The South Ace

Chapter 3 - The Fool and The Corpse

Nigel threw the head on his bosss table when he got back. ”What the **—NIGEL! ”

”The fool didn have enough money to pay us. ” He told his boss.

”Figured. He was just a commoner, he shouldve settled with another organization that he can afford. ”

”Though our organization is the only one that can guarantee the death of their targets. He still made a good choice, though the only problem is money. ” NIgel sighed as he gazed on the dead eyes of the clients head.

”Enough about that. A message came while you were gone. ” The boss brought out some black envelope, it was decorated with a colored blood rose seal, the symbol used by the organization that they come from. ”What does it say? ” Nigel asked.

When the boss read the message sent by the organization, he told Nigel its brief content. ”They
e calling all of the organizations handlers for an emergency meeting. ” Handlers of the organization, they are the people that trains assassins that will replace them. And once the assassin completes their training, the handlers shall be taken care of the organization.

”You mean… is it time? ” Nigel felt uneasy with this sudden emergency meeting.

”Eager to replace me so soon? You
e still too dumb to be left alone. ” His boss laughed, ”For now, we must respond to the organizations call. ”

The two began to pack up their stuff before they head to the lair of the organization. They were quick to finish, so they headed straight to their destination before dawn comes. The place was quite far, but the two only prefer to travel by foot since it can also serve as their exercise that can increase their agility.

e growing slower. ” Nigel noticed his bosss pace which was slower than before, ”You truly are going senile, Old man. ”

”And you
e growing cockier. You better to learn how to shut your mouth at times, Nigel. Bad things comes to those that loves to boast about themselves. ” His boss warned.

”Boast? I am only stating the truth. Nothing is wrong with speaking the truth. ”

His boss shakes his head. ”Truly, your arrogance will lead to disaster someday. ”

After three hours, the two finally made it to the organizations lair. The boss found the secret entrance on the vast wall by pushing on a certain brick. The wall slowly parted, making a small way inside. They quiickly went through as the wall shuts just as quick. A long path lead them further inside, and from there was a huge room with three doors.

The door starting from the left is a restricted area, no other than the officials can come inside. Only the officials of the organization knows whats inside there. If someone dares to trespass the area, they will be instantly killed by the trap waiting on the other side. As for the door in the middle, its a place where new assassins are trained. Nigel was once brought in there when he was just twelve years old. And the last door, the door on the right, its the place where meetings are held by the officials. Its also where Nigels boss is supposed to be for the emergency meeting.

”You know where to go. Please don cause me trouble, Nigel. ” His boss reminded.

”Right. Go where you need to be. I might just take a nap, so no need to worry about me like a kid. ” As they part ways, his boss already had a premonition of Nigel getting in trouble with the other rookie assassins. Since their organization have acknowledge Nigel with his outstanding performance, he was given the title The South Ace. Receiving that title caused other assassin to become jealous of Nigel, thus many are wanting to go after him and steal his position.

Just when Nigel entered the room hes supposed to be in, he was quick to dodge the bullets aimed at him by one of his fellow assassins. ”Can you guys do anything new? You already tried shooting me with a gun last time. ” Nigel chuckled.

One of them stepped up to face Nigel, another young man like him with a tattoo of 07 on his neck. ”Still arrogant as ever, huh? I wonder when are you going to drop dead. ”

”Maybe youll be first to drop dead before me, 07. ” He came back.

While the two were taunting each other, the other assassins were having a chat about Nigel. The assassins with the tattoos of 21 and 14 were especially curious of Nigel. ”Hes not like us, he doesn have a brand on his neck. Why is that? ” Asked 21.

”He was lucky to keep his name when he was complete with his junior training. He placed on top of all of us because of his excellent strength and intellect. ” Answered 14.

”So hes basically the perfect human being. ”

”No, no ones perfect 21. Everyone has flaws. ” The two began to watch over the quarrel between Nigel and 07. Things were getting worse as they try to push each others patience.

”YOU!… YOU ARE SO— ” 07 can come up with anything anymore. Nigel smirked mischievously. Despite his high intellect, Nigel is the kind of person who finds amusement in conflict. He rather cause trouble than stay at peace and be bored. ”You are so easy to snap. Have you no control over your anger, 07? ”

”To be honest, I honestly can when I have to deal with a bastard like you! ” 07 was the first to throw hands. He punched Nigel, but the man didn budge. Though he spits out a bloody tooth after. ”Hmm, youll regret this. ” Nigel glared at 07 and intimidated him.

For a second, 07 got cold feet by the bloodlust he felt from Nigel. He didn get to avoid the uppercut that Nigel gave him. 07 fell on his back and suddenly got to his senses. He can instantly tell that this fight can make him lose an arm or leg… even his life.

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