The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 108: Departure!

Rain Village, The Forest.

A person walking along the river and carefully, observing the place.

Originally, they planned to go back to Konohas camp as soon as Tsunade heals her wounds, but they didnt expect that they will encounter Ibuse and get their hands on its poison.

Therefore, the plan got changed, since Ibuse is here, Hanzos camp should be nearby.

Moreover, even if it wasnt nearby, they needed to collect some herbs to create the antidote.

Tsunade was doing the experiments, but its not easy to break the formula of the antidote, otherwise, Hanzo shouldnt be able to kill all of those people over the years using Ibuses poison.

Tsunade was collecting the herbs and studying the formula, while on the other side, Naito was practicing his new technique.



The ground under his feet cracked open, while Naitos body disappeared, he instantly landed on a big tree in a distance, the moment he put his foot on it, it got smashed directly.

“It seems like theres still a room for improvement.”

This time the speed he achieved made Naito a little satisfied.

A little by little the Brutal Force technique become a whole other technique.

And it became the body movement of instantaneous high-speed, Soru.

The current Soru can be used at the battlefield, the original speed of Naito is basically comparable to the average Anbu level.

With the Soru Technique, its twice faster!

Regardlessly of the effect, the distance limitation… it can be considered as a teleporting technique.


Naito once again concentrated more Chakra into his foot, then he condensed it at the moment of the impact.


The ground once again cracked open, the speed of Naito was almost invisible to the naked eye, as if it was flashing, then he appeared in the distance!

Naito almost got hit by the big tree!


Naito stopped with a look of horror on his face, he couldnt even hide his shock.

This is was the best one!

After countless of adjustments and improvements, he finally reached the perfect shape!

With further improvement, and with some luck, Naito can even get three times faster than his original speed.

“The speed at this level, even if its not faster than the Flying Thunder God, the gap isnt that big, but unfortunately, the two techniques are not at the same level.”

His happiness didnt last long.

Even if the speed is comparable, the technique itself alone is worse than the lighting flying thunder.

Yes, theres almost no limit to the increase of the Sorus speed, but the problem is whether the body can withstand the further improvement or not!

Naitos physical strength is not even comparable to the original Minato after all, yet he was able to withstand that speed!

Even if Naito was able to improve the technique to be four times faster than the Flying Thunder, there are no guarantees that his body will be able to withstand it.

To put it simply, the stronger his body, the more he will be able to withstand stronger pressure, yet there are always limitations.

Soru is the same case as the power of shocks it will grow as Naitos body grows.

“If I learn the secrets of the second stage of the Lightning Armour technique, and open the next gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, along with the speed of the Soru, It should be enough to surpass the speed of The Flying Thunder God Technique.”

“I just need to know, in short distance, whats the difference between the Soru and the Flying Thunder.”

After he whispered that, Naito continued his thinking.

However, thinking about the war, the only villages who participated in this one are only the four forces of Konoha, the Rain Village, the Rock Village, and The Sand Village.

The Cloud Village didnt participate.

After the end of the war and destroying the Rain Village, the Could Village will take part in the long-term conflicts.

The breakout of the World War II and the World War III took different paths, the first one begin with a huge battle in the Rain Village, then ended with long-term conflicts.

But the second start with long-term conflicts then ended up with a huge battle which got ended by the hands of Minato who become the Fourth Hokage after that.

After achieving the perfect shape of the Soru technique, Naito mastered that technique after doing it many times and left the place.

As a matter of fact, the current perfect state of the Soru isnt the true power of the technique, it can only be regarded as a prototype.

Naito will need to open the Fourth Gate, then perhaps it will really become a powerful technique, then he will need to open the fifth or even the sixth to be even stronger.

Of course, even so, the Soru technique is a great step forward for Naito!

Hes almost at the level of the Anbu Captain.

In this world, theres no such a classification, Naito just made it up to measure up his own strength.

For example, a Shinobi with a special bloodline or with some forbidden Ninjutsu can be considered as an Elite or a Jonin.

But the Anbus are quite different.

The Anbus are the highest ranked people in this world.

They are standing at the top of all aspects, this is mean, that theres no human can be ranked above them, they are the people who reached the limit.

Of course, theres exclusion who cannot be ranked, such as Uchiha Madara who cannot be considered as a human being, humans cannot achieve such a power.

The only people who can be on top of them are the Kages and the Anbu Captains.

And every Anbu is capable of reaching that level.

In the original story, a lot of Ninja seemed to be stronger than the Anbu.

But its just because the Anbus are very unique Shinobis.

Moreover, between the Anbus theres a lot of people who are strong at some sport and weak in others.

But sure, theres some Anbus who reached the highest levels!

However, theres a lot of people who broke the limits, in the original story, Orochimaru could easily kill the Third Kazekage, Garas father, his level surpassed the Anbus Captain.

The Third Raikage was a beast who could fight fairly against the Hatchibi and fight for three days against an army of ten thousand Shinobis to let his comrades escape, his strength is just enormous and cannot be ranked.

Even Saruotbi is known to be one of the strongest Shinobis in the history.

As for Hanzo who fought against the three Sannin and defeated them.

Even Sakumo is one of these people, Naito might be overrated him, but he also shouldnt be at the same level as the other Anbu Captains.

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