The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 114: Back to the Camp

For Tsunade to be able to defeat more than ten Shinobis from the sand is only natural.

Among those Shinobis, there were about five or six Jonins, but they were all weak.

The others were only Chunins, with a bunch of scout-type Ninjas who werent good at fighting.

If this is the case, if Tsunade wasnt able to defeat them, she shouldnt be one of the three Sannin, nor the Fifth Hokage.


After he threw a punch, Naito finally destroyed all of the ten puppets.

Then, he looked at Chiyo.

Since he was so annoyed from these puppets, Naito had to deal first with all them!

The best way to attack a puppets user is to aim to the user himself, but he can always defend himself using them, but if you destroy all of his puppets, his power will be reduced to the half!


In an instant, Naito directly rushed toward Chiyo throwing a punch.


The shock power broke out, Chiyo extended her hand in a try of blocking his attack, but under this enormous power, her hand broke into pieces.

The most strange thing he is that there wasnt any blood flowing out… the broken pieces flow in the air with some papers sticking on some parts!

Naito suddenly stopped.

“This is… Are you kidding me?!”

Suddenly these part explode, the air bust, and it slammed Naito and Chiyo directly to the ground.


Naito managed to stop the exploding from killing him at the last second using his Shocks, yet blood came out from his mouth, while Chiyo managed to somehow block some of the exploding by her Chakra Shield.

After that Chiyo turned out and run directly leaving the battlefield.

She didnt even look back.

Chiyo knew that if she was gonna continue this fight, shes gonna die.

Shes… no opponent for Naito.

Naito stood up immediately, after shaking himself, he was fine, he could mostly block that exploding.

“Shes really strong, this is the first time someone manages to escape from me…”

However, at this moment, the Sand Shinobis has already reached their limits.

Chiyo… got defeated by Naito?!

Is this is a joke!

“Chiyo-sama… actually lost?”

“Is that Anbu this strong?!”

At the Sand Shinobis had an incredible look on their faces, all of them lost their spirit to fight, and looked so terrified.

Chiyo wasnt an Anbu.

Yet she was one of the strongest Shinobis in the Sand Village at that time!

She was second after the Anbu Captain of the Sand!

With this kind of status, Chiyo was extremely respected between the Sand Shinobis.

But she got beaten by a little unknown masked guy from Konoha!

“That… Who is he?!”

“Ordinary Anbus shouldnt be this strong!”

The remaining Shinobis were so confused and shocked as they were preparing to escape too.

“There no need for the dead to know who I am.”

“Dead people tell no stories.”

In an instant, Naito who was so far away rushed so fast toward them.

The Sand Shinobis had to escape, but it was impossible.

With the help of Tsunade, Naito easily killed all the remaining Shinobis.

one person was already far away, Naito summoned his Kusanagi sword, and directly sent a shock wave that cut him into two halves.

“Huh… I didnt expect that am gonna encounter Chiyo and get completely defeated by her.”

Looking at the messy battlefield, Tsunade sighed and looked at Naito with her beautiful eyes.

She didnt bring any antidote with her, she expected Naito to get poisoned by Chiyo during the fight, but she didnt expect him to fight Chiyo and force her to retreat without any help.

The more she watched him the more she admired him more.

“Sorry, I let her escape.”

With a sad look on his face, Naito looked at the Kusanagi sword and said: “If I used my Kusanagi sword earlier she wouldnt be able to escape, I can easily destroy that Chakra Shield with my sword.”

Tsunade was about to praise Naito, but this sentence made her stop.

She wanted to knock some sense into him, Naito was able to defeat Chiyo one of the strongest Shinobis in the Sand Village, yet he wasnt satisfied, what does he want more than that?!

But in the end, she sighed helplessly.

Naito is growing up so fast, so it was only natural for him to think this way… Tsunade is also a genius, but compared to Naito, she felt that she didnt deserve to be called a one.

However, in terms of medical Ninjutsu, Tsunade was still proud of herself, there wasnt anyone better than her and this only makes her the best!

She was waiting for a Chance, to show off in front of Naito.

However, it seemed almost impossible for him to get injured, Naito could even defeat Chiyo.

If Naito knew how Tsunade was thinking he would cut one of his veins immediately for her.


Rain country, Sand Village Camp.

A messy person appeared there, with a gloomy face, and walked in without saying any word.

A few Ninjas got surprised and wanted to stop him, but they got socked the moment they came near him they recognized his identity.

“Ch… Chiyo-sama?!”

“What happened?!”

Looking at Chiyo who had blood all over her, they all got shocked.

Is this Chiyo, one of the strongest Shinobis in The Sand!

Theyve never seen Chiyo in such a messy condition, who caused this to her?!

Chiyo didnt speak a word and walked directly to the command room, she closed the gate, and immediately vomited blood.

However, she wasnt in a very bad condition, after all, shes a medical ninja, she treated herself all the way back to the camp.

But her spirit was broken, and she suffered a great loss.

At that moment, Chiyo didnt have time to think about her own embarrassment, there was a bigger problem in her mind.

Who was that Anbu?

Such a powerful person wouldnt be just a protector of Tsunade, its impossible that no one heard of him up until now, hes a very dangerous guy.

No matter how you think about it, she needed to gather information about Naito.

After she kept quiet for a long time, Chiyo finally gave the order.

“Send an emergency call for the Anbu department.”

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