The Last Moon

Chapter 4: A Maybe Unwilling Trade

ed as I looked straight into his soul through his eyes.

”No doubt in that. I believe you. Ive given you control of my life because I trust you. I have enough faith in you to make you my other half. Inez Agustine, you have my trust. ” His eyes never wavered even once while he was delivering his little speech.

You place a lot of trust in me, but can I trust you enough to divulge all of my secrets? So, even if I don quite trust you, lets make a trade. Ill take you to a location that is very essential to me since you brought me to a location that is crucial to you. No debts.

”Its quite dark now. Shall we return home? ” James asked as he held out his hand for me to hold.

”I…I want to trust you too and show you something important to me too. ”

”You don have to. ” Maybe he realized that I was feeling a bit burdened so he quickly objected.

”I want to, ” I said, as I held his hand and pressed it a little, assuring him that I was sure about this.

”Okay then. Lets walk back to the car. ”

”Alright, ” I said as both started walking back in the direction we came from.

”If I told you that I am from somewhere far far away from this small blue planet. Would you believe me? ” I asked him, my eyes shining from the hope they held as I thought that I could finally share my burden with someone.

Someone who trusts me.

”Why not? I mean Earth is not the only planet in this whole galaxy. ” He said, opening the car door and urging me to sit inside.

”Ummm… You sit. Ill drive. ” I said.

”Okay. ” He agreed to my request as he surrendered the car keys to me and sat down on the passengers seat.

I walked over to the drivers seat and opened the door. Settling inside, I ignited the engine as we drove off.

”You know, my mom used to sing a song to me when I was very very little, ” I said as I turned to take a glance at him.

”I don think your mom used to sing just one song to you. You know quite a few beautiful ones. ”

”Yes but this one is unique. Very unique and very close to my heart. ”

”Oh? Then let me hear it. ” He said as he turned around letting my small driving frame have all his attention.

”Hmmm. La la la la… Mmm… Na. ”

”Is- ”

”In the dark of night

The stars align in the sky

We see them flying free

e just like you and me. ” I sang as I suddenly stopped the car, opened the door, and got out of it.

”Inez, its just a forest in front of us. And its late at night, we can go there. ” James reasoned, following me out too.

”Everyone is lonely sometimes. ” A voice echoing came back from the forest or so it seemed.

James looked at me with his eyes wide open in shock. ”Did… Did you hear that? ”

”But I would walk a thousand miles to see your smile… ” I sang back, holding my necklace in my palm as it began to shine.

”Adella…Your… Your necklace… ” He stuttered as he watched with his eyes wide open as he stood there frozen at his spot.

Smiling at him, I held out my hand for him to hold which he did without an ounce of doubt or hesitance.

”You are not alone, we are family

Hold me, lets escape this cruel reality. ” The voice came back as a white void appeared in front of us.

”You are my symphony

By your side, we are unity

You are my energy

My guiding light, we are unity. ” I sang as both of us got pulled inside the beautiful yet terrifying void.

”James? ” My eyes searched for him as I opened them.

”Inez! ” I saw a man come running towards me, who was none other than Asher.

”Are you alright? ” He asked as he helped me back to my feet.

”Yeah, ” I said, easing his mind of fears of me maybe being injured.

”Where are we? ” He asked as he started scanning our surroundings. And by scanning, I mean literal scanning. Like a robot.

”My birth mothers humble abode, ” I replied with a smile.

”Your birth mothers humble abode seems to be in the middle of nowhere. So, where are we headed now from here? ” He questioned while staring at me blankly. His gaze is similar to that of a lost child in a park searching for his parents.

”Wait for a few minutes. Our ride will be here. ” I said, giggling at his lost face.

”Whats so funny? ”

”Nothing. You just look like a lost puppy. ”

”In- ” Just when he was about to warn me not to make fun of him. A voice interrupted him.

”Hello, Nezze. ” Asher turned around to investigate the noise, but his eyes became wider as soon as he did. His eyes widened in maybe… Shock? Surprise? Horror?

I couldn have known.

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