no ordinary one. Its design is extremely delicate, flowery. Perhaps owned by a royalty?

I activated the ring once again, and to my surprise it was really owned by a princess.

Scartlet Red, 1st princess of Ibra. Has sort of problem from her engagement so she probably rebelled and threw this.

The owner is the princess but the buyer is a noble, typical. I don really need those details since I am nowhere near dreaming a high status.

Or maybe I do.

It might help me find the disaster. Still, a princess, huh.

No way.

After analyzing everything in my bag, I return all items in it and continue my journey.

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