The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 4 - The Mo Familys Properties

Chapter 3: Ruleless!

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Leng Rongrong craned her neck towards the edge of the bed and discreetly peeked at the man who had fallen down.

Lying on the floor motionlessly, Mo Linyuan looked at Leng Rongrong. “I am… your husband!”

Leng Rongrong: “….”

Fortunately, he was alive.

After calming herself down, Leng Rongrong eyes widened suddenly. She looked at Mo Linyuan warily. Didnt the rumor say that the Fourth Master was extremely ugly to look at?

But that didnt fit with the current image… so this man was Mo Linyuan?

But he was so good-looking!

With red lips and dazzling white teeth, he possessed a slightly pale skin. But his facial features were noble and sharp. Dressed in a set of navy blue PJ, Mo Linyuans well formed neck and chest could be seen through an open collar.

He was neither scarily skinny, nor was he ugly. Instead, he was extremely good-looking, much better than those three handsome godfathers of hers.

Even the popular stars of the present day could not be a match against Mo Linyuan!

Leng Rongrong, who was into good-looking guys, was stunned into silence. She had thought that marrying the cripple of the Mo Family would be the best method for her right now, despite his looks or personality.

But seeing Mo Linyuans face, Leng Rongrong suddenly felt that if she could not cure Mo Linyuan, she would be ruining a great piece of treasure.

“Well… are you alright?” Leng Rongrong asked Mo Linyuan as she crouched by the bedside.

“Not great at the moment.” Mo Linyuans voice, which sounded cold and calm, held an attractive charm to it.

“I am sorry…. I did not realise that it was you.”

Getting off the bed, Leng Rongrong picked up Mo Linyuan and carried him to the bed.

Mo Linyuan: “???”

Had he just been carried horizontally by a woman?

Leng Rongrong: “….”

Wasnt he supposed to be crippled, skinny and weak? What made him so heavy?

Leng Rongrong bathed and changed in the adjoining bathroom before walking back into the room.

She came next to Mo Linyuan who was lying in bed, and reached for his wrist. The next minute, she started checking Mo Linyuans pulse with full concentration.

Mo Linyuan looked at Leng Rongrong with a complicated expression in his eyes.

Leng Rongrong frowned as she analysed his pulse reading.

Mo Linyuans pulse felt strange. It did not seem to show any indication that he was a cripple.

The corner of her lips twitched. She felt that she had learned nothing from her Chinese medicine master since she couldnt find anything strange about this guy.

Next, Leng Rongrong took a look at Mo Linyuans legs.

Astonishingly, the calves did not look like they belonged to someone who was handicapped. The legs were well formed and possessed strong muscles!

Leng Rongrong: “???”

Was he really a cripple?

Then why didnt he seem like one?

“What are you doing?” Mo Linyuans voice arose from the bed.

“I am… checking you out. I have some knowledge of Chinese medicine, which may help you recover. But… how are your leg muscles so strong?”

The muscle should have shrunk since he had not walked for years.

This mans body was strange. The muscles not only failed to shrink, instead, they became stronger. Shockingly, he looked healthier than most normal people.

“Because people help me exercise every single day!” Mo Linyuans voice sounded cold. His eyes had narrowed and were shooting laser beams in Leng Rongrongs direction.

Was she sent by those people to check him out?

“Oh, is it? Umm, if people exercise you every day… then that could account for it.”

Leng Rongrong thought silently for a moment and then looked at Mo Linyuan. “Ah, yes, I forgot to tell you, my name is Leng Rongrong. I am supposed to be your wife. We are going to live under the same roof, so lets at least get to know each other first.”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

She felt that this man was rolling his eyes at her, and looking at her disdainfully.

But why? Wasnt she trying her utmost to be polite and accommodating?

Never mind…

She was not going to dig deeper in this issue with a physically challenged man, at least he was good-looking.

“Should I carry you to the wheelchair?” Leng Rongrong asked Mo Linyuan after a pause. He was her husband, at least nominally. Since they were living together from this moment on, she could be nice to him for the sake of his good looks.

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

Without waiting for his reply, Leng Rongrong carried a dazed looking Mo Linyuan to the wheelchair.

“You do have some strength, dont you?” Picked up by this woman again, the Fourth Master shook his head to clear his mind. He had met many strong women, but none of them was this strong.

Although he pretended to be a cripple and looked skinny, he was actually quite healthy and had the weight of a full grown man.

A man normally weighed more than a woman. Mo Linyuan was approximately 190cm tall whilst this woman only reached upto 170 cm in height, easily a head shorter than him. She looked skinny yet she had the strength to pick him up.

“Well, I am okay. I exercise often, and can carry stuff weighing anywhere upto 100kg or so…” Leng Rongrong said casually.

She was just thinking about how to help Mo Linyuan wash up and change when a knock sounded at the door.

“Master Four, Lady Four, are you up yet?”

Leng Rongrong asked in a calm voice. “Yes, what is it?”

“We are here to help the Master get ready!”

Hearing the voice, Leng Rongrong felt relieved. She rushed to open the door. “Come in, come in, he is all yours. Why didnt you come here earlier? I had to carry him around. He is very heavy!”

“Get out!” Seeing the two servants coming in, Mo Linyuan snapped coldly at them.

The two servants were startled.

“Why? They are here to aid you.” Leng Rongrong frowned and looked at Mo Linyuan.

Seated in the wheelchair, Mo Linyuan stared fiercely at Leng Rongrong with the pair of intimidating eyes. “I have just gotten married. From today on, my wife will be helping me.”

Leng Rongrong: “???”

Damn you!

So you found yourself a wife to help you with your daily chores?

Are you considering me to be a sick cat, when I try to play nice?

She was cursing inwardly as she glanced at Mo Linyuans handsome face. But all of a sudden, she felt the anger dissipate.

He was way too good-looking!

Although it was unlucky for him to have become a cripple, he had a gorgeous face! God hadnt treated him too badly.

Alright then, she could tolerate an ill-tempered patient.

She and Mo Linyuan were not enemies. It was her stepmothers family who had forced her to marry this man.

If she left, Mo Linyuan would have no wife at all. How pitiful he would become!

Well, she could help him for the time being.

After driving away the two servants, Leng Rongrong started to help Mo Linyuan freshen up and get changed.

Half an hour later, Leng Rongrong pushed Mo Linyuan downstairs in the wheelchair.

The hall of the Mo Family mansion had already been thoroughly cleaned, leaving no traces of the banquet held the day before. But the Happiness characters were still stuck on many sides of the walls, showing signs of the wedding banquet which this couple had not participated in.

In the hall, the Old Master was laughing happily. Several uncles and aunts were present as well.

Leng Rongrong had just walked downstairs as her stomach started to cave in due to hunger. She smiled at this group of strangers and then addressed the Old Master. “Grandpa, I am starving. Any breakfast here?”

“Hehe, so ruleless!”

Before the Old Master could respond to her, a weird voice arose suddenly.

Leng Rongrong: “???”

Why was she considered ruleless when she was just asking for breakfast?

Who made the rules anyway?

“You got up at lunchtime on your first day post the wedding. Instead of serving tea to the elderly family members and displaying your redeeming qualities, you are asking for breakfast! What kind of wife are you? You are not thinking about getting served by others here at the Mo Family, are you?”

The sharp-sounding voice continued to berate her.

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