The Oracle Paths

Chapter 1 The Day everything changed

Chapter -2 Status/ Oracle System

Here is a summary of how the Oracle works, which I will complete as the story progresses. Youll also find here Jakes stats and skills ( and other characters if you ask me) in this section, with the chapter number to which they correspond.

The Oracle device has two main functions: Status and Guidance.

*Guidance= Prediction, Shadow Guide and Coaching

-Prediction: Give a path to achieve what you want.

-Shadow Guide: Is a self-double showing how to achieve the Path.

-Coaching: Shows the rewards, drawbacks and risks associated with a Path. May also present opportunities in the form of ”Missions ” or ”Quests ”.

*Status= Stats+ Skills proficiencies

There are two different statuses= Aether Status and Body Status. Both status combined give the Real Status.

Body Status= Attributes of our body, depending on the Genetic Code.

==u003e Its a raw value, like ”mass ”, that doesnt change with gravity, unlike ”weight ”. It corresponds to the quality of the body.

The attributes are: Strength(S), Agility(A), Constitution(C), Vitality(V), Intelligence(I), Perception (P),

The average is 10 points for a full-grown man.

Aether Status= Attributes of the Aether, depending on the Aetheric Code.

=u003e The Aether is pure energy preceding and present in everything.(Aetheru003eEnergyu003eMatter)

The Aether level/density determines how matter and energy interact, via a coefficient. On Earth, the average is 10 points also to make a symmetry with the Body Status, but the coefficient is 1 (so divide by 10).

Body Status*Aether Status= Real attributes


-On Earth: Body stats= Real Stats, because Aether coefficient=1 (=10 Aether points)

-On other planets the Aether coefficient can change, like the gravity and so on…


SPOILER! You must be up to date on the novel to read what is marked below.

Jake Status: (chapter 99) (First Ordeal)


[Strenght(S): 35 points]

[Agility(A): 32points]

[Constitution(C): 27 points]

[Vitality(V): 17points]

[Intelligence(I): 12points]

[Perception(P): 10.5 points]


[Height: 1.81 meters (+5)]

[Weight: 82kg(+15)]

[Strength: 22.3(+20) points.]

[Agility: 15.5(-2) points]

[Constitution: 19.2(+20+10=+30) points]

[Vitality: 22.6(+10+10=20) points]

[Intelligence: 16.1(-3) points]

[Perception: 11.6(+5+3) points]

The bonuses in brackets correspond to the Throsgens Blessing and the Throsgenian physique:

Only during the Ordeal:

Throsgens Blessing: Sturdy body: Constitution+10, Vitality +10, Perception +3

Throsgenian Physique: Strength+20, Agility -2, Constitution +20, Vitality +10, Intelligence -3, Perception +5

REAL STATUS: Just as an example. I dont give it in the story.

[Strenght(S): 142.05 points]

[Agility(A): 43.2 points]

[Constitution(C): 132.84 points]

[Vitality(V): 72.42 points]

[Intelligence(I): 15.72 points]

[Perception(P): 20.58 points]


Jakes Status: ch 147 (Beginning of volume 3)


[Strenght(S): 100points]

[Agility(A): 100points]

[Constitution(C): 100 points]

[Vitality(V): 100 points]

[Intelligence(I): 100points]

[Perception(P): 100 points]

[Extrasensory Perception: 20 points]


[Height: 1.88 meters]

[Weight: 95kg]

[Strength: 37.3 points.]

[Agility: 30.5 points]

[Constitution: 36.2 points]

[Vitality: 37.6 points]

[Intelligence: 18.4 points]

[Perception: 13.6 points]

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