The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 112: Puppets out!

When Chiyo released her puppets, they got connected to her fingers by Chakra strings.

At the same time, that revealed her enormous amount of Chakra.

It was more than Naito, but a little bit less than Tsunade while using the Thousand Seals Technique, yet Chiyo didnt reach her peak yet!

Her Chakra was at the same level as an Anbu!

The moment he sensed her Chakra, Naito expression became serious, although he wasnt very good at sensing Chakra, he could easily sense her powerful Chakra.

After all, Chiyo was older than Naito and more experienced, he wasnt jealous or anything.

Whatever shes gonna use, he will only need one punch to destroy everything!

In the next moment, Chiyo launched a direct attack on Naito.

“White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets!”

In the face of Naito, Chyio didnt dare to underestimate him and used her best technique!

Until Sasori becomes a Shinobi, Chiyo is the most powerful puppet user in the word.

She can control a whole puppet with one finger, and she can use ten puppets at the same time, and this is the limit for an ordinary puppet user!


The speed of the puppets is extremely high, and Chiyos ability made them faster.

The fastest one appeared in front of Naito in the blink of an eye, the body twisted strangely and sent countless of poisoned needles toward him.

In the face of this terrifying attack, Naito didnt choose to dodge, but to attack.


The air burst and the poisoned needles froze in midair for a moment, then they finally got destroyed into countless pieces.

Seeing this scene, Chiyo frowned.

“Even the sharp needles couldnt break through that weird power, it seems to be a bloodlimit more than rough power.”

“Ive never heard of such a guy in Konoha, who is he?!”

Chiyo had a confused expression while she was staring at Naitos mask.

After she launched her attack on Naito, some other Shinobis from the Sand overcome their fear and tried to attack Naito.

Noticing their intention, Tsunade blinked toward them at high speed and punched them the same way as Naito.

But the effect was quite different.


Purely relying on her strength, Tsunades punch blast some of the Shinobis who were about to attack Naito, while others managed to avoid her.

Immediately, she rushed toward the remaining Shinobis.

“You go deal with that old bag, Ill deal with these guys.”

Seeing this scene, Chiyo didnt give any orders to her team, she just kept staring at Naito.

In the view of Chiyo, Tsunade is one of the most talented nin-medical Shinobis in the history, shes a genius, but when it comes to fighting shes not very strong.

As long as she can hold Naito for enough time, her team will be able to kill Tsunade, then they will surrounder Naito and win this battle!

Therefore, Chiyo stared at Naito waiting for him to do any kind of movements.

Naito wasnt worried about Tsunade, actually, if she couldnt deal with ten Shinobis from the Sand he will no longer acknowledge her as a sister, shes not weak, she doesnt need to be protected.

With her strength now, shes at the same level as an Anbu, even if she couldnt kill all of them, she will be able to hold them for a long time.

Therefore, Naito put all of his focus on fighting Chiyo for the meantime.

The two of them kept on staring at each other without doing any kind of movements.

Gradually, Chiyo started to feel like losing to Naito, her presence is not as strong as Naito!

Her forehead gradually got overflowed with traces of sweat, and her spirit start losing to Naitos more and more, she was so afraid to take a shot.

As soon as her heart sunk into fear, Chiyo knew that she should cut this overwhelming feeling, after moving her fingers, Chiyo launched another attack.


This time, three puppets rushed toward Naito.

Her puppets are extremely flexible, they rushed toward Naito while changing their shapes and places.

The first puppet directly pulled out a stack of rotating blades from its hand, with sharp edges on every blade, it didnt look like its poisoned, but if it hits you, it wouldnt be good.

The second one, take out a wire string and wanted to tie Naito to stop his movements.

The third one, after a fast transformation, it turned into a cannon and shot a Chakra ball toward Naito.

Although it wasnt strong as a Biju Dama, yet it cannot be underestimated.

This instant attack was so perfect, and Chiyo made it look very easy, her control is worthy to made her stand on the top.

He might seem sometimes a little bit cold, but Naito didnt help but to praise her for this perfect attack.

But at the same time, Naito wasnt gonna stand there watching her killing him.

The outcome will never change, the answer is always a punch!


A punch broke out, and the sky trembled so hard, the perfect attack got defeated by Naitos fist.

Moreover, Naito used his full power this time, even if they were well-built puppets, they wouldnt be able to resist such a power.

Crack! Crack!!

In an instant, the three puppets burst open and turned into countless pieces.

Chiyo fell back with her remaining puppets, in an instant Naito managed to destroy three of her puppets, her fingers were slightly shaken.

“Three Jewels Suction Crushing!!”

The three puppets get into a triangular formation and by opening their mechanisms they released a terrifying tornado.

In an instant, the three puppets formed the triangular formation, and start to sucks everything inside that triangle including Naito.

However, Naito didnt change his tactics, a barrage of punches was his answer!

A punch, a punch, and another punch!

If you cant use an S-Class Ninjutsu, you will never gonna be able to defeat Naitos punch!


Under Naitos punch power, the triangular formations crashed.

Like a god of war, Naito got out from that tornado staring at Chiyo, yes, the king is her, all bow down in front of the king.

His presence has reached its peak, he gave Chiyo the chills the moment he stared at her!

“You dont even need to cooldown everytime you use that power?!!!”

Chiyo forehead got overflowed with traces of cold sweat, she could feel that Naitos Chakra isnt that strong, but hes so strong that she couldnt find any kind weaknesses.

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