Mordin nursed himself back to full health. And then he started the teacherous journey way past any one has ever ventured into. The last corners of the land that can be reached on foot. Loros, he headed towards. The mountain range which was not the tallest had the people of the most calm yet strong nature. They were largely peaceful people, shepherds. They seldom harmed anyone nor did they come in to harm. They barely spoke it was said. They sat with their eyes closed for large parts of the day, particularly the elder folk. They did not care much for material wealth nor power. What separated these people from the rest of the folk in the planet was that it was the women that trained and prepared for war. The men all they did was hunting and grazing goats. And it was not that the women did not take part in hunting , they too took part in it but only if it was required. They looked after their families and trained in combat. The fiercest leader among them was Reya. It was said that she could fly short distances and weild a sword like none other. Most of the women there were blessed with flight albeit in short distances, but it was Reya who was blessed with this supernatural power. She could climb trees faster than anyone, and she was very agile. Atop all that Reya had a sense of protection that was not very rarely found. It was said that Reya was blessed with this power by the gods to protect her own kind. Reya was the oldest of her siblings. There were seven of them. So like every other part when there were peaceful people inhabiting it, there were other kinds , that lingered in darkness who wanted to cause harm to them. There were men and women surrounding these small mountains who roamed like normal people during the day and turned to wolf like creatures at night. These wolf like creatures stood on their two toes and could also fly short distances and climb trees at a very rapid pace. Zoreus , he was called, their leader. They hunted for food and blood during the night and during the day they collected wood and other seeds. Many it times it was suggested to Reya and the fighting clan to wipe them out during the day. But they refused, the women. They said it was not honorable for them to fight the unprotected. ” It was just their nature ” said Reya when people really pushed her to end them. ” Let them come at night ” we fill fight them fair and win, she said to them. Some of the men scoffed and went themsleves to kill these beasts who took the form of the skin of man during the day. They returned with de

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