The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 21 - Biggest Joy

Chapter 20: Many Resources

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Leng Rongrong walked over to Mo Linyuans side. “What are you doing?”

“You like cactus?” Mo Linyuan said as he gazed at the various kinds of cactuses planted near the wall.

“Not that much, but dont you think that it is safe to keep these plants next to the wall?”

Leng Rongrong continued to speak in a reasonable tone. “If any thief intends to break in, he would drop directly into the cactuses. That would be fun, no?”

Mo Linyuan: “….”

Leng Rongrong said, “You like any plants in particular? I can share half of the yard with you.”

Mo Linyuan was infuriated. “!!! This is my yard!”

Leng Rongrong threw a look at Mo Linyuan. “….Alright then, treat it as yours. Mo Linyuan, do you want your legs cured?”

“No.” Mo Linyuan closed his eyes, and his handsome face twitched.

This woman was dreaming about curing him…

She wanted to poke some needles into him.

Putting needles in him for experimentation… did that sound professional?

Was he supposed to be her guinea pig?

Mo Linyuans face spasmed as he thought of her earlier words. What was more, his legs were completely fine, and he was just putting on a show.

Most importantly, he was having a great deal of fun pretending to be a cripple.

“Why? You must not give up hope. I know that you are depressed. You used to be an arrogant and outstanding man, but your legs are useless now. You must be feeling rather terrible being laughed at by people. But think about it, you are in a better situation than most people. You may have become handicapped, but your face is still amazing. You are a cripple, but you are still the Fourth Master of the Mo Family. Although you may have no power as the Fourth Master and are left alone in this old house, you are still the Fourth Master… at least publicly!”

“Also, look at those handicapped beggars. You are better than them, right? You have good clothes to wear and delicious food to eat.”

“I married you because this was the best I could do, but you should be happy to have a wonderful wife like me, no?”

Mo Linyuan looked at Leng Rongrong coldly. “Nope, I am not happy.”

Seeing Mo Linyuan trying to leave from there, Leng Rongrong grabbed hold of his wheelchair.

Unfortunately, in excitement, she used so much force that she pulled Mo Linyuan off the wheelchair.

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

Leng Rongrong: “….”

Lying on the floor, this sick, beautiful man looked at Leng Rongrong with eyes full of grudge. “Lady Four, can you be a little bit more gentle?”

Leng Rongrong replied with contrition in her eyes. “Sorry… that was not me. I am not that strong. I was just being a bit careless. This wheelchair must have been stuck in some rocks, and that was why you were flung out. I am a very weak lady, pretty and weak. I could not have possibly thrown you off the chair!”

She picked Mo Linyuan up and put him back into the wheelchair.

Mo Linyuan: “!!!!”

That was the second time for him to have been carried horizontally by a woman!

Leng Rongrong patted the dust off Mo Linyuans clothes. “Nevermind, lets head back. I was just trying to tell you not to get distressed. Look at you, you are still strong right? Remember how you beat Li Chenle? You even dealt with Leng Qingqing. You are not trash, though everyone else says you are. Stay strong and have faith in yourself.”

Leng Rongrong consoled Mo Linyuan fervently.

But it was a terrible and convoluted way of comforting someone. Mo Linyuan felt that if he had actually been a cripple, he might have committed suicide after listening to her.

“You and I are in the same boat. We are both poor people. So, lets work hard together to get back whatever belongs to us. You can take back the Mo Family, and I will get back my mothers legacy. Dont worry, when I am done with my business, I will give you a hand. After all, you are my husband, at least on paper!”

Leng Rongrong promised him confidently and patted her chest.

As she pushed Mo Linyuan to the gate, she saw Tang Luo watching them in astonishment.

Tang Luo was skeptical about his vision suddenly. “Didnt I just see… Madam, carrying Master?”

Master wasnt really a cripple. He was almost 190 cm tall with the standard body weight. Even he would struggle to carry Master and walk for a while.

But a few minutes ago, he saw Madam holding Master up without spending much effort.

Madam looked slender and was short, yet she was actually so strong!

Was she a weird maid, nope, a weird woman with a lot of hidden strength?

“No, Tang Luo, it must have been an illusion. Even I am not strong enough to pick Master, forget her. You were hallucinating, Tang Luo!”

Leng Rongrong pushed Mo Linyuan into the living room, and looked around for a while, before pulling out a silver needle.

Mo Linyuan: “????”

Didnt he already turn down the offer of being her experimental mouse?

“Madam, what do you think you are doing?” Tang Luo got startled.

Master was a healthy man. If Madam did something to him, he might actually get injured.

“I learned the technique from my master. I am very good with needles, really.” Leng Rongrong said as she looked at Mo Linyuan seriously.

“Arent you inspired after what I told you just now? Dont worry, with my efforts, you will be totally fine.”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

The Fourth Master threw a lethal look at Tang Luo who was standing next to him.

Tang Luo said quickly, “Madam, dont do this. He is doing fine as is. What if you hurt him with the needles? Many famous doctors have checked him up and declared Masters legs to be totally incurable!”

“Dont worry. I havent checked him till now.” Leng Rongrong said with determination.

She must cure Mo Linyuan!

He was so good-looking. If he stayed distressed and depressed, it would not be healthy for him.

She needed to try and cure him.

“Madam, please, dont. I know you are amazing, but do you have a medical license?”

“Nope, but my master is an amazing Chinese doctor. She can bring the deceased back to life. People call her the magical doctor!” Leng Rongrong said with pride in her voice.

“What about getting your Master to check him up then? You have never treated anyone before, right?” Tang Luo blinked, ready to grab Leng Rongrongs needles.

Leng Rongrong tilted her head and said, “I have treated horses, dogs and rabbits back at home!”

Mo Linyuans face turned pale. He looked furious.

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