Chapter 13: Her Husband

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“What did you just say?” Li Chenles face sank.

“I said that you are a scumbag, much worse than Mo Linyuan!” Leng Rongrongs beautiful eyes displayed a touch of coldness as she sized up Li Chenle from head to foot. “You are so hideous that you are scaring people away just by standing here!”

Li Chenle had always been compared to Mo Linyuan in the past and found himself falling short in all fields.

Now, Mo Linyuan was crippled whilst he was in his prime youth, yet he was still being scorned by Leng Rongrong. He felt damn displeased.

“I am not hideous. I am infinitely better than a cripple. Also, I have a lot of money, while he has been abandoned by the Mo Family. He is the one with no money or power. Do you think that you will get any benefits by being with him? You are doomed to be deserted as well. But if you come to me, you will have no shortage of anything!”

Li Chenle looked at Mo Linyuan disdainfully. “You are absolutely useless. Arent you tired of this life of yours?”

“I may or may not have money. The main point is that you are nothing in my eyes.” Leng Rongrong told him without any hesitation.


“Master?” Standing behind Mo Linyuan, Tang Luo could not stand Li Chenle bullying Leng Rongrong anymore.

Ever since Master started to pretend being a cripple, he had been belittled all the time.

Madam seemed to be a nice person, and he could not stand her being humiliated by someone like this.

“I am nothing in your eyes?” Li Chenle took a step towards Leng Rongrong, reaching out for Leng Rongrongs chin with the intention of flirting with her.

Suddenly, Mo Linyuan moved the wheelchair forward and stretched out his hand to grab Li Chenles ankle, making him fall down. Mo Linyuan pulled out a stick from the wheelchair and started to hit him.

Li Chenle was whacked mercilessly and with a lot of force.

At this moment, Mo Linyuan looked lethal. “Look at you! You seem to be even worse than a cripple. What is the point of having a fully functional body? Is it for decoration only?”

He was speaking in a calm manner, yet the air surrounding him was extremely intimidating.

He was obviously a crippled man seated on the wheelchair. When he stayed silent, he looked pale and fragile. But the moment he spoke, he gave out an imperial air, making the bystanders feel the pressure and respect him.

Li Chenle, who had been strutting around arrogantly all this while, looked completely defeated. He tried to get up but suddenly felt another hit on his back. He was pushed down by the stick once again.

The staff in the store could see what was happening, but no one dared to step forward.

After all, the ones doling out the punishment were the rich people who had just booked two cars. Clients were Gods, and should never be offended.

“Mo Linyuan, you cripple, what do you think you are doing?!”

Li Chenles face had turned purple, yet he could not move even an inch.

Mo Linyuan had used quite a bit of strength and he felt that his bones had been ripped apart.

Mo Linyuan was way too lethal. He was crippled, but he was still as powerful as earlier.

Damn, why was he still so arrogant?

“Apologize.” Mo Linyuan said coldly, with the stick pushing against Li Chenles back.

But Li Chenle remained defiant.

Li Chenle felt more strength being exerted on his back.

“Mo Linyuan, I am warning you…” Li Chenle bellowed.

“Apologize, now.”

“I am sorry!” Li Chenle gave up eventually and barked out. His words carried no sincerity though.

“What did you say? I couldnt hear anything.” Leng Rongrong raised her eyebrows.

Li Chenle took a deep breath and said with his teeth clenched tightly, “I am sorry!”

“Oh, but you are not forgiven!” Leng Rongrong shrugged.

Li Chenle looked at Mo Linyuan in anger. “Release me! I apologised.”

“Say that you are a scumbag!” Mo Linyuans beautiful eyes were focussed upon Li Chenle.

“What?” Li Chenle could not believe his ears.

“Admit that you are a scumbag!” Mo Linyuan said coldly.

“Dont you dare bully me!” Li Chenle snapped furiously.

“Qingqing, help me.”

Standing next to him, Leng Qingqing looked befuddled. She had not expected that a cripple could be so domineering. Wasnt he supposed to be poor, weak and useless?

Why did she feel that Mo Linyuan wasnt an ordinary man? He was crippled, true, but he maintained an intimidating aura.

She did not dare to look into his eyes, because the moment she caught his gaze, she felt goosebumps breaking out on her body.

Why was this guy so scary?

And he was so good-looking!

Confused, Leng Qingqing had no idea what to do. But when Li Chenle asked her for help, she had to do something. She bellowed at Leng Rongrong since she did not dare to say anything to Mo Linyuan.

“Leng Rongrong, how dare you? Do you know who he is? He is Li Chenle, the Master of the Li Family!”

“Master of the Li Family? I dont know him.” Leng Rongrong snorted, sounding arrogant.

Both Leng Qingqing and Li Chenle almost spit out blood in annoyance.

Everyone knew who the Master of the Li Family was. If the Mo Family was one of the four major families, the Li Family was way above them. They were one of the top noble families which were placed over and above the four families.

Leng Qingqing had tried her best to hook up with Li Chenle and she had thought that she reached closer to her goal. But she had never expected that Leng Rongrong would hinder her in this way.

“You dont know him? Oh right, you are a wild girl from the countryside who has no idea about the outside world. Its not strange that you dont know anything about the influential families. Let me tell you, if you touch him, you guys will meet a terrible death. Even the Mo Family is not going to help you. You better stay low, and pray that you dont meet an early demise.”

Mo Linyuan glanced at Leng Qingqing with a pair of cold eyes.

Leng Qingqing felt a bit uncomfortable under his gaze, and felt herself going weak.

“What are you looking at? You are just a poor cripple. Do you think that just because you beat him, you are great? I am calling the police. Lets see who would help you out then.”

Tang Luo: “…..”

Poor? Cripple?

The richest man in the world had been termed as a destitute?

This woman was not only blind, but also stupid. She wanted to marry a rich man, but missed the opportunity to be with the richest and the most handsome one!

These people were a bunch of idiots.

Sigh! When would Master reveal his real identity?

“My wife is not a wild kid.” Mo Linyuan told Leng Qingqing coldly.

“My wife is a million times nobler than you!”

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