The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 22 - Interesting Wife!

Chapter 21: Biggest Joy

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“But my Master is not an animal, he is a human being!” Tang Luo kept arguing, and finally managed to pull her away.

Leng Rongrong gave in. She eventually made up her mind to contact her Master to see if she was willing to treat him.

Tang Luo said that it was not urgent at all, but Leng Rongrong felt the opposite. “Of course, it is urgent! Treatment works better when done earlier. But my Master is a difficult woman to deal with. She prefers living in the countryside and doesnt like to travel. Moreover, she doesnt treat everyone, so I am not sure if she will be willing to do this for him or not.”

“It is fine, we can wait until your Master is ready.”

Leng Rongrong nodded. “That sounds reasonable. Lets just wait and see.”

The next moment Tang Luo asked her curiously. “Oh yes, Madam, you said that you went for an audition today. How did that go? Did you make it?”

“Madam, if you really want to be an actress, I can recommend you to an entertainment company. I have some contacts that might be of some use.”

Leng Rongrong shook her head and said in a serious tone, “No thanks. I want to make it big with my own efforts. Contacts and relations remove the barriers and make everything boring.”

God knew how amazing her godfathers and godmother were.

If she wanted to be an actress, all they needed to do was send a message to someone and she would sail through easily. Same went for money, if she ever needed it.

Once, out of curiosity, she had asked them why they did not have a jet at home. A while later, her godfather bought one for her…

There was another time, when her godfather almost bombed the school because of what she said.

She had complained that schooling was boring and she wanted to blast the school to avoid attending it. As a result, her godfather ended up burying live bombs around the school area…

Ahhh! Her godfathers were amazing and lovely.

But they had spoilt her rotten.

She did not feel that she had achieved something of her own due to their sheltering.

When she became interested in playing games online, those godfathers spent time playing with her. They provided her with the best of facilities and goodies. She really did not need to do anything except watch them take her account to the highest level…


Where was the fun of playing then?

It was the same with the entertainment industry. There was one time when she mentioned her intention to get into the movie industry. At that time, her godfathers came up with the idea of organizing a crew including the best director. They even suggested buying the finest script for her to play with…

Their plan included establishing a formidable entertainment company or buying the best entertainment company in the current industry, just to get her signed as the only star in it. It was to ensure that all the resources would be available solely for her.

So that she could become the supreme goddess of the entertainment industry.

But then what was the fun in getting those achievements?

She would miss the process of overcoming the challenges…

This wasnt any different from her lying down on the ground and waiting for the result to come to her!

Whenever she thought of these things, Leng Rongrong felt herself shiver.

She decided that it would be better if she did not turn to anyone else for help for the time being. She would like to have a taste of fighting her own battles.

Like getting back whatever that belonged to her mother… like becoming a Movie Queen from a minor actress in the entertainment industry and more…

That would make her life fulfilling.

Otherwise it would be meaningless.

She lacked nothing with such amazing people in her life. If she was not able to achieve something on her own, they would get it for her.

Same went for money.

No matter how profligate she was, her godfathers would always be able to keep her coffers full.

Alright, she did feel a bit envious of those who had experienced a bitter life, at least they had some goals to fight for, whilst she had no aim in her life.

As for travelling… she had been travelling around the world with her godfathers since she was three years old.

For everything else that she had taken interest in… they had offered so many resources until she got tired of them.

Now she had lost interest in almost everything.

Luckily, her real father brought her back home and got her to replace her stepsister… and then she met Mo Linyuan.

She was finding this to be a great deal of fun. A life full of challenges!

Hearing what Leng Rongrong said, Tang Luo showed great astonishment. He had never expected that Madam was such an ambitious person, totally different from the other women out there.

Most of the women would even sell their bodies just to expand their social network and get their hands on opportunities like these.

But Madam simply did not care about such things.

What a distinguished woman, perfect match for Master.

No wonder he found Madam to be friendly and nice.

Leng Rongrong recounted what happened at her audition. She was confident that she did well but was not certain if she would get the role. After all, Leng Qingle and Leng Qingqing were standing in her way.

Irrespective, she did not care about the result as much.

The failed audition would simply add another challenge to her life!

They had been talking for a while and were just about to prepare the food, when loud engine sounds came in. It seemed as if a fleet of cars had driven into the yard.

“It sounds so lively outside. Did you invite anyone over?”

Leng Rongrong looked at Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo in astonishment.

They shook their heads at the same time.

Suddenly, a furious voice arose from outside. “This is the place. Smash everything, destroy each piece. Someone, go bring the cripple out. I am going to kill him. Let him see who is a better man!”

It was an arrogant and furious voice.

Leng Rongrong said lazily, “That voice sounds familiar!”

“Li Chenle, the Master of the Li Family.” Tang Luo replied.

Hearing that they were intending to destroy her stuff, Leng Rongrong dashed out. Standing on the porch, she surveyed the scene with a frown. Five cars had arrived in the enormous yard.

Standing in the front of the cars was Li Chenle, holding the same style of stick as Mo Linyuan. He was dressed in the same outfit as Mo Linyuan.

Leng Rongrong: “…..”

Was he a copycat?

He claimed that he looked down at Mo Linyuan, but kept following his suit.

“No smashing!” Leng Rongrong got so furious at the sight of these people, who held baseball bats in their hands.

She had spent so much effort in sorting everything in the yard and spent a lot of money on the things inside the house.

If anything was destroyed, she would totally lose her mind.

“Good that you are here, bitch!” Li Chenle approached Leng Rongrong. “Break everything else except this woman. She is Leng Qingqings sister, but looks much better than her. She has a unique air, totally my type. Come, let me show you what your cripple husband cant give you, the biggest joy of all!”

Leng Rongrong replied with a wrinkle of her nose. “Disgusting!”

Li Chenle lunged at Leng Rongrong, but she gripped his wrist and twisted it, snatching the stick away. She quickly spun around and hit him hard with the same stick, making Li Chenle scream out in pain.

“Let me show you what you cant get from anyone else, the biggest joy of all!”

A sinister smile hovered over her face, as Leng Rongrong started to hit him with great force.

“It hurts! Help, someone help!”

Li Chenle screamed in terror.

But Leng Rongrong continued to whack him. “If your men dare to touch my stuff, I will turn you into minced meat!”

Everyone was dumbfounded…

This woman was horrifying!

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