The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 8 - A Lesson For You

Chapter 7: What A Cute Boy!

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“Your parents are really not here with you?” Leng Rongrong ran her gaze through the place again but failed to find anyone. “I need to talk to them.”

“No! Aunt Rongrong, you can talk to me, instead!”

Mo Nanyu invited Leng Rongrong to take a seat on the sofa, and then ran away. Soon, he came back with some fruits and drinks.

Feeling hungry, Leng Rongrong accepted the offered food.

Leng Rongrong started speaking while munching on a fruit. “Do you have any food at home? Something cooked, I would like to buy some from you. There are no stores around, so I am here to buy food from you instead.”

“You dont have to buy anything.” Yu said with a serious expression, “Mom… no, Aunt Rongrong, just tell me what you want to eat. I can cook it for you!”

This little fellow looked like a five or six year old, yet he spoke in a concise manner and behaved politely.

Leng Rongrong instantly felt a bit embarrassed.

How could she allow a little fellow to cook for her?

Leng Rongrong thought for a moment and asked him. “Do you have any ingredients? What about me borrowing the kitchen and ingredients from you. I will repay you in a couple of days. My home is not far from this place, just a fifteen minutes walk.”

“I do.” Mo Nanyu nodded and guided Leng Rongrong to the kitchen.

It was an enormous place with no oil or smoke, as if no one had used it before.

A huge fridge was embedded in one of the walls.

Leng Rongrong opened the fridge and found several things, including many fresh ingredients. She took out some rib bones, eggs, and tomatoes, deciding to make some dishes here and take them back for her handsome husband and his assistant.

The little fellow brought out some rice and started to make it for Leng Rongrong.

He rinsed the rice and placed it in the rice cooker. In the meanwhile, Leng Rongrong washed some vegetables and was ready to cook them.

Mo Nanyu brought a small chair in there and watched Leng Rongrongs actions with hands cupping his chin. The little fellow had a profound look in his eyes and his face was full of affection.

Mom, I finally found you!

From today on, I will keep you safe!

“Aunt Rongrong, what about me making some food for you?” The little fellow asked after watching her for a while.

“It is okay, I can do it myself!” Leng Rongrong assumed that this cute boy could not possibly know how to cook, so she better do it herself.

Leng Rongrong might be extremely skilled at lute, chess, calligraphy and painting. She even had a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, but she wasnt adept at cooking…

The reason was that her three excellent godfathers and one extremely amazing godmother had taught her everything except for cooking.

She always got served, and never had to cook.

But Leng Rongrong assumed that she would be able to do so, since cooking seemed easy.

After Leng Rongrong washed all the ingredients, she started to cut the vegetables.

Unfortunately, cutting ingredients turned out to be really troublesome.

Her eyes fixed at the tomatoes in front of her, Leng Rongrong had no idea what to do with them.

After thinking for a while, Leng Rongrong made two cuts and split the entire tomato into two parts, assuming that it was done.

Next to her, Nanyu saw what was happening and said to Leng Rongrong, “Let me do it.”

“What?” Before Leng Rongrong was able to respond, the boy asked her to put down the blade and pushed her gently down onto his little chair.

Then he got himself another chair and stood on it, ready to cut the ingredients.

The blade seemed to dance under Nanyus control. His chubby hands were fast and efficient. The whole thing did not look dangerous at all, instead it made him look like a top chef from a five-star hotel. He was doing an amazing job!

When the cutting was finished, the ingredients lay there, quietly on the plate.

All done!

Leng Rongrong was shocked into silence.

What just happened?

Did that little fellow actually cut everything. It wasnt a magical trick?

Sigh! She was no match against this little boys chopping skills.

Leng Rongrong rubbed her eyes and saw the boy turning on the stove and starting to fry the vegetables.

The buzzing and hissing sound echoed across the entire kitchen, together with the scent that spread across the place.

Leng Rongrong was shocked once again.

This young boy was fantastic at cooking!

Who was this kid? He could cut the ingredients so precisely and convert them into delicious dishes.

Normally, kids this age would not even be able to hold a blade, let alone cook!

In a matter of minutes, the boy had already finished making the entire meal. The dishes included sweet-sour rib bones, tomatoes with scrambled eggs, lettices in oyster oil as well as a pot of soup.

“Done!” Nanyu hopped down from the chair.

Leng Rongrong lunged at the dishes and took a bite of the sweet-sour rib bones. Her eyes widened in immense pleasure.

This tasted much better than the dishes made by her Big Dad!

“Nanyu, why are you so good at cooking, is your dad a chef?” Leng Rongrong assumed that it must have been the genes that made this little fellow excellent at cooking.

“Nope,” Nanyu shook his head. “My daddy is a monster!”

Leng Rongrong was confused.

A monster?

Well… that must have been a nickname this child gave to his father.

After borrowing some lunch boxes from Nanyu, Leng Rongrong put the dishes into them and waved him goodbye.

Worried that Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo were both hungry, Leng Rongrong decided not to eat the food first, but have it together with them at home instead.

Back in the villa, she found that the Mo Familys men were not here yet.

Leng Rongrong was not worried though. After all, there was quite a distance between the Mo Familys mansion and this place. Even if they had sent someone from the service company, they could not possibly arrive here so fast.

“Madam, you are finally home.” Tang Luo glanced at Leng Rongrong. “And you….”

Before Tang Luo was able to speak, Mo Linyuan interrupted him at the sight of the food in Leng Rongrongs hands. “You found food?”

Leng Rongrong said, “Yes, I borrowed the ingredients from the neighbouring villa. Lets eat!”

She brought out the dishes and placed them upon the table.

The three of them started to eat quietly.

“Madam, did you make all of this?” Tang Luos eyes brightened. “The food is delicious.”

“Sorry, I did not.” Leng Rongrong almost choked and started to cough. Mo Linyuan patted gently on her back.

“They were made by the young owner of the neighbouring villa.”

“That young owner is so good at cooking.” Tang Luo stuffed multiple pieces of sweet-sour rib bones into his mouth, finding them increasingly tasty.

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