The Rising: Vampires Forbidden Lover

Chapter 4: Bleeding Hearts


The woman I marked looks so damn sexy sleeping in her coffin. Shes mine, Im going to make her mine. Shes one of us now and I must tell her when she awakes. I don even know what her name is yet, I just took her and made her a part of me.

When I think to myself about my dad trying to control who Im going to mate with, when Im going to mate with that person I become outraged. How can I let him keep controlling my life like this? Its getting to the point where I want to leave this cave and make my own.

The only thing I can remember is that we came here from Romania because of the vampire hunters. They found out about us and decided to battle us. I know we had gotten away, but I don know what happened to me. Im a different kind of vampire now, one that is powerful, I can feel it in my body, and I don think my dad knows how powerful I can be! Once its daylight, I went inside my coffin and slept. I can be up in the daytime, at least not yet. My father can, but I can .


Micah still sleeps in the daylight, hes not able to be in the light yet, he will be soon, once he gets the power too. He doesn know it yet, but Im the only one who can give him that power. If he thinks that woman is going to be his mate, hes wrong. Laura Lee is the one whos going to mate with him. I brought her here for him and I gave him the blood of her to bring him back, so, shes the one for him and Im going to let him know how important she is for him. Now, I must go and build another room inside this cave for Laura Lee.


”I Rise. ”

My woman is still asleep, Its time for me to wake her! I walked over to the coffin that I put her in and opened it. I was shocked to see her eyes open as soon as I opened it. Her eyes weren normal eyes, they were bloodshot. I look down at her and she starts hissing, shes a vampire now! Then she sat up and I helped her out of the coffin.

I couldn take her to the back of the cave, My dad is doing something back there. I took her outside and we went to the waterfall just down from the cave.

We sat on the ground by the waterfall and started talking. I knew she was going to ask many questions.

”What am I? I feel like a different person, ” She asked.

”First, what is your name? ” I replied.

”Ahh, Malena, ” She said.

”My name is Micah, ” I replied.

”Tell me. What am I? ” Malena asked.

e a vampire now. You
e my mate and we are going to live forever, ” I said.

”Im a what!? ” Malena asked again in frustration.

”A vampire, ” I said.

Malena shakes her head back and forth, shes so confused about what happened. She doesn know that Im the one who turned her into a vamp.

”Let me explain to you what happened. ”

Im a reborn vampire, I needed human blood to become stronger so I found you in a club and bit you and made you mine! Now you
e a vampire and you
e mine, forever.

Malenas eyes slowly turned back to normal, the redness from her eyes started to fade away. She looks at me and says, ”This is so crazy, I feel like Im on top of the world, I feel like I have these powers and Im not sure what they are or how to use them. ”

”You will soon enough my dear, ” I said.

I had to explain everything to her, since shes going to be my wife someday! She will have the same power as I do, she must know what they are and when they will happen.

e going to feel much more powerful than you used to. You
e not going to be able to be up in the daylight yet, you can only be out at night. You
e going to want human blood, no food, just blood from a human. You
e going to want to go out and hunt for a human, and thats okay because you
e going to need to feed, ” I said.

”The most important thing to know is, no one can know about us. Ill tell you why. They will try and kill us. My family moved here from Romania because there were vampire hunters there and they tried to kill us. We left there and came here. No one knows about us, thats why we live in that cave, ” I said.

Malena looks at me like Im nuts, but she must get used to her new life, her life with me! As we sit by the waterfall, I look at her in her eyes, pull her close to me and give her a kiss on her lips. She kisses me back, then we start making out! As we keep making out, she whispers to me, ”I want to make love to you so bad right now! ” I couldn say anything, Im too much into her body and caressing it. Then I lay her back and get on top of her. We kiss passionately as I rub her body down. As our bodies start to heat up, I rip off her clothes, she rips off mine and we start making love!

We made love for an hour by the waterfall. This moment is so perfect. I finally mated with my vampiress. Now she will only be with me and no one else! When we finished, I rolled off from her and we both lay next to each other, holding each other. We stared into the night sky and looked at all of the stars.

I knew we would hit it off, I just knew it when I saw her in that club! I knew she would be my mate forever!

My dad doesn know who I want to be with, now hes going to know Im not going to be with that other woman he picked for me, Laura Lee.

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