Has he was sitting on the tree log he kept on rewinding that memory of the carnival over and over thinking to himself were there some kids outside of the orphanage who are just like that girl

Toga. Who couldn control their own quirks?

If so than wouldn they be hated too? just like the so call quirkless or where they consider something

Worse like a villain when they start to grow up?

No they didn do anything bad. they just had the bad luck to have a quirk that it is nearly impossible for them to control maybe if all could understand him than they wouldn hate him. They would help him





Wouldn they?


He look up from we
e he was sitting we
e that voice came. It was one of the kids who had lesser quirks

his name was Hayato small brown eyes with short hair color pecan. His quirk was not that special it was nothing more than accelerate his fingers like a massage machine

”Hey hayato whats going on ” Raguel ask as he stand up from we
e he was sitting down. Hayato stop in his tracks as he approached Raguel who was already up from the log that he was sitting on.

”Well I want to ask you if you want to play with us? ” Hayato said a bit nervous. For Raguel this was the first time one of the orphanage kids ask him apart from the girl name toga

”Well if you want me to, then yeah why not ” he said in almost happy voice. Now Raguel and Hayato were both walking to were the small group of kids were. All of them look to left side of Hayato who was Raguel

The small group consisted in two boys and two girls they only needed one more person to play with them

One othe girls happily exclaimed ”YAY! we have the last person to complete the group for our game ”

”Well at least we ask someone else instead of one of the big kids. They would have make fun of us ” said the first kid who had black hair with grey color eyes, whos quirk consisted on reshaping plastic to his own will, his name was Yuuto

”You know how they can sometimes be meanies ” said the second girl with pink short hair, whose eyes had the same color of her hair. Her quirk was that of whatever she touched she turned into a color pink. Her name was Rio

”They are always like that with us, it doesn matter what we do, for some reason they despise us ” spoke the second girl, her name is koharu who had brown hair with two set of squirrel ears on her head her eyes were a color light green. Her quirk was that of a animal mutation giving the characteristics of a squirrel.

”It doesn feel right they should treat us like that we should do something about it ” speak the second kid, who had wild black hair, his name is Ryuusei. His quirk was that of to revert things that are damage to what they were previously.

The small group of kids started to argue with each other of what they will do if they were bothered. But it was impossible for them to even do something tours some one who was above them.

”Hey! hey! hey! Relax everyone nothing bad will happen. If it does we can tell the caretakers about can we? ” Spoke hayato.

”U hu and what? they will tell them ”please be more respectful tours them ” so that they can keep bothering a bunch of times again and again ” said ryuusei with a mad expression on his face.

”Ok! ok! Come on we
e here to play a game not to argue soo come on hurry up lets play ” Rio was the one to stop the argument that was about to happen

”Ok ” responded hayato

”Tch ” it was all what ryuusei could say

”Well then. Hello my name is Rio and your name iisss……. ” rio was curious and energetic to know the new kid who was in front of them.

”My name is Raguel ”

”Well then let me present you our friends here. ” She said as she pointed to the kid with wild black hair.

”The one who has the grumpy attitude is Ryuusei ”.

Then pointing at the next one ”the girl next to him, her name is koharu, she is shy sometimes when meeting a new kid, its because of her mutation quirk ” she said the last part in a whisper.

”And the one in the right side of Ryuusei, his name is Yuuto ”

”And of course theres hayato and me Rio ” she wink while saying the last part.

”Well soo do we get the game started ” ask yuuto

”Yeah come on ” follow Hayato next

”Ok, The game we are about to play is… uhm what are we playing again? ”

”Uh! ” The four kids look at her with their eyes wide and their mouth hanging including Raguel whos eyes were wide.

”How come you couldn think of a game! ”

”This was a waste of time ”

”Maybe next time? ”

”Come on? ”

”…… ”

”Ok then who wants to come up with an idea then! ” Rio had comical angry expression on her face. The four kids started to argue on what can they play. While for Raguel the scene cause him to giggle.

”Ok! alright! I got it! ” Yell Rio ”how about we play- ”

”How about you guys play héroes and villains to feel better about yourself since your quirks are useless ” interrupted someone.

To little expectation from the kids it was one of the big kids who Had nothing to do other than bother them or make fun of them.

”Hey we didn do anything wrong we just trying to play a normal game ” Koharu spoke in a small voice

”Shut it! over size rat ” snap the kid with a fierce look on his face.

Koharu was at the verge of tears now l, holding her tail as it will protect her.

”HEY! that not nice! ” Rio now was walking tours koharu giving her a hug to console her. ”Hey whats wrong with you! Can you be a little more nice tours her ” yuuto was going to take a step forward but before he could. He felt backwards. what had happened was when yuuto was about to take a step forward he was pushed hard enough making his back hit the ground grass hard.

”ALRIGHT THATS ENOUGH KANATA! ” Ryuusei raised his voice enough to call the attention of the big kid who now is identified has kanata

”Or what? Are you going to use your pathetic quirk on me. Don make me laugh you and your small group of nobodys ”

Ryuusei now was furious with the Kanata and the way they were treated like they were nothing more than trash. Even do Ryuusei and the others couldn do anything to make any of the other kids with strong quirks to stop picking on them, they were defenseless. Making them the center of all laughs

But as soon as Ryuusei could even move. His sight was block by a figure dark as a shadow whos back was tours his face.

”Well look it here it seem that someone decided to step up ” kanata was now starting tours the small individual.

”Please leave them ” raguel was now standing in front of kanata the only one who started the conflict. For Raguel it was the first he stand up tours someone since he was preserved and quiet. But he was taking a stand for him and the others, Raguel on the outside look serene and calm but his close tightly fist say the opposite otherwise. In his head fear was the only thing that was running on his mind.

”So the little freak wants to stand up for the pathetic useless uh ” kanata said it with a malicious face.

”Out of the people who could have stand up for the useless, you are the only one ”

Raguel stood his ground as kanata keep on going

”Soo now what are you going t- ”

”Is it making fun of others going to get you anywhere ” Raguel was now looking directly at him making eye contact.

”This isn about making fun its about putting the trash in its place we
e it belongs and nothing more! ”

”These idiots won be able to make to be heroes and i don forget about you. You never been the kind of person to even stand up for somebody ” Kanata face was a few inches from Raguel face

”And didn my words get to you the last time we have a talk ” by that statement Raguel fist started to close tightly making a hard fist. ” monsters never get to be heroes their only purpose was to be defeated by the heroe or be a dog to the villains and to die ”

”Monsters don have aspirations and they never will. Their only purpose is to be mindless beast who needs to be put down like a dog ”

Now he remembers those words again and he is reminded again by the same person whos quirk was strong. Weren they supposed to protect them? Help them? Encourage them?


Protect them?


The strong protect themselves. Its an all out fending for themselves, getting whatever they want. What about the weak? What about them, won they too have aspirations? Don they have DREAMS TOO?!



And Doesn The Monster wants to be something else than just that.









The game is unfair

all of it is unfair. Is this how it works. Is this how kids are? is this how the new generation of future heroes going to be. Heroes and villains are more like now. ITS ALL THE SAME THEY ONLY CARE FOR THEMSELVES!.

Raguel now understand that those who are willing to be heroes just don get an opportunity. Why?.

Because of him.


People like him. They tend to trample over the others. making that small burning candle of hope to die on the sea of sadness and desperation that is thrown in. the so call weak tend to have a firm grasp on that small burning candle no matter what. But at the end, the strong seas over run it, burning its small shining lightIn the darkness.

For the first time Raguel now started to feel a burning sensation in his chest like flame. No it wasn a flame it was more like a roaring bonfire. Its was anger

Anger tours the kid in front of him who calls himself a future hero. Since when do egotistical and selfish idiots become heroes. Is this what this new world has come too

This needs to change

Not only the heroes. But the villains too. They all need to change. The Heros now tend to save lifes as if we
e nothing more than charity as they only want popularity and acknowledgement as if they were starving for attention. Villains are not so different, but with an difference is that theres always a egotistical **er who tends to think he is high above others only seen the masses below nothing more than just dispensable.

They need to change their ** up system they live in. Changing it for good. Changing for those unfortunates who live in the shadow being eaten away by the overwhelming pressure that the people in the the system leave upon them. Those who can control their quirk , those who they so call weak who have aspirations to be something greater, and those whom are discriminated against

They don need a HERO or a VILLAIN.

What they need is someone


A thing


What they need is a monster.

A monster who is not afraid to stain itself with the blood of the scum.

A monster that will show them the true meaning of fear it self for those who deserve it.



It is uncertain

He will walk his own path and nobody can change that.

But it is up to him Raguel. To choose which path to walk. Now it is up to him to choose which path to walk and will the future await for him in said path.

But the word monster. Is how they identify him. Is how they view him like that, Not a person but nothing more than a monster.

”Now move before- ” but kanata did not finish his words as he was push hard to the ground by Raguel

Who was a top of kanata.

”What the hell are you- ” before he finish speaking his face was greeted by a fist, making a impact to his nose, then another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

Another fist

The kid name kanata was defenseless underneath Raguel, has he keep going.

”Hey Raguel! Stop it ” yell yuuto

”Come on! lets stop him before something really bad happens! ” Said hayato

As the two kids were approaching him, going to hold Raguel back. But before that could happen.


Raguel whole figure was sent flying tours a tree hitting it with

Force leaving him immobile underneath the shadow of the tree he lay there. What cause that was none other than kanata. His quirk was that similar to that of a whip, he can still move his limbs as much as he pleases and just like a whip can generate force.

Slowly kanata Stand up his face was cover in bruises while his nose was in a disproportionate angle, that didn look right. blood was coming from his nose, The blood stain his mouth making him fast the iron taste of the liquid that reach down to his tongue

”W-why you l-l-ittel shit ” kanata struggle to stand up proportion by Raguel whos barrage of fist hit him right on his face while been on the ground.

”Hey! That is- ” Rio couldn finish her words as kanata now yell at her. While looking like at her

”SHUT IT, SHUT IT THE FUCK UP!! ” That call the attention of some of the kids around. They all stare and look at what had just happen. Has that

Rio turning tours the four ”Come on we need to tell the caretakers this is serious Come on! Come on! ”

Out of all of the four kids Ryuusei was the one to be more surprised, because of what had Raguel done choosing violence as a measure instead of talking like some of the other kids. Of course Ryuusei would have done the same but not to the extent of what Raguel had done.

”You D-Damn Fucker you Should-d now w-were YOU STAAAND!! ” a foot impacted in Raguel stomach making throw out everything his stomach had.


A kick landed again tours the side of this time it landed on the side of his ribs.

”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH ” a scream of pain was all that came out of Raguel mouth. Another kick was connected tours his face making him roll few centimeters

Now every kid was watching the scene quietly nobody tend to do something since if they do things would go worse for them. This wasn the first time this sort of thing had happened. Other kids had suffer the same but never went to far like what is happening with Raguel.

Raguel now lay there underneath the shadow of the tree. The only thing that he could do was for him to struggle to breath since the pain took over his body leaving him immobile.


{so this is how things go for someone like who is monster……..


Maybe he is right after all I guess monsters are there only to die…….

Things don change








Can they?





There no chances for the weak}

In between passing out cold and awake Raguel had the same feeling has before he strike kanata first this feeling was a new sensation but something followed after it something that was rising deep from Raguel essence. He taught it was nothing more than the incoming pain but it was different

Now Raguel only wanted to be far away from this place. This place so many kids with quirks grow up with the ideology and a chance of being a hero, while for the weak they get nothing. All he wanted for this unfair rule to change. He wanted the game to be played fair but it never happened.

They need someone to change this unfair game and its stupid rules.

Has he lay there in the ground the shadows around started to move tours where he is making it almost to what a small pool would look like . While that happen Yui the caretaker came out running stopping to look we
e Raguel was. As she look around she found him the trees close to him was kanata


Raguel move his head were the sound was coming from

It was miss Yui but now he can only hear her faintly. From underneath his body from the shadow pool underneath him it was now beginning slowly covered him as it did his small body was being pull down as if it was quicksand

( ”Leave me alone ”)

The caretaker miss Yui started to move tours him at a fast pace. While he was sinking in the shadow

( ”Get away from me ”)

”Raguel! ” Yell out Yui as she was getting close. Now his body was completely almost swallowed by the shadow pool underneath

( ”Stop it ”)


Inches close to him was miss Yui trying to reach him but she was to late for that


As the caretaker Yui was about to reach Raguel. But He had already disappeared in the dark pool underneath him now the dark matter composed of shadows it quickly started to move up the tree and jump tours another and then another. Leaving the orphanage behind.


Things are not right in this world its all a mess and things need to change for good.







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