This woman of mine is so damn, hot, sexy, sweet, and just about everything I could possibly want from a woman! My love for her goes far beyond anything anyone could want. We are destined to be together, whether my dad thinks so or not. Im going to show him that shes mine, he has no say in this whatsoever. If he still thinks hes going to give me Laura Lee, hes wrong and if I must, I will battle with him to prove him wrong.

My heart bleeds for this woman, Ive never met anyone like her, and I instantly knew, I knew how I felt about her the first time I bit her. There is something about her that makes my whole world complete. Im going to show her how much she means to me, even though I don know much about her or her other family. I don know if she even remembers her past life with her family. Im going to ask her if she remembers her other family later tonight. Im going to take her back to the waterfall, its our spot, its our peaceful place where we can be alone!

Malena and I walk to the waterfall holding each others hand! When we arrive at the waterfall, we step underneath it, the water pours on us, we get soaking wet and we start kissing! Moments later, we start making love. As we continue to make love the water just keeps pouring on us, it feels so good, I don want this night to end. I can feel the passion that runs through my body for her, every time I get near her my body trembles with lust. When we finished making love, we grabbed our clothes and sat on the towels, and dried off.

We lay in the grass and Malena suddenly said, ”Micah, I love you! ” I was honored when she told me that! Ive been waiting for her to say it to me. Ive already told her that I love her. I looked at her and said, ”I love you too! ” She is finally opening up to me! If she doesn ask me about her past life, Im not going to tell her about it. I thought that I should, but if she doesn ask, then I won say anything.

I start thinking to myself, ”What if she finds out what I had done to her? Will she ever forgive me? What if she realizes she has another family? But then, what if her family goes out and looks for her? I can let none of this happens! ” Malena looks at me and asks me whats wrong. She must feel what Im thinking or something like that, so I just told her nothing is wrong. I didn want her to know what Im thinking about. It would ruin everything. Then I rolled over and cuddled with her and told her that I love her! We continued to lay by the waterfall, the water pours down from the top of the cliff, it sounds like the waves in an ocean how hard it was running down. All I could do was stare into Malenas eyes, and they weren fooling me, I see the gleam in her eyes that she does love me! I start to kiss her sweet cherry lips, and we both kiss each other passionately.

”Micah, I don want this night to end, ” Malena said.

”Malena, I don either, I love you so much, ” I replied.

”Can we just stay here the rest of the night? ” Malena asked.

”Yes. But we must be back inside the cave before it becomes daylight, ” I replied.

”Ahhh, I hate that cave, but okay, ” Malena said.

The rest of the evening, we both slept in each others arms!

I couldn sleep, so I lay with Malena as she slept. My heart pounded in my chest, my body was hot for her in lust, and I was aching to be touched by her. I pulled her closer to me as I lay with her, her touch, her beautiful brown eyes, just made me much more in love with her. Im fated to be with her and I know she is fated to be my mate! Nothing or no one will ever tear us apart, I will not let that happen. Im the only one that can take care of her now, I made her mine, so her other family has no part of her now and if anyone tries to come in our path I will kill them.

Daylight almost approaches, and I don want to leave here, this place is peaceful for us. I start thinking, ”how can we sleep here in the daylight? What can I make to cover us up so that the light doesn affect us? As I ponder around thinking of what I can do, or make quickly so that we can stay here! I walk over to where the woods are, looking for anything to make a covered space for us and I find wood laying on the ground.

”I think this will work, all I must do is quickly go back to the cave and get some tools so that I can build a shelter for us. I can also get some type of covering for the top of the shelter. ”

I quickly went back to the cave and grabbed the things that I needed to make this happen, then I quickly went back to the waterfall. I know I must get this done quickly, daylight is almost here. Once I got back to the waterfall, I started making our shelter. Its not going to be big, but I will make it bigger once I have more time.

”Malena will be so happy to see this when she wakes. ”

I gathered the wood and nails and I built this shelter so quickly because of daylight coming that it was small, the both of us could barely fit in it, then I threw a cover over the top of it and nailed it to the sides of the wood.

I started feeling weak, so I hurried and got inside as daylight was here and fell asleep.

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