The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 30 - Mothers Legacy

Chapter 29: Shameless?

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After finishing the grilled chicken, Leng Rongrong spent some time having fun with Storm before she received Leng Guantangs call.

Leng Guantang sounded quite furious over the phone. He was trying to get her to come over claiming that it was for something important.

After disconnecting the call, Leng Rongrong looked skeptical.

She hypothesised that even if Leng Guantang had something important to tell her, it could not be something good.

She did not want to go there, but then she remembered the Leng Familys promise to give her mothers legacy back to her after marrying Mo Linyuan in the place of Leng Qingqing. As a result, she decided to go back and claim what belonged to her.

Leng Rongrong told Beautiful Li where she was heading and turned around to leave home.

“Madam, are you sure you dont need me?” Beautiful Li looked at Leng Rongrong in a confused manner.

He was a professional fighter and a bodyguard. But he had been assigned to play with the dog, wash clothes and cook everyday. Didnt that sound weird?

“No thanks, I am going to meet the Leng Family.” Leng Rongrong said, “If I take you along, they will assume that I am deliberately trying to create trouble for them.”

“Alright then…” Beautiful Li had to stay back with the dog.

Leng Rongrong drove her Audi and headed towards the Leng Familys villa.

As the car drove into the villa, Li Mulan and Leng Qingqing heard the noise and went to the doorstep.

“She can drive and has her own car.” Li Mulan was surprised.

“She just arrived from the countryside. I had heard that she experienced a bad time there. Where did she get the car from? Mo Linyuan doesnt have any money. How was she able to afford a car? Werent the both of them abandoned by the Mo family?”

“Thats true. I am curious as well. She is just too poor to get a car or a license!” Leng Qingqing said, unconvinced.

“Could her mother have left her anything? That cant be true. Those things are still in our hands… Or maybe Mo Linyuan had some legacy remaining with him. He used to be in charge of the Mo Family, after all.”

Leng Rongrong raised her eyebrows and came to them. “What?”

“Nothing. Rongrong, did Master Mo buy this car for you? What are you doing here alone? Where is he?” Li Mulan looked at Leng Rongrong with a smile. She was behaving gently as if she were her real mother.

“Oh, he is crippled, not very convenient to bring him out.” Leng Rongrong showed a hypocritical smile. “And I bought this car myself, what is wrong?”

“You… bought it yourself?” Li Mulan looked at Leng Rongrong.

She suddenly thought of something and a sinister smile hovered over her face. She invited Leng Rongrong in and asked her to sit down as she prepared some fruits and snacks for her.

Leng Rongrong did not touch the food but asked Li Mulan calmly. “Where is father?”

“He should be here soon. Just take a rest here. Chat with Qingqing. I will go and make some food. Tell me what you want to eat.”

Li Mulan seemed rather affable and friendly.

But Leng Rongrong felt goosebumps breaking out on her body, looking at that treacherous smile.

It was impossible for Li Mulan to be so nice to her. She remembered clearly that last time she was given a cup of water with drugs inside.

She was never going to eat anything that Li Mulan made for her.

Leng Rongrong chuckled dryly and waited for Leng Guantang to come home.

Leng Qingqing was seated on the opposite side of the sofa and looked at Leng Rongrong in a weird way. “Leng Rongrong, how on earth did you get the lead role? It should have been mine, not yours!”

“The director has a good eye. It is not something that I did.”Leng Rongrong shrugged indifferently.

“If the Director does not like you, what are you blaming me for? Also, it doesnt depend just on the director. Apparently, everyone wants me to be the lead actress, so what am I supposed to do?”

Hearing what Leng Rongrong said, Leng Qingqing became furious.

“Stop being so arrogant, you bitch!”

“Well, I have a reason for being arrogant. I had wanted no more than a supporting role, but the director and the producer liked me and offered this part to me. So, of course I have to take it. After all, no one would give up the lead role for the supporting role, right?”

Leng Rongrong blinked at Leng Qingqing.

Leng Qingqing got so angry that she almost passed out.

Leng Rongrong was blatantly showing off in front of her and teasing her.

She had tried so hard to get the lead role, but did not make it in the end. But, the one who had no intention of taking the role, got it instead.

She had tried using her contacts, but it turned out to be a waste.

Leng Qingqing cursed Leng Rongrong, but Leng Rongrong stayed calm from beginning to the end.

Soon, Leng Guantang came in.

Leng Guantang noticed the brand-new Audi car parked in the yard and then saw Leng Qingqing and Leng Rongrong the moment he entered the living room.

Leng Rongrong looked at Leng Guantang coldly.

“You are finally here.” Leng Rongrong said calmly.

“Since you are here, we can talk about our deal we made last time. I already married Mo Linyuan as you had requested, so now, give my mothers things to me.”

Leng Guantang frowned. “How dare you mention your mothers legacy in front of me. You are shameless enough to steal your sisters role.”

Rongrong said, “What??”

Did she steal the role?

Did she?

She was simply capable enough to be picked by the Director.

Also, when was it announced that Leng Qingqing would get the role in the first place? Did the director ever say that Leng Qingqing was going to play Xia Wunian, originally?

Leng Rongrong had no good feelings towards this father who had appeared only a few times in her life.

“First of all, I am here to get my mothers stuff back, and it has nothing to do with whether or not I did something wrong. Secondly, I am not a shameless person. Third, should we just ask the director if he had ever confirmed that Leng Qingqing was going to get the lead role? If nothing was confirmed, then the role was never hers to begin with.”

Leng Rongrong rolled her eyes. “Its the director who arranges the roles. He offered it to me and I took it. Anything wrong with that? I was chosen because I am competent. I you have anything to say against that decision, go to the crew and tell them that you failed in your backdoor entry attempts and could only get her a supporting role!”

“You bitch! Stop speaking rubbish.”

“Why? Sounds harsh? I am simply telling the truth.” Leng Rongrong sneered at Leng Qingqing.

“You are very sharp-tongued!” Leng Guantang said in an annoyed tone.

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