The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 9 - Serves You Right

Chapter 8: A Lesson For You

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After the three of them finished the food, Leng Rongrong went out of the house to check if the Mo Familys men were here yet or not.

Tang Luo turned towards Mo Linyuan and asked him. “Master Four, what should we do with the food we prepared?”

“Throw it away.” Mo Linyuan said with a cold expression on the face.

Tang Luo: “…..”

Standing outside for a few minutes, Leng Rongrong saw a car approaching the house.

As the car pulled over in the yard, Mo Lanlan stepped out of it before everyone else.

Leng Rongrong: “….”

“Sister-in-law Four, you are indeed annoying. Instead of cleaning your house on your own, you asked someone else to clean it for you. So spoiled!” Mo Lanlan said in a weird tone.

Remembering Leng Rongrongs treatment of her in the morning, she was dressed in a fully covered outfit and even had her hands covering her chest, subconsciously.

“You are right, I am very spoiled. You didnt know that earlier, but you do now.” Leng Rongrong smiled wickedly.

“Is everything ready? There are many places in the house that need scrubbing. Look at these weeds, they need to be removed too.”

Mo Lanlan had not expected Leng Rongrong to be this shameless. She was truly behaving like a spoiled lady.

With Leng Rongrong ordering Mo Lanlan around, the latter had no words to counter her. She just glared at Leng Rongrong angrily.

“Heard that? These all need to be mopped and wiped!” Mo Lanlan shouted at the servants standing behind her.

The servants spread out and started to do the cleaning at the appointed spots.

Mo Lanlan looked around and squinted at Leng Rongrong. “Arent you going to do some work yourself. After all, this is your own house?”

“Why must I do the cleaning when we have the servants?”

She looked at Mo Lanlan in confusion and said, “Arent you here to help spruce up the place as well? What are you standing here for?”

“Hmph! I am here just to check on things.” Mo Lanlan said coldly.

She turned to talk to Mo Linyuan who was quietly sitting on the wheelchair.

“Hey, cripple, did you see what your wife is doing?” Mo Lanlan gave the wheelchair a kick.

The wheelchair moved a few steps backwards.

A tinge of displeasure flashed across Mo Linyuans handsome face.

Before he could berate her though, Leng Rongrong rushed forward and stood in front of him. She glared at Mo Lanlan with a cold face. “He is your brother, dont you know how to behave politely?”

Mo Linyuan suddenly withdrew his displeased look, and keenly watched the conversation between Leng Rongrong and Mo Lanlan.

This cheap wife of his seemed quite interesting.

“He is just a cripple, I dont fear him.” Mo Lanlan smiled sinisterly. “But Sister-in-law, you seem to be very fond of your crippled husband. Do you think that you are going to get the power and properties of the Mo Family just because you married him? Dream on!”


Before Mo Lanlan could even register it, Leng Rongrong had landed a tight palm on her face.

Mo Lanlans eyes widened as she looked at Leng Rongrong in astonishment. “Who do you think you are? How dare you slap me!”

“I dare because you are way too impolite. As your sister-in-law, I am teaching you a lesson on behalf of your mother!” Leng Rongrong rubbed her palm and shrugged calmly.

“You… you…” Mo Lanlan had never expected that Leng Rongrong would defy her in such a blatant manner. Her face was stinging in pain.

Leng Rongrong had a nonchalant look on her proud face.

Her face was exquisite and small. She seemed to be younger than Mo Lanlan but she had an intimidating presence.

All this while, Mo Linyuan sat quietly while being defended by his wife.

Suddenly, he felt that it was a good thing to be poor, powerless and bullied.

In all these years, she was the first person who had ever stepped out and defended him, giving a lesson to those who bullied him.

“Ahhh! Leng Rongrong, you are quite courageous, arent you? You have just married into the Mo Family, and your husband is a useless guy. Yet you dare to be so conceited? Do you think that I will let you off?!”

Mo Lanlan bellowed and lunged at Leng Rongrong like a crazy person, trying to pull Leng Rongrongs hair.

Leng Rongrong escaped her clutches easily.

Mo Lanlan failed to get her, but was caught by Leng Rongrong instead. Leng Rongrong flipped her over her shoulder. Mo Lanlan crashed against the floor with a loud bang. Her body started to twitch in pain and she could not even utter a word.

“I advise that you stay calm. You are not a match against me in a physical fight.” Leng Rongrong shrugged.

Tang Luo, who was standing next to them, was shocked.

So, Madam was an amazing martial artist. Her move clearly demonstrated that she had been trained.

A furious Mo Lanlan stood up, feeling rather frustrated.

By now, she had realised that Leng Rongrong was not easily bullied, so she did not dare to do anything any more.

The Mo Family had always paid attention to the training of each family member, being an ancient, large family. Most of the family members were decently good at martial arts, including Mo Lanlan. But she was defeated so easily by Leng Rongrong in a single move.

She had brought her men personally totidy up the house so she could cause Leng Rongrong some trouble.

After all, she had been humiliated so seriously in the morning.

But Mo Lanlan had not expected that she would have to face such embarrassment in the day.

“Leng Rongrong, I will remember what happened today.” Mo Lanlan bellowed.

“Oh?” Leng Rongrong shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

Then she shouted at Tang Luo. “Tang Luo, take good care of Master. I will go and check what those people are doing in the house.”

Saying so, Leng Rongrong walked towards the stairs.

Mo Lanlan followed behind with a meaningful smile.

Both Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo noticed Mo Lanlans sinister smile. They realised that she was up to no good.

“Miss Mo seems to have planned some more moves against Madam.” Tang Luo said to Mo Linyuan.

“Go with them, and protect Madam when necessary.” Mo Linyuan said.


On the second floor, Leng Rongrong walked into one of the rooms.

The room had indeed been well cleaned and the blankets were placed neatly on the bed.

Following behind her, Mo Lanlan said, “Why dont you check properly if the blankets are clean enough or not?”

Leng Rongrong turned around to look at Mo Lanlan. “You are up to some mischief again, right?”

“I am not, I havent done anything. I just want to make sure that you dont complain about something again and cause the Mo Family more trouble.” Mo Lanlan shrugged, resembling a proud peacock.

“Oh, really?” Leng Rongrong walked further into the room and came to the bedside. She tugged at one corner of the blanket and threw a look at Mo Lanlan.

Excitement rippled on Mo Lanlans face.

Mo Lanlan must have come up with some other evil plans otherwise she would not have looked so eager.

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