Reya and the others were relived that the wolves were gone. They all celebrated for a day or two. Reya too joined in the celebration, but she was missing the fights with Zoreus. Now hwat would they train for? she wondered as she sat there on the porch, the same place Mordin had sat at. Her father seeing that she was a little upset approached her. He sat beside her and spoke to her few words of Comfort. But she knew that what her father spoke was just him trying to console her. The women and the girls will be put to work like the rest. Her father knowing that her daughter was upset, and to him she had every right to be upset. She was just a child and she loved to train and fight more than anything else.

”It was almost dusk ” and the darkness drew close to their home. Reya still sat there, not really wanting to go home. There was some rustling in the trees up above. It made her really curious. She looked up at the trees and really wanting to climb the trees and find out what it was. She looked around to grab her sword, but there was none close to her. She wen tcloser and stood under the trees, it was nothing. There was no one there. There was no Zoreus. As she stood under the tree, the elder approached her. A wise man he was, so Reya was all ears. Child , he spoke. ” The real world is not what you think it is. It is full of men at war. Some with no arms but with full of vengance. Some with mechanical arms that could destroy anything on their parts. And some with superhuman strength that could kill an entire army ” And certainly not like Zoreus and the other wolves. They would die in the battle field on the first day, mark my words ” said the old man. Zorues was really strong and he could kill me if he really wanted to, she said. They were not here to kill , they were here to protect their lands. And that is why they march to the center of the planet, to protect their lands. Should we not go there too ? asked Reya. If there is a war, then we should go there to protect our lands. We must only go, if we are asked to, said the wise man. Only a fool puts himself in trouble when there is no need for it to.


Archimedes landed in the mountains. He looked up at the skies and there entered the strongman Samurai through the atmosphere. Arakur, stood there in the front of all. Zeno and Archimedes stood beside him. They waited for the chief of the strongman to arrive. So they did the chief , and Akimo too. They too went and stood beside Arakur and the others. Arakanese emerged from the caves and stood before them as well. Archimedes looked at him with suspicion. He fights for us! said Arakur. I fight with you, corrected Arakanese. The wolves and Mordin are set to arrive soon, said Arakur. Archimedes was still not convinced of the army that stood before him. We are not ready for war, he said. We are not ready for a long time, he said sharply again. Yes, this was a mistake, said Zeno, now starting to doubt his decision to come here for a war that they would surely lose. Hers too who stood there spoke, Uncle, she said, why wage a war and lose all that we have. We will lose the mountains too, she said. Mountians , laughed Arakanese. Be prepared to lose your lives, said Arakanese. That is what a war of this nature call for, he said. ”They have more than 10 men for one of ours, said Archimedes ”

The Kingdom

Darticus and Philippe were in deep discussion. Arakur has betrayed us, he said. He plans to wage war against us, said Darticus. Philippe laughed ” The Marakese plan to wage war against us ” that is the stupidest thing they could ever think of, said Philippe. Our Dragon can blow them all to smithereens in a minute. Does Angela know about this ? asked Philippe. I have not yet spoken to her about this, said Darticus. Even their army is depleted and so is ours greatly. ” Thanks to my brother ” sighed Darticus. A war would not certainly be good for us, said Darticus. We will win but the cost will be too much, said Darticus. What use is a kingdom if there are no people in it, said Darticus. The people of Algried, the ghosts of Wilmir and the North, they all stand with us. And if I have not yet mentioned it already, we have a fire breathing dragon in our den, said Philippe. The ghosts, I do not know if they stand with us, said Darticus. Philippe was perplexed, what is there to worry about? he asked Darticus again. Darticus looked at Philippe ” They have Archimedes ” he said with his giant eyes widening. Who ? asked Philippe. Archimedes, I have heard stories about him. The greatest warrior to have ever been born on this galaxy, said Philippe. My father would beg to differ, said Philippe. In fact I don think any Marakese will be powerful to even withstand Alguran, joked Philippe. You underestimate him greatly Philippe, the gods stand with him, said Darticus. So they do, they stand with you too. No, they don , immediately replied Darticus. Not the way they stand with him, he said. And the Brok too is dead, said Darticus. Do not think the Harakans will stand with us , he said. They are wounded and would not have the strength to fight, said Darticus. What do we do ? asked Philippe. I need you to travel to Isdor, west of the islands where Kurkin had come from. What do I do there? he asked him. You will meet Ardvan the fowl. He is the only one who inhabits those parts of the island. Darticus handed Philippe a map and he stammered. Philippe looked up at him. Be careful lead counsel, he said. ”Ardvan is a cannibal and the island was not always empty ”.

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