to any Pheonar or Earth. The only place you belong to, my little cactus, is my heart. And youll never be able to leave from there. ”

”I know. ”

Saying that both turned their backs towards each other, walking away from each other. It felt like an eternity was passing away.

No, dad. Don go. I need you to please stay…

I reached my hand out for him, but he was already out of the radar of my small hands.

Mom picked up a blanket as she wrapped both of us in it as we slowly walked out.

While we were on our way out, we were stopped by someone.

”Who are you? Where are you going? ” He asked, in a stern voice.

”Just a poor woman, who came to beg for her hungry child. ”

”Hmmm. Go… Don come back here again. ”

”Yes. ” Mom replied. Satisfied with her answer, he walked away from us.

Hiding in the shadows, we finally reached the City Sapecyo Space Center.

It was unusually dark inside. The spaceship was just right in front of us. But as soon as mother took another step forward the lights went on.

”Looks like Miss. Ericka Evergreen is in a hurry to leave. Or should I say, Raine Lynn? ”

She said as she slowly moved forward, clapping. ”Raine. Give me my Aren and Ill let you go. ”

”You are dumb. You are being used but you can even tell. ”

”You- ”

”Save your breath. Your father is going to kill your Aren. ”

”You are lying! ”

”I am walking on the edge of a cliff and soon enough, you and I both know, I am going to end up in the abyss of death. I have no reason to lie to you. ”

”No! Dad said he would never hurt him! ”

”Only when Aren is dead. He can establish himself as the leading figure of Pheonar and rule over. Do you think your father is supporting you because he loves you? Heh. You are so naive! Hes simply using your power as the third leading person in Pheonar. ”


”A father who can drown his newborn daughter in a river. Then, after finding out shes alive after five years, instead of regretting his evil deeds, he sends her to an asylum. That man can do anything! ”

To say she was shocked would be an understatement, as my mom slowly bent down and put me down carefully covered in the blanket so that no one could see that a child was wrapped in the blanket.

”You better not be lying. ”She said as she walked away from us and went to her bodyguard. Mom slowly picked me up again and was ready to run to the spaceship at any chance possible.

”YOU! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO… ” The voice stopped as the sound of a gunshot now echoed in the room. ”You… You are… ”

”Your father knew that you would no longer support him once you know of the truth. So, he offered me a large sum to take care of you and Raine. Once you, Raine and Aren are all dead. Hell be the only leading figure on our planet. Then we can attack other planets and — ”

Another gunshot was heard interrupting the mans words.

”RAINE! RUN! ” Wow. In the face of death, sometimes even enemies helped. I seriously wanted to ask her in that moment why did she ever do that but I couldn .

Hearing it, without sparing a second more, my mom ran towards the spaceship. I saw the man shoot the woman thrice as she fell to the ground and as soon as we were about to enter the spaceship. He shot again.

My mother stopped. Six gunshots echoed in the room. One followed by the other. Each one hit my mother on her back making her fall down to her knees.

”Inez… Crawl… ” She said as she put me down, but I held her finger.

No, mom! Don leave me alone!

Seeing that I wasn going, and the man was coming closer, she gave me one forceful push towards the spaceship. My little knees were now scraped and bleeding, but I was inside the spaceship. I was in the arms of safety, but I didn care. I tried to crawl back to mom.

”Goodbye, my daughter. ” My mom said as I saw her shed a tear for the first time.

The door was closing. I tried to crawl as fast as I could but of no use. My little hands and feet were not as capable as I expected them to be. Before I couldve reached back in the sweet embrace of my mother, the door closed and the spaceship took off.

Shattering every sweet little dream that couldve ever been.

And just like that I left… left my parents, my family, my planet behind.

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