Chapter 18: Lead Role

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“Is that any of your business?” Leng Rongrong threw a cold look at Leng Qingqing and Leng Qingle who came next to her.

Both Leng Qingqing and Leng Qingle were in the entertainment industry, so Leng Rongrong did not find it strange to see them here.

“Bitch, watch your tone!”

Leng Qingqing frowned.

Leng Qingle, however, threw a cold look at Leng Rongrong. His handsome face resembled that of Leng Qingqing, but he was much better looking than his sister.

He was a head taller than Leng Qingqing and usually stayed silent. At this moment, he was staring at Leng Rongrong arrogantly.

Leng Qingqing had not managed to gain a high reputation in the industry. She was a minor actress at most. But Leng Qingle was different.

He was one of the top actors in the field, young and quite popular in the past two years.

He had made his name as a singer. After he became popular, he started to work in some movies and tv series. Since he acted well, many directors approved of his performing skills.

“Lets just leave, Sister. I will take you for the audition straight away. I already told them about you.”

Leng Qingle was not an active talker. With these few words, he left from the place with Leng Qingqing in tow.

Seeing the two of them leave, Leng Rongrong noticed that they were headed towards the audition hall.

Could it be so coincidental?

Were they competing for the same project?

Rongrong rubbed her temples. Damn, this was a problem!

Although she did not know much about these step-siblings, according to what she knew of Leng Qingqing, she believed that they might not be so easy to deal with.

But this was the project that she was passionate about.

And she was here, so she could not give up like this.

Anyway, there was no need to avoid them. She was not scared of them.

Leng Rongrong waited for her turn in peace.

The actresses left one after another post their auditions. Some walked away with a smile, some with a sad face. Some considered themselves having performed well, while others deemed themselves to have failed.

Soon, it was Leng Rongrongs turn.

“Read this section, and act against this person in one minute.” The director instructed Leng Rongrong.

Leng Rongrong took the script from him and started to read the portion with full concentration. Despite the brief preparation time, she got a general idea of the lines as well as the emotions needed.

“Time is up. Give me the script and start your performance.” The staff took away the script.

Leng Rongrong and another staff member started the audition.

The staff member was reading the lines from the script.

But Leng Rongrong quickly immersed herself in the mood and started her performance.

It was a scene where one of the supporting roles learnt about the news of her beloved, and became desperately sad.

There were few lines in this scene, but strong emotions like disbelief and sorrow needed to be portrayed effectively.

Leng Rongrong had learned acting from her Master. She might not be the best, but she had a firm foundation. Getting into the skin of the character didnt take her long.

She started with not believing the news and considered it as a joke until gradually, she fell into despair. She begged to be brought to her beloved right away.

Leng Rongrong did really well at several turning points of the emotional changes.

Due to her clear articulation and standardized Mandarin, she managed to convey the right emotions to everyone around within just a few minutes of the audition.

The whole crew felt that their hearts had been gripped. The act in front of their eyes felt real.

It was as if Leng Rongrong truly had lost her beloved and failed to accept the truth.

“Okay, it is enough.” The director said.

He looked up at Leng Rongrong and asked her. “Did you graduate from the Film Academy? Do you have your CV with you?”

“Nope.” Leng Rongrong smiled at the director. “My major was not acting, but here is my CV.”

Leng Rongrong gave her resume to the director. It contained her pictures, height, weight and age.

The director took a look at it and nodded, showing a bit of surprise.

Leng Rongrong had presented an amazing show a minute ago. He could tell from that brief act that she was excellent in memorizing lines and expressing them. Her performing skills were quite good too.

Such a girl, however, happened to be someone who had never studied acting as a major subject and didnt have any prior experience.

“Why did you pick Juns character to enact?” The director asked her. “You are well aware that it is just a supporting role right? She has many scenes yet none of them is important.”

“I know that.” Leng Rongrong said calmly. “But I like this role, and I think my image matches the character. Also, I have never acted before, so I dont plan to aim too high in the beginning.”

The director nodded his head in satisfaction.

“If I offer you any other role, will you be able to perform it well?”

“Sure.” Leng Rongrong smiled confidently.

Her smile looked warm and blooming as if being greeted by the spring flowers.

With his eyes upon Leng Rongrong, the director found her more and more pleasing by the minute. “I will keep your resume for now. Go home and wait until further notice. You will get a call back in three days if you are selected. If not, you will not hear from us.”

“Okay, thanks everyone. Hope we can meet again.” Leng Rongrong bowed and walked out.

Some other actresses who were here for the audition left immediately after watching Leng Rongrongs enactment. They found themselves totally eclipsed by her acting.

Someone grabbed Leng Rongrongs hand and started a conversation with her.

“You are amazing. You can memorize such a long page of lines within one minute!”

“Are you sure that you didnt graduate from the Film Academy?”

“What is your name? I think you will surely make the cut. Those before you did not get any questions from the director, but you were asked so many!”


Leng Rongrong smiled at them and answered a few questions briefly before walking away.

There were many people still waiting for their turns.

Leng Qingqing and Leng Qingle were chatting with the producer till a minute ago. When they walked out of the room, they happened to see Leng Rongrongs resume in the directors hands.

Leng Qingqing approached him and asked. “How did this woman do?”

The director threw a cold look at Leng Qingqing and did not bother to respond.

Leng Qingle nudged Leng Qingqings elbow and shook his head.

Leng Qingle brought Leng Qingqing out of the hall after saying goodbye to the producer.

“Qingle, why didnt you ask about that bitch? What if she manages to clear the audition, too?!” Leng Qingqing asked him in a displeased tone.

“She will get nothing more than a supporting role. As the lead actress, what are you afraid of?” Leng Qingle said with a cold voice.

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