Chapter 22: Interesting Wife!

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Tang Luo had intended to help her after he brought Mo Linyuan into the yard.

But seeing Li Chenle getting violently thrashed by Leng Rongrong, Tang Luo suddenly felt sorry for Li Chenle.

Madam was using a great deal of force.

Li Chenle had run into terrible luck!

Seated on the wheelchair, Mo Linyuan looked in Leng Rongrongs direction with a meaningful look.

This woman was getting more and more interesting.

“Are you still going to touch my stuff?” After hitting him for a while, Leng Rongrong got bored and stopped.

“You bitch! Smash everything. And bring that cripple here.” Li Chenle still bellowed arrogantly even as he was lying under Leng Rongrongs feet.

Hearing what he said, his men started to move around.

They were all strong professional fighters.

Seeing someone stomping her flowers, Leng Rongrong was no longer calm. “My flowers! I just planted them. You have crushed my flowers.”

Leng Rongrong got so furious that she abandoned Li Chenle and rushed to the man who had gone into the freshly planted garden.

She lunged at him and grabbed hold of the man, flinging him away.

The man went off the ground and landed upon the large patch of cactuses.

A loud scream arose from that side.

Leng Rongrong was extremely strong. Seeing someone dashing towards Mo Linyuan, she rushed up to him.

Mo Linyuan had intended to fight back, but he saw Leng Rongrong heading towards his direction. As a result, he did not do anything and stayed still, waiting for his wife to come to his rescue.

Tang Luo had intended to step in but Mo Linyuan stopped him with a glance.

Tang Luo said softly, “Master, is this really proper?”

The two of them stood still, watching a woman deal with so many men.

As two goons were about to reach Mo Linyuan, Leng Rongrong rushed up and gave one of them a violent kick. Then she flung the stick at the other guy.

The mans arm swelled up instantly.

Within no time, Leng Rongrong brought down all those men.

A bunch of strong men were lying on the floor, moaning in great misery.

Li Chenle, who had received wounds all over his body, looked at the fighters in astonishment, even when his own body was twisted in pain.

These were all skillful fighters that he had hired, but a single woman had brought all of them on their knees.

What on earth was this woman??

She had simply been playing with them.

“Dont be scared Mo Linyuan, I will protect you!”

Standing next to Mo Linyuan, Leng Rongrong threw a look at him. “Even if you cant defend yourself, I am here to do so.”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

Tang Luo clapped his hands and looked at her with reverence. “You are amazing, Madam!”

“Of course I am!” Leng Rongrong said in a confident tone and frowned at Li Chenle. “Your men have ruined my flowers. You have to compensate me.”

Li Chenle: “….”

A man finally managed to extract himself from the cactuses, with thorns stuck to his body. He resembled a hedgehog and was groaning in pain.

“My cactus…” Leng Rongrongs face tightened. She looked displeased. “Leave the thorns alone!”

The man: “!!!”

Those men who were seriously injured by Leng Rongrong showed a depressed expression, looking at her helplessly.

They had no idea whether to leave or stay at the moment.

Leng Rongrong looked at the messy yard and said with a frown, “Clean it up, else you are not allowed to leave from here.”

“No way!” Li Chenle was furious.

“You, go and buy cactuses and Chinese roses. Plant them properly, so they look the same as the original.” Leng Rongrong pulled out something from the waist. It was a blade as thin as the cicadas wing.

In a second, the blade landed on Li Chenles neck.

Li Chenle felt something tickle on his neck. As he touched it, he found blood.

Li Chenle almost collapsed.

What was this?

He had felt something cold slide over his neck a second ago, and he was bleeding already?

Leng Rongrong tilted her head and showed an innocent smile. “Death or flowers, you pick!”

Li Chenle swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and took a look at the blade that had moved away from his neck and landed on his car. The blade was deeply embodied in the cars body.

The ultra thin blade was twinkling. Half of it had entered the hood of his car.

Apparently, Leng Rongrong had used some force when flinging the blade.

She seemed to be extremely proficient at using the blade. How could there be such a horrifying woman existing in the entire world?

Was she with the mafia?

Wasnt she supposed to be just a wild kid from the countryside?

Wasnt she the bitch deserted by the Leng Family?

How was she so skillful?

“I… I choose to live.” Li Chenle did not dare to say anything more.

He was going to suffer greatly, if he didnt reconcile with his situation at the moment.

Li Chenle was an arrogant man, but knew when to give up.

Leng Rongrong ordered Li Chenle to buy the flowers and sent Storm with him.

“Storm, follow him. If he dares to run, drag him back to me!”

When Li Chenle and his gang saw the ferocious creature, their legs gave way.

What kind of a dog was this?

So large in size, so scary!

Li Chenle drove away with Storm to get the flowers. The remaining people stayed back and started to clean up the mess in the yard.

Leng Rongrong took this opportunity to order them to clean the windows and tidy up the backyard as well.

Even the weed on the ground was removed.

“See, there, are you blind? Pull the weed, stop! What are you pulling, those are my vegetables. Are you trying to destroy my vegetables?”

Leng Rongrong looked at the men with a fierce expression.

Frightened by the girl, these strong but helpless men had no idea what to do.

“Madam, is this weed?” One man pointed at the chives and asked her in trepidation.

“You dont even recognize chives? Have you never eaten chives in your life?” Leng Rongrong rolled her eyes. “If you dare to touch them, I will pluck all your hair out.”

“I wont!” The strong man with a blue dragon and white tiger tattoo on his arm felt shit scared. He had been a fighter throughout his entire life, but now he lost to a young girl.

How was he supposed to live henceforth?

Leng Rongrong carried a chair next to the gate and sat down.

Mo Linyuan smiled as he watched the unique show in the yard.

Honestly, this Madam of his was indeed interesting.

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