The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 110: Chiyos Nightmare

The Sand Troop were just walking out from a bloody battle.

Moreover, the location of the battle didnt seem to be far away, many of corpses were around the place.

There wasnt any Shinobis from Konoha.

There was a battle between the Sand and the Rocks, ended up with the Sand Troop winning.

Naito and Tsunade run into them in the last minute where they were hiding back.

Since it already happened, it was obviously impossible to avoid it

Naito looked at the Troop of the Sand and counted thirty or forty people, it wasnt a big number, nothing he couldnt handle

However, Naito got surprised when he saw the commander of this Troop, it was a very familiar face.


Its the grandmother of Sasori, but she was still very young, and she was at the peak of her game, Naito almost didnt recognize her.

Chiyo also saw Naito and Tsunade, Naito was wearing his mask and cloak, so naturally, she couldnt know his identity.

But she could recognize Tsunade from the first glance.

Its finally come to this path!

“Youre… really alive huh, those Rocks bastards are really good for nothing.”

Chiyo had a cold expression while looking at Tsunade.

Tsunade noticed that there were at least thirty Shinobis around Chiyo, she slightly frowned, but the moment she thought about Naito she calmed down.

Looking at Chiyo, Tsunade replayed with pride.

“I see that youre still alive too Obasan.”

“Hey! what can I say, am just that strong.”

Chiyo snorted, and suddenly, the Shinobis of the Sand surrounded Naito and Tsunade.

Chiyo is strong, but at the same time, shes also an excellent Medical-nin, and poison user.

Tsunade, on the other hand, she wasnt good at using poison, but she was way better as a Medical-nin, and Antidotes user!

In the Orignal story, Chiyos poison played a big role in the World War II and killed a lot of Shinobis, yet it didnt work on Konohas Army.

And it was all because of Tsunade.

Chiyo and Tsunade didnt encounter each other in the battlefield, yet Chiyos poison and Tsunades antidotes had a lot of fierce battles.

Basically, Tsunade during the World War II made an antidote for every poison Chiyo made, and this made her very famous as the best Medical-nin in the history.

“Chiyo-sama, there are no other Konohas Ninjas here but these two.”

At that time, a Ninja walked to the side of Chiyo and gave her a report about the situation.

Suddenly, Chiyos face was full of joy.

In other words… this is the best opportunity to kill Tsunade!

The news that the Rocks Shinobis were gonna kill Tsunade was heard in some place around the battlefield.

But now she appeared again with some Anbu from Konoha.

She assumed that Konoha sent a troop to rescue her, and after a fierce battle they managed to save her.

But after all of that, here she is all alone in front of her.

Its a gift from the heavens!

“I should say that am very happy, youre misfortune lead you here in front of me.”

Chiyo smiled slightly, but her eyes were full of murderer instinct.

“The Rocks wouldnt be a problem, but Konoha has you, and thats why you need to die today!”

“Is that so? unfortunately, youre not capable of killing me.”

Chiyos words didnt shake Tsunades confidence, in a matter of fact, she seemed even more confident than Chiyo.

After all, Tsunade had Naito by her side, and hes more than enough.

Thirty of forty Shinobis, wouldnt be a problem to Naito!

“You arrogant little girl!”

Chiyo got mad.

Chiyo, of course, could call her a little girl, after all, her son and daughter in law, the parents of Sasori, where fighting in this war, and they were very famous and strong.

Although they will get killed by Hatake Sakumo later in this war.

Chiyo kept staring coldly at Tsunade, suddenly, some Shinobis from the Sand rushed toward the two of them.

In the view of Chiyo, there were only two people in front of her, even if they were strong, theres no way they can fight against them rather than escaping forty people.

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

“Wind Release: Dragons Art!”

In an instant, dozens of Ninjas launched fire and wind releases, and other threw out Shurikens and Kunais.


The wind and fire releases got mixed forming a very strong fire release evaporating the rain itself.

Watching this strong attack hiding toward Naito and Tsunade, Chiyo got calm.

Tsunade is just a Medical-nin, its impossible to stop such an attack, and that Anbu… he doesnt look strong, theres no way for him to be the Anbu Captain.

Just when she thought that Naito and Tsunade are dead, the scene suddenly changed dramatically.


The flames were blocking all the direction, Naito and Tsunade figures got covered by those flames, and from the outside, they could only see their shadows.

Seeing these flames were about to burn the two of them into ashes, Naito finally moved.

Naito walked two steps forward and stopped right before Tsunades back, he opened his arms as if he was about to hug her, and at the next moment, he slammed both sides with his fists.


The air burst and the space cracked like a broken mirror, the momentum was extremely large, and it almost blocked the flames.

Suddenly, the Shock spread out in all directions.

The ground itself start to crack open from where Naito and Tsunade were standing spreading out to a distance, shaking the whole place and waving the muddy ground!

Its devastating, it completely destroyed the Fire and wind release!

While standing between the arms of Naito, he looked at her face, Tsunade had a provocative expression, then she smiled at him.

Naito retracted his arms, but he didnt expect Tsunade to have that kind of attitude, it seems that shes very confident in his strength more than what he thinks.


Yet it always felt a bit strange.

Naito slightly smiled, since Tsunade is always good to him, he didnt mind to keep on protecting her.

“Master, you dont need to fight, Im more than enough.”

Tsunade got a little bit surprised, yet she understood his intentions and smiled.

“Well, you can have this one.”

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