Archimedes and Zeno sat with Arakur as they decided upon the positioning of the arrows. ” We need to create outposts across these ranges, said Zeno. Yes, also we need to create Barricades covering from one outpost to another, said Archimedes. The strongman stand guarding the barricades, said Zeno pointing at the layout to scale they have made on their mountains. We have the wolves and Mordin stand side by side stand side by side with the strongman. I and Arakanese guard the people inside the mountains. I too shall join you, said Zeno. I would rather have it that you stay inside with chief Arakur ,Uncle Zeno, insisted Archimedes. After much reluctance Zeno agreed. Borgur will join us , said Arakanese as he entered the area. That should be acceptable, they all agreed. Are we missing anything, asked Arakur. Yes, Wily and the others man the spaceship to give us protection in the sky, said Archimedes. But the Brok is dead , said Arakanese. The dragon, interrupted Arakur. Oh yes, the dragon, said Arakanese. ” I shall fly in the spaceship then along with the others ” then I jump out of the ship landing directly on the dragons heart and I stab it, said Arakanese. We would rather have you on the ground, said Archimedes. Arakanese again had to step back.

Entered Borgur,

Prepare the armor, arrows and swords, said Arakur to Borgur. I have already begun, he replied to them. We start creating the outposts and barricade then, said Arakur. Yes, they all said. ” Let us get to work ” all agreed in unison. Do you have horses here ? asked Archimedes. Arakur paused for a while and spoke ” There beyond the region there ” he pointed at a certain direction. There the wildest horses are said to be found. But, he hesitated. I have yet to see a Marakese tame one, he professed. We are capable of anything Uncle, said Archimedes. We have flown ships to outer space, it would be fairly simple to tame a horse. So, Archimedes walked that way where Arakur had pointed towards. He walked past the summit and headed towards the green pastures. There were horses like wild beasts that grazed there. They do not look that harmful, though Archimedes as he approached them. He went next to a horse and patted it on the side. The horse gave him such a hard kick, that he flew many feet away. He rubbed his chest and he got up again. That looks like a tough one, he said and walked towards another horse. He patted the horse again on the side. This time it kicked him so hard he flew even further. He took a long time to get back on his feet. Archimedes counted the number of horses that were there. There were around a dozen or so there. He returned back to the homes and he went straight to Borgur. Can you make me a dozen saddles and reigns, he asked Borgur. I suppose so, replied Borgur. I will have it by the next evening, he said to Archimedes.

As they spoke the matters, the army of wolves and Mordin marched inside. Of course the wolves were in the form of men, looking timid when compared to the size of Mordin. So the Marakese did not really frown or scattered around. These people are going to fight for us? asked a bystander. Mordin caught him and spoke ” They fight better than you can breathe now ” he said almost choking the Marakese to death. That is enough, said Archimedes to Moridin. Mordin threw the Marakese to one side. Where is Arakur? asked Mordin. He is in his house, replied Archimedes. Tell him we need to be at war, very soon , said Mordin as he looked at the wolves behind. ” They thirst for blood ” he uttered to Archimedes. I shall tell him that, said Archimedes.


Meanwhile Philippe rode the blue seas across the kingdoms with the goblins who were promised of precious metals. And in front of the ship was Ardvan who was promised the flesh of man. He looked at Philippe and grinned once in a while. Philippe smiled back ” What have I done ” he wondered. During the day, the goblins were just fine doing their work, but during the turn of night, their faces became yellow and shone brightly. They sang songs and spoke in a language that shall not be uttered here. Ardvan still maintained his human form and steered the ship. Philippe found it to be reasonable to approach him. He went and stood next to Ardvan and he said Hello. There were no eyes on the head goblin. Philippe panicked ” Are you steering us in the right direction ” he asked. Well of course, he said and had an evil laughter. Philippe looked back at the ship. The goblins sang and danced. Some goblins jumped in and out of the ship. They had fishes in their mouth, skinning it with their teeth and passing it along. There was a large wave that approached the ship. Ardvan ! Ardvan called out Philippe. There is a wave coming there, he warned. Ardvan did not listen to him. He dove straight ahead to the incoming waves. Ardvan ! you fool shouted Philippe. There is a large wave headed towards us! Ardvan still did not care. He jumped in straight into the wave. The boat capsized and everyone fell out of it. Everyone except Ardvan. He put the ropes outside for everyone to hold and get back into the ship. Everyone got back onto the ship. The goblins began to sing and dance again, Ardvan steered the ship the same he had done. Philippe went and sat in the corner of the ship fully drenched!

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