The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 113: Defeated

At that moment, the aura Naito revealed made Chiyo so terrified, that made her remember some people who had the same aura.

Uchiha Madara… Senju Hashirama!

Although he is not as strong as these guys, his aura is somehow similar.

“Its almost time for me to start again.”

Naito looked faintly to Chiyo, and he noticed that the three puppets he destroyed just a while ago have been reassembled by Chiyos control.

However, Naito didnt care about that, as long as he can reach Chiyo this is will end.

At the next moment, Naito suddenly kicked the ground with his foot.


The ground suddenly burst open, with cracks spreading out in all directions.

Naito flashed rushing toward Chiyo at high speed.

Those puppets around her could hardly react to Naitos speed, in other words, Chiyo who was controlling them could hardly react to counter this kind of speed!

“What is this speed!”

Chiyo could hardly see Naito as he was rushing toward her at the speed of light, she was so afraid, yet she could manage to take a few steps back.

After all, Chiyo is a strong Shinobi, even if she wasnt as fast as Naito, she could somehow react.

But taking a few steps and blocking Naitos attack is a whole different case!

after rushing through her puppets, Naito appeared in front of Chiyo, and directly throw at her a punch without any trace of mercy.


“Mechanical Light Shield Block!”

In the face of Naitos fist, Chiyo didnt have any attention of fighting toe to toe with him and extended her arm.

Her arm transformed into a mechanical one.

In an instant, her arm transformed, and her Chakra flowed so strong forming a Chakra Shield!


Naitos Shock slammed the Chakra shield, and the ground under them cracked open.

In the distance, the fight between Tsunade and the other Shinobis stopped to watch this shocking scene.

That attack was so powerful, that it shocked all of them.

Even Tsunade had the same expression, she felt amazed yet also proud that hes one of her allies.

Naito is so strong, she couldnt disappoint him, she couldnt drag him down, she had to win this battle!



A roaring sound broke out, Tsunades battle was as fierce as the other one, with her pure physical strength alone, she could fight more than ten Shinobis all alone!

The other side.

The space was shaking and shattering, and this punch looked like it can tear apart the whole place.

Naito kept on pushing through, while Chiyos shield kept blocking him.

The white cracks started to appear around them cracking the whole area like a broken mirror.

Finally, under the full force of the shocks, Chiyos Chakra shield start to crack until it got completely destroyed!


Chiyos body got pushed away by this enormous power since the Chakra shield blocked most of the power, she didnt get injured, but her heart sunk in fear.

She never felt this afraid.

Only after experiencing the power of Naitos shock by yourself you will feel this kind of horror!

“He could easily break my Chakra Shield, this guy… is a monster!”

The fear was clear on her face.

Chiyo controlled her Puppets to regroup again and launched another attack.

Naito didnt expect her to block his full power punch, no one at the level of an Anbu can be underestimated, if its a simple move like a punch, some of them will be able to block it.

However, Naito felt somehow embarrassed and this is made him very annoyed.

When he fought against her puppets the first time he found it very interesting, but when his punch got blocked and the puppets regrouped again, he got really annoyed.

But… Isnt annoying him makes him more dangerous?!

Naito had a cold stare on his face, and his figure flashed, after directly avoiding one of the puppets attacks, he suddenly appeared behind one of the puppets.



The punch was so fast that the only thing she could see is her puppet getting destroyed.

After that, the Shock spread out all the way toward the broken pieces of the destroyed puppet and start shocking them until they turned into powder.

“This time I wont be able to reassemble it.”

Naito stopped and looked at Chiyo.

Chiyo already knew that B-Class Ninjutsu wont work on Naito.

Even if she uses an A-Class Ninjutsu, after changing the shape of her puppets, they wont be able to resist Naitos attacks.

Up until now, her puppets who were made from stainless steel got destroyed so easily b Naito attacks!

Chiyo couldnt help stop thinking of what would happen for her if the Chakra shield didnt block Naitos fist.


At this time, Chiyo doubted the identity of Naito, is he the Anbu Captain of Konoha?!

However, she suspected the idea that Tsunade is important to the point where Konoha sent such a person to protect her!

“Are you the Anbu Captain of Konoha?!”

However, Naitos strength is so incredible to the point where she couldnt help but ask.


Naitos respond as simple as his next move where he smashed a bunch of puppets with one fist.

Surrounded by these puppets, Naito was fighting like a god of war up until now and he didnt even pull out his Kusanagi sword.

Just by using his fist, he continued on destroying everything.

As a result, Chiyo could no longer recover her puppets.

Ten Puppets, one by one, Naito destroyed every single one of them, none of them could stop Naito, even if they joined hands, they couldnt stop him!

One person with just using his fists, crushed all of them!

“This guy…”

The more she fought him the more she felt despaired.

At that time, on the other side of the battlefield, Tsunade managed to Kill and injure more than a half of the Sand Shinobis, it was a matter of time before she could kill them all.

With the technique of Soru, Tsunade looked like a tiger whos hunting his prey!

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