The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 6 - Waited For Too Long!

Chapter 5: No Tolerance!

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“What did you grandpa say to you?” Mo Lanlan asked aggressively, tugging Leng Rongrongs arm.

“Who are you? Is that any of your business?” Leng Rongrong flung away Mo Lanlans hand, and cleaned the spot on her forearm that Mo Lanlan had touched.

Mo Lanlans eyelids twitched as she took in Leng Rongrongs action. “I am not interested in what grandpa said to you. What I want to know is if he gave you any of the Mo Familys properties. You are not allowed to take anything from the Mo Family. Hand over whatever grandpa gave you!”

Hearing what Mo Lanlan said, the rest of the Mo Family also came out, besiging Leng Rongrong.

“What did the Old Master give you?” Ye Qiushu was leading the crowd, her intense eyes drilling a hole through Leng Rongrong.

It was as if she wanted to inspect Leng Rongrong thoroughly from head to feet.

“Nothing, of course!” Leng Rongrong sneered.

Mo Lanlan was about to lunge at Leng Rongrong to search her body when Leng Rongrong pushed her away with force.

“Get away from me!”

“You dare push me! You are nothing but trashs wife!” Mo Lanlan glared at Leng Rongrong in disbelief.

“Bodyguards! They must have stolen a lot of stuff. Check her.”

Several bodyguards lunged at Leng Rongrong. They surrounded the car as well.

“Search thoroughly! Bring out everything they have taken. They are not allowed to leave before that.”

Mo Lanlan bellowed.

Following the order, bodyguards flipped out Mo Linyuans stuff, and even Leng Rongrongs luggage on the porch.

Leng Rongrong was thoroughly pissed now. Her clothes were in a disarray, including her underwear, strewn around on the ground by that bitch Mo Lanlan and her people.

What was more, Mo Lanlan even ordered a bodily search of her!

Leng Rongrongs irritation level was shooting through the roof now. Enough was enough.

Leng Rongrong approached Mo Lanlan in a dominant manner, causing Mo Lanlan to retreat step by step. Suddenly, she tripped and fell down.

“You are an idiot! I spent just one night at your house. What could I have possibly taken away in this much time? Tell me what is missing from your house. What about calling the police to have a thorough investigation?! Who knows, maybe you are the one who has stolen something! Oh yes, I just remembered that I have lost a necklace worth hundreds of millions. Have you taken it?”

Leng Rongrong squatted down and looked at Mo Lanlan with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Leng Rongrong continued with her dominant posturing and said, “You have stolen my stuff. I have to call the police. Let me begin by searching your body first.”

Saying so, she started to move her hands over Mo Lanlans body. She even purposefully messed up her outfit.

Gripping Mo Lanlans underwear, Leng Rongrong gave it a violent tug.

Shockingly, she somehow managed to pull Mo Lanlans bra out.

Apart from the members of the Mo Family, there were numerous bodyguards also present there. Embarrassed thoroughly, Mo Lanlan screamed at her. “Leng Rongrong, you bitch!”

Leng Rongrong flung the bra away which landed upon a bodyguards head and sneered disdainfully. “I am sorry, I thought that you had hidden my necklace in your bra. But it seems not to be the case. Does anyone still want to search me? If not, we are leaving.”

Seeing Leng Rongrong display such temper, the Mo Family members suddenly became silent.

Leng Rongrong collected her and Mo Linyuans scattered clothes and packed them back. She stepped into the car and asked the driver to start the car.

Two hours later.

Dismay hovered over Leng Rongrongs beautiful face as she took in the environment around her. Mo Linyuan, in the wheelchair, alongwith the luggage pieces had been left behind by the driver unceremoniously.

Looking at the so-called nice villa, she felt a headache come on.

The house was indeed large, yet it was quite ancient. It had not been renovated in ages. With weed growing everywhere in the yard, the place was totally isolated.

It was a very inconvenient location, despite the nice scenery around.

Leng Rongrong took a look at Mo Linyuan and was about to complain about something when she stopped herself. Mo Linyuan looked pitiful, and was probably in a worse situation than herself!

She had nothing to do with the Mo Family after all, so it was not strange that she was abandoned mercilessly here. But Mo Linyuan was the Fourth Master of the Mo Family!

The other masters were leading a luxurious life. He, on the other hand, was not only handicapped but was also sent here without anyone caring about him.

He did not even have a servant to aid him.

Once upon a time, Mo Linyuan used to be the heir of the Mo Family, the famous and prestigious Fourth Master. But now, he had no access to the Mo Familys business.

How pathetic!

Mo Linyuan could sense the compassion from Leng Rongrong and said in a cold voice, “I dont need your pity. Tang Luo, take me inside.”

Leng Rongrong: “???”

Ok! So he was a cripple with a hot temper and extreme arrogance.

Tang Luo walked into the house, pushing Mo Linyuans wheelchair.

Leng Rongrong went to pick up the luggage lying on the floor without a complaint. She did not need to entwine herself any deeper with the man.

Leng Rongrong walked into the house with luggage in hands.

The house, judging from the present condition, had once been a nice place.

Since, no one had lived here for a long time, cobwebs and dust could be seen in all corners. A few furniture pieces were broken and some looked worn out, yet it should not be a problem to set a base here.

After taking a tour around the villa, Leng Rongrong said, “It should be okay to reside here. Tang Luo, help me tidy up the place.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Tang Luo nodded.

It was said that Tang Luo used to be Mo Linyuans special assistant. After Mo Linyuans accident, Tang Luo became Mo Linyuans life support.

It was really ridiculous that only one person was assigned by the Mo Family to take care of Mo Linyuan here.

They were definitely picking on this crippled Mo Linyuan.

The house was large, and Leng Rongrong intended to clean it up thoroughly. After all, they were going to live in this place from this day on. They had to make sure it was inhabitable.

She and Tang Luo started to clean from the top floor. Step by step, they finally reached the ground level.

They dusted the entire area, swept the floor, wiped the walls and cleaned the windows.

Leng Rongrong looked like a high-born lady, yet she was a skillful person when it came to cleaning. With the help of Tang Luo, she finished the job quite fast.

A few hours later, the house was almost in a livable condition.

Seated in the wheelchair, Mo Linyuan had been silent through the entire time. He gazed at Leng Rongrong with the pair of sharp eyes.

This woman was putting out a great show.

In order to gain his trust, she had pulled all stops.

“Finally, it is done. But we dont even have a bed, let alone blankets… how can we spend the night here!” Leng Rongrong sat down and took a rest.

In an angry tone with sweat trickling down her cheek, she said, “The Mo Family is a big bully!”

“Madam, let me go and buy those things.” Tang Luo said courteously.

“How do you plan to do that?”

“I still have some savings.” Tang Luo said.

“Of course we cant use your money.” Leng Rongrong threw a look at Mo Linyuan. “You also dont have any money, no? Look at how the Mo Family bullies you. You are crippled, but you should not tolerate such unfairness, ok? Hang on, let me see how we are going to deal with the situation here.”

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