The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 104: New Path!

The forest was a mess, everything got destroyed.

A war just happened here.

The blond haired girl was sitting under a tree, she already recovered some of her strength, but it will take some time to recover her Chakra.

Once she recovers her Chakra she will be able to heal her injuries.

However, at this time, Tsunade wasnt thinking about her wounds, but about the cleaning of this battlefield, Naito came to her side.

She always felt that Naito was so familiar, yet she couldnt remember him.

After all, theres a lot of Shinobis in Konoha, and Naito was an Anbu so he needed to hide his identity, its only normal that she couldnt recognize him.

Of course, Naitos power shocked her, she didnt expect that theres someone so strong like Naito in addition to Sakumo.

“Thank you.”

The battle was over, and it was all thanks to Naitos effort, she tried to stand up, but she barely made it after she leaned toward the tree.

Naito took his sword then he sealed it off, then he smiled at her and said: “Youre welcome, its my duty.”

Tsunade gently nodded at him, although she already knew that Yujin received a command from Konoha to rescue her, but in the end, she was thankful that he did.

She was very grateful.

“Still, I should thank you personally.”

When he heard these words, Naito felt awkward, then he remembered that he was still wearing the mask.

“You really dont need to thank me.”

Naito took off his mask and smiled at Tsunade.

Although the identity of an Anbu should be kept a secret from everyone, yet its a whole different thing when its come to you master, without mentioning that shes one of the there Sannins of Konoha, and the princes of Konoha, and the granddaughter of the First Hokage.

Even from a personal perspective, Naito didnt want to hide his identity from his master.

Watching him taking his mask off, Tsunade couldnt believe it, for a second she got stunned, yet that moment couldnt pass, the more she looked at him the more she couldnt believe it.

She had an unbelievable expression.

Although he changed a lot, she recognized him at first glance.

But she still couldnt believe it, if he didnt just save her, she would suspect that hes an enemy.

“Naito… Yuu Naito?!”

Tsunade was still uncertain.

Naitos mouth raised a little bit, then he looked at her with dumb eyes and said: “Yea yea, Im your little cute brother Naito, I thought that as a big sister you will no matter what recognize your little brother.”

“Is it really you?!”

Even if she couldnt believe it up until now, the moment she heard him she was one hundred percent positive that the person in front of her is Naito!

Naito shrugged, but he wasnt surprised that she couldnt recognize him, she just went through a lot.


Tsunade was so grateful to see Naito, yet she got more shocked, she couldnt believe it, Naito just surpasses her in just one year, he caught up to her and walked right in front of her!!

What a fascinating talent!

Because of the outbreak of the war, Minato got also graduated from the Ninja School, yet hes only a Genin.

Although the strength of Minato is at least at the same level as a Chunin, he didnt have any role in this War, his rise is in the Third World war.

But Naito with his power now, he can even dominate the battlefield of this War.

She just watched Naito destroying a whole troop of Jonins.

The whole battlefield will hear of this name, Yuu Naito!

“You little brat… You think you can talk to your big sister like that now that youve become a little bit stronger? Huh?!”

After she got back to her sense again, Tsunade didnt change her attitude toward him just because he changed, she still was as kind as ever.

No matter what happens, Naito will always be her little brother.

Naito leaned toward her, then smiled: “You really didnt recognize me Tsunade-Sama?”


Although it didnt have any strength, Tsunade poked his forehead, and with a warm tone she said: “Call me sister!”

“Man its really hard to be appreciated by this sister, youre the one who didnt recognize me you know.”

Naito looked at her and smiled.

Tsunade didnt say any other word, but she smiled at Naito.

Suddenly, Naitos felt a murderer instinct approaching them.

Tsunades expression changed.

At the next moment, Naito bent down directly, then he tried to lift her in his arms.


Tsunade exclaimed, but she couldnt stop it, moreover, she didnt have the strength to stop it, she didnt have any other choice.

This is a battlefield, of course, she cannot slow him down.

However, Tsunade didnt felt okay to be carried!!

“We need to find a safe place first.”

Naitos expression didnt change it was as serious as ever.

The situation was serious, so he shouldnt think of any unnecessary things.

Yet he couldnt help it, Naito was laughing from the inside thinking of how he finally was gonna take his revenge on her, he knew how much Tsunade hated that, so he made it even worse and carried her on his back instead.

He knew that Tsunade couldnt resist, and he knew whats gonna happen next.

Tsunade hated her self for what she was gonna do next, and the only thing she was thinking of… “this little devil”.

Unable to do otherwise, Tsunade crossed her arms over his neck and held him tight, Naito smirked then he jumped.


Carrying Tsunade, Naito didnt get far, it was impossible for him to go all the way back to the Camp.

Moreover, the battlefield took a place in this forest, and hiding in it is the best choice.

No one will suspect that they didnt leave it.

Theres is a lot of big trees, and below these trees, there will be some big holes.

The inside of these holes is so dark, it will be really hard to be noticed from a distance.

After he found one, Naito gently put her down, ignoring her murderous stares, then he carefully cleaned up the inside of the tree hole.

“Just rest a little bit, with your ability, you will be able to heal your wounds the moment you recover some Chakra.”

Naito was calm as he looked at Tsunade.

Tsunade kept staring at him for a long time, then she couldnt help but do as he said.

Although she had some injuries on her body and her Chakra has not recovered much, her physical strength has already recovered.

Naito didnt help but admire her strength.

Although shes so strong, but her strength is not even comparable to what she achieved when she mastered the Reserve Seal Technique, yet her physical strength was a lot stronger than Naito!

This is also was one of the reasons that kept her alive up until now.

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