The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 24 - Mr. Richest

Chapter 23: For Fun

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Li Chenle soon returned with the flowers under Storms supervision. Furthermore, he was forced by Leng Rongrong to plant them.

Leng Rongrong threatened him menacingly. “If these flowers dont bloom, I am going to hold you responsible. Give me your phone number. I will personally come to get you if anything goes wrong.”

“What?” Li Chenle was dumbfounded but gave his phone number to Leng Rongrong.

After sometime.

“Umm, the rooftop is leaking. Since you have cleaned my house, what about fixing the rooftop as well?”

“Why?” Someone looked at Leng Rongrong in disbelief and complained.

Instead of saying anything, Leng Rongrong simply looked at that man, who instantly shut up.

This woman was way too horrifying. They had gotten unlucky.

The group of strong men climbed up to the roof to fix the problem because they had been ordered.

Later, she thought of many such matters for them to deal with.

After making them work through the day, Leng Rongrong found that several of these men were good at cooking. Without any hesitation, she ordered them to prepare the dinner. Post that, she let them all leave.

“Good work today! Visit me whenever you have time next.” Leng Rongrong saw the gang off at the doorstep. She looked at Li Chenle, who was trying to pull the blade out of the car with his butt sticking out.

Li Chenle tried really hard but failed miserably.

Leng Rongrong threw a disapproving look at him and said, “Move aside.”

Within seconds, Leng Rongrong pulled out the blade without putting in much effort.

Li Chenle looked at her with disbelief etched on his face.

She did not exert any pressure. Then, why did he fail to get out the blade after using so much effort?

“Why are you staring at me as if I am a ghost?” Leng Rongrong asked him coldly.

“This is my blade. I am not stealing it away from you. Alright, get out of here. When you come here the next time, remember to bring some presents along. So impolite of you not to bring any gifts when you are visiting someone.”

Li Chenle: “???”

Had he come here on a visit?

He was here to work.

No, he had intended to create trouble, but ended up working as free labor!

Damn, even his father did not dare to ask him to do any work. Who did this woman think she was?!

Fuck! He was going to come up with many ways to torment this woman in the near future.

Though he was cursing Leng Rongrong inwardly, he showed a smile on the face and left.

“Bye.” Leng Rongrong smiled and waved at him. “I am not seeing you off now. Feel free to visit whenever you have time, best to come every second week. The weed in the yard will need pulling at the time.”

Li Chenle spotted the brightly smiling face of Leng Rongrong from the car, and felt as if he had seen a dark-hearted monster.

She had a face as pretty as a fairy, but was way too scary inside.

Next time he came to this place, he was definitely going to come up with a better way to deal with this woman.

“Bitch, just wait and see, I will torment you to death!”

All the cars finally drove away.

Leng Rongrong turned around and saw Mo Linyuan staring at her with a pair of profound eyes. She shrugged and said, “Lets get in and eat. Its all done. No loss incurred!”

At the dining table.

Tang Luo asked her curiously. “Madam, who did you learn martial arts from? You were awesome today.”

Leng Rongrong nodded while eating. “My First Godfather taught me Taichi, Second Godfather taught me Taekwondo, and Third Godfather taught me blades. I have been training since I was young, so I have had a lot of practice. My godfathers said that girls should learn how to protect themselves.”

“No wonder… your godfathers must be amazing people.” Tang Luo nodded, wondering who they were.

“Of course they are.” Leng Rongrong said with her face full of admiration.

Although her godfathers were not very reliable, they were indeed incredible.

Godfather Jiang Fu, Godfather Chen Lan and Godfather Tang Ziyi were all big shots who had the power to shake up the world.

When their names were mentioned, people became extremely agitated.

“My godfathers are all sensational people.” Leng Rongrong said, “But they dont like living in the city, otherwise the society will undergo a shattering change.”

“Is that so?” Tang Luo frowned, thinking that Leng Rongrong must be exaggerating.

Leng Rongrong was amazing, but her godfathers must be some countryside people. How awesome would they be living in the countryside for long?

He remembered vaguely that Madam mentioned something about her godfathers. Someone liked ploughing, another one liked playing mahjong….

They sounded like the usual middle-aged, harmless countryside people.

“Nevermind. They are now living faraway.” Leng Rongrong shrugged, looking indifferent the next minute.

After dinner, Leng Rongrong went to do the dishes in the kitchen, and became a bit unhappy after breaking some bowls. She returned to the living room and started to shop online for a few bowls.

Tang Luo happened to see what she was doing, and his eyes widened in surprise.

“Madam, this bowl is so expensive, 10,000 yuan for one piece!”

“But it is an artwork, totally worth the price.” Leng Rongrong said in a serious tone.

“Really? But even cheap bowls can be used, or probably the slightly expensive ones would work as well…” Tang Luo threw a skeptical look at Mo Linyuan, who was not too far from them.

Mo Linyuan was busy texting on the phone.

When he heard their conversation, he looked up and shook his head.

This was indeed one profligate woman.

Had she been spending his money, he would have driven her away by now.

Since she was using her own funds, she could do whatever she wanted to.

The Fourth Master snorted inwardly, thinking that there were few women as understanding as Linger.

As he thought of Mo Linger, Mo Linyuan frowned.

He still had not heard anything from her. It had been so long, but he didnt manage to find the person who took her away.

He had been pretending to be a cripple for so long. By now, everyone should have become less wary of him. Then why was Mo Linger still being held as a hostage?

“Done!” Leng Rongrong patted Tang Luos shoulders. “Let me tell you, bowls are not only for keeping food in them. Good bowls can also give you happiness. So they are worth every penny. Speaking of that… I found a street when I went out today. It was a lot of fun. How I wish I could buy out the entire street!”

Tang Luo: “???”

Why did she want to buy a street?

For business?

For renovation?

Or for fun?

Madam, are you being serious?

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