The Rising: Vampires Forbidden Lover

Chapter 6: My Father Is Too Controlling


When I woke up, I looked around me and I had no idea where I was. Im in this small area surrounded by wood and Micah is laying next to me. I suddenly started to wake Micah, I had to ask him what was going on. I shrugged his shoulders a couple of times and he didn wake, but then I gave him a kiss on his lips and he started to stir. When I finally woke him up, I asked him where we were.

”We are still at the waterfall, you said you didn want to leave here, so I built us this little shelter until I can make it bigger, ” Micah said.

”What! OMG, really? ” I replied.

”Yes babe, I will do anything to make you happy! ” Micah said.

”I can believe this! This is where we are going to live! ” I replied.

”Im going to start making this a bigger place for us tonight! ” Micah said.

”I can wait. I will help you, ” I replied.

”Ahh, no you will not, I will do this by myself, ” Micah said.

”But.. ” I said,

”Not but. Im doing this myself, ” Micah replied.

After we talked, I went out into the woods. I can believe what he did for me! This is great! This is going to be our little home! Just the two of us. I never expected to find someone like Micah, hes so sweet, kind, loving and gentle. Im glad I bumped into him!


I gotta get up and finish this while its dark out. When I went outside, Malena was standing under the waterfall, naked! It seems to me that shes washing off and she looks so hot underneath the waterfall! Im going to go over and surprise her, Im going to get wet with her! I walked over to her, took my clothes off and snuck up behind her, I started rubbing her back, she got startled and turned around quickly, she said, ”OMG, Micah, you scared the shit outta me, ” then she chuckled. I put my finger on her lips and whispered, ”lets enjoy this moment. ” We made love underneath the waterfall again. After we finished, we rinsed off, walked back to our little shelter, dried and put our clothes on.

By this time we are getting hungry, but before I eat I must get this shelter a bit bigger. I told Malena that Im going to go look for more wood and she said she was going to go get food. At first I got nervous thinking, ”what if someone sees her out? ” But then I remembered that it was dark out and no one will see her at this time of the night. She went to get some food and I looked for more wood. I searched the woods and found some, but not a lot, but I remembered there is a lot at the cave, since my dad keeps a lot of it inside the cave for heat. After I gathered the little bit of wood I found, I dropped it off by our shelter and went to the cave.

”I hope my parents aren there, they will try to keep me here and ask many questions and I don want them too, I want to get the wood and leave. ”

I slowly looked inside the cave to see if they were there, I didn see them so I went inside and grabbed the rest of the wood that was left there. I had to hurry because I didn want my parents to catch me. I held all the wood in my arms and went back to the waterfall. Malena was already back and she was setting up a picnic for us. I saw that she set out a sheet on the ground with some food and drinks. After I saw what she had done, I dropped the wood by the side of the shelter and sat with her. We are actually having a romantic dinner, she even brought a candle with her and lit it up and set it near us.

While we were eating, I told her that Im going to make this our new home! Im going to build this bigger and I will make her a nice kitchen area. She became the happiest woman in the world. I saw the look on her face when I told her that!

”Babe, this is the best! Thank you! ” I said,

e welcome! I hope you liked the food, ” Malena replied.

”I loved it. I must get back to building our place bigger now, ” I said.

”Okay, ” Malena said.

I stood up and went over to our shelter and started building the rest of it. The whole time I was building it, my body started sweating profusely, the muscles in my arms were starting to ache, then I realized, I ran out of wood and nails. I had to go back to the cave, I needed to get more wood and nails so I told Malena that Ill be back soon with more wood.

When I arrived at the cave, my parents were still not there, so I checked inside to see if my dad brought back any more wood and he didn . I went outside the cave to look for more, then suddenly my dad appeared. I thought to myself, ”Damn, what am I going to do now, how am I going to explain what Im doing? I don want him or my mom knowing what Im doing, so I had to come up with a lie to tell him. ”

”Where in the hell have you been? ” Jasper asked.

”Ive been around, ” I replied.

”No sh*t. Im going to ask you again, where have you been and what have you been doing? ” Jasper asked again.

”Its none of your business, Dad. Its my life and I can do what I want! ” I replied.

”Don you ever talk to me like that again! I gave you new life and you
e going to treat me this way! What are you thinking? ” Jasper said.

”Oh Dad, come on, just stop. I have a new life with Malena now and we both love each other! ” I replied.

”You What! Say that again, ” Jasper said.

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