The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 111: Naito Vs Chiyo

The dialogue between Naito and Tsunade after he smashed the Fire and wind release made Chiyo on the other hand very angry.

Its very clear now that Naito is a powerful Anbu, Tsunade is the princess of the Konoha, so it was only natural why he called her Master.

But Chiyo felt that Naitos words are unreasonable and arrogant!

No need for her to fight, hes more than enough?

Who do you think you are? the Anbu Captain?!

“Konohas ninjas are really arrogant, very good, I will teach you some manners!”

Chiyo threw a stack of scrolls on the ground and looked coldly at Naito.

Naito suddenly turned to Chiyo and shouted.


“What?! Are you afraid or something?!”

“No, I mean… let me deal with the unwanted audience first.”

Naito looked calmly at Chiyo.

Chiyo now is at her peak, in the terms of strength, shes ranked as an Anbu level!

However, the Anbu level is her limitation, after all, theres a big gap between her and the other geniuses.

Shes one of the powerhouses of the Sand Village, Naito was interested in fighting her.

Moreover, Naito thinks that Tsunade cant win in a fight against Chiyo, so he needed to take her place.

Even if Tsunade wasnt afraid at all, Naito wasnt gonna let her fight against Chiyo, for a Taijutsu user like Tsunade who still didnt develop the Thousand Seals Technique, Tsunade wouldnt be able to defeat Chiyo.

But Naito is a different case… Even if she was one of the most talented puppets users, Naito is strong enough to fight against her.

Naito wouldnt be afraid, even if Sasori himself was in front of him.

And in the case of Chiyo, Naito wasnt afraid at all.

But before that, Naito need to get rid of these Sand Shinobis first.

Chiyo got a little bit surprised when she heard Naitos words.

Suddenly, Naito clenched his fist and slammed the space in their direction.


Just because he needed to protect Tsunade at the same time, Naito was afraid that the shocks will reach her, so he didnt use his maximum power, yet it was a serious punch he used both the Brutal force and the shocks in it.


The moment he punched the space, it crashed and cracked horrible to nearly tens of meters ahead of him, the cracks were so thick.

From a distance, he seemed like he wanted to crack the space itself!

The cracks spread all the way toward the Sand troop and covered the entire area.

“Not good!”


When the Sand Shinobis saw this scene, their expression changed, but their reaction was different.

Some people fell back immediately and other prepared their selves to block and printed some hand seals, while others were ready to support.

“Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bomb!”

“Earth Release: Rock Wall!”

“Wind Release: Breakthrough!!”

In one second, they cast all kinds of Ninjutsu, while Naitos Shocks were heading toward them with a strong momentum!

The Fire release collided first, but it was so small and got shattered directly.

The wind release didnt have a chance even after the fireball hit the shocks first and got directly destroyed.

The power of the Shock continued its course toward them destroying all kind of Ninjutsu they were throwing.

In the Rain Village, the ground is muddy, and thats made the earth releases one of the weakest releases around here.

And thats also was the case for the fire releases too, but even if it was a strong version of the Rock Wall, it wouldnt be able to block Naitos punch or even weakening it!

Even after it was blocked by all these Ninjutsu, the Shock got only slightly weakened, but not enough to be blocked completely by the Rock Wall.

Crashing all things that stand on its way, the Shock power continued its path.

From the moment Naito threw this punch, to the moment where they cast all of this Ninjutsus it was less than two seconds.

At these two seconds, Naitos Shock, destroyed, smashed, swept and shattered everything on its way toward the Sand Shinobis then crashed all of them.

The Shinobis who fell back were fine, they got slightly shocked but it wasnt enough to kill them.

But the other who were in the front, they got smashed by Naitos punch and died in the worst way possible!

Its a long story when you tell it, but it was only two seconds, Naito threw a punch, and nearly ten people just died!

No one would believe that the power of a punch can be this strong!

“This is impossible!!”

“What kind of power is this… Too strong!”

“What the hell is this!!”

The remaining Shinobis who were still alive, looked at Naito with widened eyes, its almost like a dream, is this a Genjutsu, no, its true, this is the reality, and its just so cruel.

Even Chiyo looked so terrified.

The power of this punch is almost close to an S-Class Ninjutsu!

Moreover, he looked like he didnt even break a sweat casting this much power, it seems like this is not his limit.

This is incredible!

He didnt even use hand seals, the range of his attack is so big, and the power is so strong.

Chiyo stood there unable of doing any kind of move.

Where did Konoha find this monster?!

This a complete nightmare.

Chiyo needed to know if Naito really doesnt need to do any kind of prints to attack, so she was about to test him.

But Naito was already moving again!

This time he also used a punch.

And there was no such a difference between this one and the last one.

There was a lot of Shinobis in front of him, but just one person dared to face him while the rest fell back.

However, Naito punch covered a large area and reached everyone.

Crack!! Boom!!

This time the Sand troop loss was more serious, more than a dozen people died directly.

With just two punches, Naito killed more than twenty people!

Although most of these twenty where just some Chunins, still this is shocked everyone.

Although, Tsunade was already aware of Naitos power, but once she saw it again, she couldnt help but feel a little bit surprised.

As for Chiyo, she was so terrified, and she finally summoned her puppets out from the scrolls.

If she doesnt stop Naito, her whole team will get destroyed!

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