The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 10 - The Best Strategy

Chapter 9: Serves You Right

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Leng Rongrong put down the blankets corner and saw Mo Lanlan give her a frown. “What happened? Not going to check it carefully? Arent you afraid that the servants would have put nails in your blanket?”

“Umm, I noticed that you are looking quite excited about this. How about you flipping the blanket instead?” Leng Rongrong asked her with a smile.

Seeing Mo Lanlan bringing out the phone and aiming at herself, she understood that she must be ready to film her for some reason.

She was certain now that something was definitely wrong here.

Not knowing what was under the blanket, Leng Rongrong suddenly became curious. Yet she had no intention of removing the blanket herself.

“It is your blanket, of course you should flip it. I dont care one way or another.” Mo Lanlan snapped. Her eyelids twitched as she took a step backwards.

“Well, you are the representative dispatched by the Mo Family. Of course, it is your duty to inspect it.” Leng Rongrong held Mo Lanlans collar and pulled her over.

“Let go of me!” Mo Lanlans face twisted as she was dragged into the room by Leng Rongrong.

Out of fear, Mo Lanlan displayed powerful strength and started to fight desperately with Leng Rongrong.

Leng Rongrong was getting more and more curious about the thing that was under the blanket. It seemed to be something more than a normal prank.

There should be something scary underneath the blanket for Mo Lanlan to react this way!

Mo Lanlan tried to resist, but she was not as skillful as Leng Rongrong, so she ended up being tossed on the bed by Leng Rongrong.

Mo Lanlan suddenly felt something move under her back the moment she landed on the enormous bed.

Her entire body was covered with goosebumps.

“Leng Rongrong, let go of me!” Mo Lanlan screamed loudly.

Leng Rongrong: “….”

She raised her eyebrow looking at Mo Lanlans horrified expression.

Leng Rongrong pushed Mo Lanlan back down on the bed as she tried to get off it. A meaningful smile hovered over her beautiful and innocent looking face. Suddenly, she brought out her phone and pulled off the blanket at the same time.

Immediately, she took a few steps back and started to film Mo Lanlans pale face.

On the bed, there were dozens of snakes slithering around.

The snakes were hissing on the bed, frightening Mo Lanlan so badly that she screamed loudly in terror.

“Oh, is this how the Mo Family is helping the Fourth Master in making his bed? All of you bully him because he is a cripple, right?” Leng Rongrong said as she continued to shoot her.

“But this is way over the top. You are all his relatives. Instead of helping, you are tormenting him. So this is what the Mo Family is like.”

“Help me, someone help me!” Mo Lanlans body had turned completely numb with fear. She was so terrified that she had no spare thoughts for anything else.

It took her sometime to roll off the bed. As one snake sneaked under her skirt, she let out a terrorised scream.

Leng Rongrong continued to capture Mo Lanlans reaction on her phone in a calm manner.

She did not seem to be scared by those snakes at all.

Standing outside the door, Tang Luo had intended to offer some help but now, he was watching the whole process in astonishment. Madam was doing very well on her own.

Even he was kind of scared of these snakes, yet Madam showed no fear. Moreover, she was still filming that girl! As one snake climbed up to her leg, she squatted and caressed the snakes head.

That snake turned around and headed back towards Mo Lanlan instead.

Tang Luo: “…..”

Excellent, Madam!

After watching the scene for a while and being sure that Leng Rongrong would be fine on her own, Tang Luo turned around and walked downstairs. He reported the bizarre situation to Mo Linyuan.

Mo Linyuan had been busy texting someone regarding his business.

Hearing what Tang Luo said, he smiled.

His wife seemed to be quite interesting.

Screams had been echoing across the second floor for sometime now. Suddenly the whole place became quiet.

Tang Luo frowned. “What happened?”

Mo Linyuan said, “She must have passed out.”

Tang Luo asked his boss. “What is Madam going to do next?”

With a smirk, Mo Linyuan said, “Take a guess?”

Tang Luo shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “I have no idea. Should I go and check upstairs?”

Mo Linyuan nodded indifferently but then he said to Tang Luo, “Remember to show it live to me.”

Tang Luo nodded and then sent Mo Linyuan a link for live streaming.

In the room, Mo Lanlan had already passed out on the floor because of fright.

Standing at the doorstep, Leng Rongrong was facing those snakes. They seemed to resemble docile children listening to Leng Rongrongs instructions. They flicked their tongues, neither attacking nor moving. They were like a group of obedient students listening to a teacher giving them a lesson.

Leng Rongrong said, “Dismissed now. No more attacking anyone.”

The snakes slithered out through the crack in the door as if they had understood what she said just now.

Tang Luo stood outside the door and saw the snakes slither past his feet. Their tails were swishing back and forth, yet they did not attack him.

Even so, he was terrified.

But he remembered to stream the live show for Master, even adding his comments as to how these snakes were charmed by Madam.

Leng Rongrong walked upto Mo Lanlan and poked her prone figure. “Hey, you are not that weak, are you? Fainting because of this? Didnt you put snakes there to frighten me?”

Mo Lanlan remained motionless on the ground.

Leng Rongrong: “….”

After thinking for a while, Leng Rongrong walked into the bathroom and brought out a bowl of cold water. She said, “That snake is here!”

Then she poured the bowl of cold water upon her face.

Mo Lanlan sat up suddenly. “Where is the snake? Why is it raining?”

“They are all in your belly.” Leng Rongrong said in a serious tone.

Mo Lanlan was about to pass out again.

“Dont collapse, I am joking. They are all gone.” Leng Rongrong laughed at Mo Lanlan.

“Come Lanlan, lets go and check the other rooms. We have to see if there is any other interesting thing in this place.”

Mo Lanlan turned pale suddenly.

Her intention had been to set up Leng Rongrong, but now she was the one getting tricked instead.

“I need to go home!”

She was thoroughly defeated.

“No, dont, we are not done yet. You can leave after the cleaning is finished.”

The next moment, Leng Rongrong generously said, “And stay for dinner. You have helped us so much. We should serve you a good, good meal.”

As agracious host, Leng Rongrong dragged Mo Lanlan around gleefully.

Checking other rooms, they found tons of snakes, toads and poisonous scorpions.

Leng Rongrong was unaffected throughout the process, yet Mo Lanlan, the culprit, had been ensnared badly in her own traps.

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