Seronn had recovered fully, as did Durovin. Yondrin and Ilke were slowly starting the district back to its former self. ” We need to find a ship ” said Seronn to Durovin. Yes, agreed Durovin. Seronn looked up at the skies ”Where are the rest of the Xenon warriors ” he wondered. He took a sharp blade to see if he was still under the Dark lord. He cut himself and there was no blood spill. He cut Durovins hand too, to see if he bled. He did not too. We are still under the protection of the dark lord, said Seronn. Yondrin entered the room ”Under his command as well ” he said. Seronn was furious and gave a death stare at Yondrin. Yondrin took the sharp blade and cut himself. He too did not bleed. ” You are not the only one who serves the dark lord ” he said to Seronn. What is your purpose? he asked him. Something different from your, replied Yondrin. Seronn smirked and tunred the other way. He uttered something in a strange tongue that none could understand ”Not even Durovin. ” Ilke had just entered the room ” SIr, he said to Yondrin ” the machine is ready he said to him. Yondrin walked ahead and told the others to follow him. They walked down and into another building, nearby. It was a large warehouse and it was very dimly lit. Ilke went to the furthest corners and there was all types of mechanical sounds coming from that direction. Yondirn switched the lights on and in came Ilke in a large mechanical suit. The machine he was controlling was bigger than a Mammoth and had mechanical arms and legs. The arms held guns with them and the shoulders of the robot had guns on them too. Seronn was impressed. ” Do these fly ” he asked Yondrin. Not now, but someday they would, replied Yondrin. I need something that can fly now, replied Seronn. That could take some time. The spaceship section is yet to open, he said to Seronn. Seronn sighed and walked away from the building….

Meanwhile Philippe…..

Phillippe reached the shores of the kingdom under the bright sunlight. Ardvan and the goblins appeared much more reasonable at this time of the hour. As the ship harboured. The goblins jumped down from the ship onto the land. They walked into the streets and scared everyone out there. They swept the whole place searching for something. As Philippe tried to stop them ” Where are the metals ” they asked him. You will get it in time, now you need to stop this menace, he said to the goblins. They were in no mood to listen to him. They still plundered the shops in the market, and by now all the people had ran for their lives. Philippe was tempted to use is strength and throw a couple of Goblins away but he resisted in doing so. So the helpless Philippe stood there watching as the goblins were tearing the place apart. Just then, an axe had flown in the direction of the goblins and almost taking one of their heads. They all stopped what they were doing and stood there in silence. Alguran came forward and picked his axe up. ” The next time a head is sure to fall ” he said to them. The goblins kept quiet for the reminder of the time, and Ardvan smirked. Philippe was relieved to see Alguran there.

” Follow me ” said Alguran to Ardvan and the goblins. They followed him to the barracks where they were to be housed at. Johinir met them there and spoke to Ardvan ” We will provide you with the suit and armor ” he said to Ardvan. For them, yes, he said. I do not fight , he said to Johinir. Then who leads them into battle? asked Johinir. You, replied Ardvan. Then waht do you do ? he asked Ardvan. I take the precious metals back home, he said to Johinir. Johniri was not impressed and he stood there staring at Ardvan. ” Do you have fowls here? ” he asked Johnir. Johinir was dumbstruck by the behavior and the strange request of Ardvan. He was tempted to take his sword out again, but he too resisted in doing so. Why do you need fowls? he asked Ardvan. I like to see things run! he said to Johinir. Johinir was stumped. I can arrange, he said to Johinir. He approached Johinir and looked into his eyes and spoke ” You know why I like to see them run, they remind me of the people who die in war ” They run around like headless chickens not aware where they are. Johinir reached for his sword, and Ardvan stepped a few steps back and sat down. ” Get me my Fowls ” he simply said to Johinir. Johinir took his hands away from his sword and left the barracks. As he left he said to Alguran ” Keep an eye on them ”. Alguran nodded!

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