The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 115: Minatos Goodbye

The country of Sand, Sand Village.

In the Sand Anbu department, the Anbu Captain was sitting in his chair, with his eyebrows crossed.

“Konoha managed to train a powerful Anbu, the cooperation with the Rock Village become very necessary.”

“But working with the Rock Anbu wont be easy…”

The expression on his face became more serious as he threw the papers in his hand on the table.

“An Anbu from Konoha who is so powerful to be at the level of a Kage.”

“Its really weird that no one heard about him up until now!”

Most famous Anbus who have been famous for their strength will be known by their own names like Sakumo or they will be nicknamed.

A lot of Shinobis from Konoha worked in the Anbu department yet their identity wasnt been hidden, like Minato, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

Naito crossed his sword with the Rock and Sand Village… But no one knows who he is.

“In addition to this guy who no one knows his identity, there is one more disturbing thing… why did Tsunade take all of this time to go back to their camp?”

The Anbu Captain looked very confused: “Did some accident happened? No, with the strength of Tsunade and with his power, what can happen to them?”

“Maybe something bigger than this happened, we need to gather more information.”


Rain village.

Naito and Tsunade were walking side by side while the rain was falling, but it was directly bouncing off from Naitos body.

Tsunade also was using an extremely high Chakra controlling to keep the water away from her body.

This made Naito very sad since he wanted to see Tsunades wet body.

This time they didnt encounter any surprises.

Naito wanted to go off the road to see how Yahiko and Konan were doing, but after he thought about it, he chose to go back with Tsunade to the camp first.

“Youve achieved a lot of things, am afraid that after this accident they will gather a lot of information about you.”

After they walked for a while, Tsunade could see the camp in front of her.

Naito looked at her and shrugged.

Tsunade revealed a slightly weird expression, it became more complicated, then she sighed slightly and said: “With your power, its only a matter of time before you become the Anbu Captain.”

“The Anbu Captain… its still a little too far.”

Naito thought about Sakumo for a moment, then he shook his head, if he wants to become the Anbu Captain or the next Hokage, his current strength wont be enough.

At least he will need to open the Fourth Gate first.

The more he open more gates, the more the next one will become harder, the fourth gate isnt far away, and the fifth one wont be a problem too, but the sixth is kinda hard, and especially the seventh and the eighth, Naito has no idea how he will be able open them.

Naito and Tsunade slowly walked into the camp.

Some Ninjas had their eyes widened while they looked shocked.

“Tsunade-sama… Are you back?!”


Tsunade nodded casually and went to the headquarter of the camp with Naito.


At this moment, in the headquarter of the camp.

Danzo was sitting on his chair with his face showing a harsh expression.

And on the opposite side, there was Hatake Sakumo.

In the other chairs, there was the elites Jonin of Konoha sitting so quietly.

“We didnt receive any news from Tsunade for a long time, the last thing we know about her that she was surrounded in some forest in the Rain Village, weve received an information that the Shinobis who planned this ambush have been missing too, yet we didnt found Tsunades body, so theres a hope that shes still alive and we need to hold up to this hope.”

Sakumo said this with an inspiring tone.

Danzo looked at him with an angry expression and said: “I refuse, you dont understand the situation, dont you? weve suffered more casualties than we afford to pay, yet you want to send more fine men to die for nothing, I will never agree to this!”

Danzos voice was so loud and angry.

At that moment, a familiar sound came from the outside of the room.

“Of course you dont need to send anyone to die since Ive already returned.”

As soon as she walked in, Tsunade stared at Danzo with a cold expression.

She couldnt control her emotions.

She knew that there was nothing wrong with what Danzo said, but Sakumo believed that Tsunade was still alive, yet Danzo didnt care if she was dead or alive.

However, the tone and the expression of Danzo made her very annoyed, he actually looked like he wanted her to be dead.

Danzos expression was as cold as he was a moment ago.

When he saw Tsunade coming in, he got stunned for a moment, he didnt want to believe it, he closed his eyes and opened them again trying to deny the fact that she was alive, and hes only daydreaming.

For a moment, all of the Ninjas who were in the room jumped out from their seats.

They know already how strong Tsunade is, but they didnt believe it too.

“How did you…”

“This is incredible, how did you manage to overcome that army all by yourself!”

“Its great to see you again!”

Although they were extremely shocked, most of them showed a hint of hoy.

After all, Tsunade was an excellent medical ninja, if shes around, all of them will feel a little bit relieved.

Sakumo was also slightly worried and looked at Tsunade and asked: “How did you…?”

In the next moment, another person came in and stood next to Tsunade.

“Its Thanks to the support of the AnbuYujin.”

Tsunade gently nodded to Sakumo.

Yujin was the code name of Naito, and Tsunade was aware of it.

However, the Ninjas who were in the room, except for Danzo and Sakumo didnt know who Yujin is.

At this point, they all seemed shocked, all of them wanted to see the face under that mask.

To be able to rescue Tsunade you must be very powerful!

Was there such a guy in the Anbu?

Sakumo was so amazed but also surprised that he has the ability to rescue Tsunade from that situation.

Its really good to know that at the crucial times, there are reliable people like him to depend on.

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